You asked. I answer.

If you can stomach it, go watch this video on YouTube. Go ahead and go over. I have plenty of things to get done while you come back.

Are you back? Good.

In the comments section, I asked some questions of the person who posted the video. Some of them made it through, others were censored out by the video’s owner. However, she did pose this last reply to one of my comments:

I’m not sure what you are so upset about. Certainly there are far “worse” videos and articles out there than this one - asking parents to do their own research. This is my vaccine injured daughter’s personal you tube page. if you want to say something, you can make your own video or write a blog or whatever you would like. on this page, all factual comments will be approved. And why the anger? we can all stay calm. This video isn’t going to change the world. (unfortunately).

Let me tell you what I’m so upset about.

It’s not so much “anger” as it is a righteous indignation. Through your lies – because that’s what they are – you aim to do away with one of the most successful public health advances in human history. You see autistics as damaged and autism as something to be feared to the point where you think it will be okay to allow serious and deadly diseases to make a comeback. Have you seen a baby gasp for air when they have whooping cough? Have you seen the delirium and suffering in a child with measles encephalitis or bacterial meningitis?

You haven’t.

You haven’t because anyone with one shred of humanity would advocate for the one medical advance that is keeping those things in check – at least until your side wins and we no longer have herd immunity. Your statements are dangerous, mis- and un-informative, and based on bad science and innuendos. And I will not be respectful or calm in the face of such a threat to our kids. Even if vaccines did cause autism, as you claim and no scientific evidence supports, I would rather my child be autistic than either dead or the harbinger of deadly things for other.

Here’s a video I found to respond to you as well:


2 thoughts on “You asked. I answer.

  1. I tried to leave her a message that explained that blog and news articles are not research, and left her with these as examples:Vaccine. 2012 Jan 5;30(2):247-53.Pediatrics. 2010 Jun;125(6):1134-41. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2010 May;29(5):397-400.For some reason it was never approved.

  2. I did see your comments over there. I noticed that they had voted yours down so that they would not be seen. So I voted.I love how her "research" is mostly blog and news articles, with scary lists from various anti-vax websites. The one actual PubMed study is a very bad one with cherry picked data.

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