Erase and Rewind, ‘Cause I’ve Been Changing My Mind

I’ve decided to reboot “The Poxes”. That’s all. Move along…

Oh, you want more?

Okay, so the story that I originally had in mind, like any good story in my head, began to mutate and kind of got away from me. I’ve decided to re-boot the story and give the antagonist (we all know who that is) a little bit of a more subtle role. No use wasting all his talents on chasing after the young epidemiologist when there are other things that can keep the young epidemiologist out of the way for the antagonist’s ultimate plan.

Of course, I’ll have to stick to the premise that the event on “Vaccination Day” led to the collapse of the US immunization program, a wet dream of sorts of many an anti-vaxer, like the guy who said this:

“With less than a half-dozen full-time activists, annual budgets of six figures or less, and umpteen thousand courageous, undaunted, and selfless volunteer parents, our community, held together with duct tape and bailing wire, is in the early to middle stages of bringing the U.S. vaccine program to its knees.”

Ah, the gift that keeps on giving. You thought the rogue epidemiologist was going to be the main antagonist? Not if real life has the kinds of villains that the above-quoted person can be.

So look for the reboot some time later this Spring.