Our Darkest Hour

There’s always that point in every story where the hero seems to be all out of options, out of energy, out of the will to go on. The adversaries are too many, and they are at your doorstep. They have threatened to take away everything you hold dear and then some. Kind of like this…

However, as you can see, the hero rises up to the challenge and encourages others to fight alongside him (or her), to fight like they have never fought before.

We have reached that moment, again, in the fight against infectious disease. A measles epidemic spreads throughout Europe and into the Horn of Africa. The same epidemic is now rampant in Australia and New Zealand. Mexico, which had not seen a case of measles in almost twelve years, has seen it come via airplane by way of Paris. The same is true in Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia. And here, in the United States of America, the most powerful nation the world has ever seen, measles is on the warpath, marching right on in from Canada and other nations and staying for the duration. It’s not just measles, either. Whooping cough has also returned to places in this country where it had been all but eradicated through proper immunization.

It’s not that we have let the guard down, really. The walls have always been there. Epidemiologists have always been guarding the gates, surveying the horizon for threats unknown. The problem is that we have been outsmarted by an internal, insidious enemy. People who profess to bring you freedom and choice are bringing you measles and chickenpox by mail. They’re brining you whooping cough at your school. Meningitis is not far behind. And neither is the flu this winter.

What I can best describe as SOBs who call themselves “health advocates”, “health rangers”, “health choice promoters” are nothing about health. It’s all about some misconstrued version of reality whereby getting a deadly disease is way better than that goddamn vaccine the motherfucking government is trying to force up your arm, or nose, or whatever. Their own universe lauds them with all sorts of praise for doing their work, for letting children get infected and pass those infections along to those who are weak and unknowing.

I would like to think that we are not at our darkest hour in public health. I really would. But the news are coming in from all over the world… All over the social networks and the internet. I mean, just look at this:

Most people haven’t thought about it because most people are sane, I hope.
And not just online (click to enlarge)

The ignorance these people have and are passing on to others is what we have to fight… Fight like we’ve never fought before.

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