An anti-vaccine house divided

I’m not going to put much narrative into this because it really doesn’t need it. Like good theater, I’ll let you follow the story on your own and enjoy it. Let me just quickly clarify who the players are.

On the one hand we have a notable “online newspaper of the (imaginary) autism epidemic.” On another hand we have an independent conspiracy theorist who posts screed after screed about how he, and he alone, is unraveling the intercontinental medical conspiracy — or something like that. In another hand we have a young, ambitious, albeit misguided kid who wants someone to pay for the (imaginary) autism epidemic. And in another hand we have… Well, we don’t have anyone. This is a three part play:

ACT I – A Tweet By Any Other Name Wouldn’t Read As Strange

The kid posts this to Twitter. Orac has the run-down of what it all means.

ACT II – We Weighed And Measured Ourselves And We Have Not Found Us Wanting

The anti-vaccine organization criticized by the kid responds in a somewhat cryptic way. Orac, of course, explains what’s going on.

ACT III – Nobody Done Told Me To Go On And Done Keep My Here Mouth Shut

The anti-vaccine blog that calls itself a newspaper — its editor — writes this in an almost incomprehensible “dialect”, and then he writes this to clarify that. Someone didn’t take lessons on how to avoid the Streisand Effect.

That anti-vaccine house is divided. It created something that has gone out of its control, and their readers know it. Just look at the comments.

Somebody hand me some popcorn.

‘Cause I’m a Black woman, don’t you know?

(For alternate views/opinion on what’s going on in that crumbling anti-vaccine organization, check out Todd’s take and Liz’s summary… And Orac’s latest on the whole thing.)

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  1. Love that video Reuben.We're have a "field day" commenting on Respectful Insolence. One of the groupies at that notorious anti-vaccine blog is *shocked* that the affiliated organization hired a paid lobbyist…but it was okay to send Wakefield to Washington to wine and dine Congressmen and their wives, so that a Congressional hearing on autism was a sham.

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