Tired of all the BS? Here, have some more!

FYI: I’m working on part three of The Poxes. It’s just a little hard to write it out because it’s all about the testimony given by people at the Congressional hearings in that little fictional universe. So bare with me, all three of you.

Now, here’s a show that I watched back when it was originally aired, and I think it should be aired over and over again – minus the bad words (who fucking needs that?). It’s Penn and Teller’s “Bullshit!” a show about looking at things with a skeptical eye and not believing everything you’re told. This particular episode is about vaccines, and it is awesome.
Pay special attention to how they show you what “1 in a million” means when it comes to vaccinations and side-effects, and listen closely to the nuttiness presented by the anti-vaccine people being interviewed.