Last night I had the strangest dream

It wasn’t a dream.

I just woke up in a pool of my own cold sweat after watching this “trailer” of a “movie”:

Where to begin? Where to begin? Autism recovery? I can’t… I can’t… I JUST CAN’T!

I wish that autism were curable, but that’s just not the case if you listen to all the available, reputable, reproducible evidence. Do kids with autism get “better”? Yes. Autism is a developmental delay. Like a train running behind, at one point, the train will catch up to some milestone that will make it be on its way to its destination. Many children with autism will reach those milestones, but not because they’re any less autistic.

Heck, it doesn’t even make sense to say that there is better or worse autism. Yes, there is a spectrum, but it’s not like — given a chance — one would pick one form of autism over another.

If these seven children were given something miraculous to rid them of their autism, why is that miracle not being published in journals? Why are neurologists not hosting press conferences to announce the end of autism?



I have a headache. I’m out.

2 thoughts on “Last night I had the strangest dream

  1. @ Science Mom: Donating to any science that might find the answers to why their children have been diagnosed with ASDs is anathema to them…because they are convinced that their kids are "damaged goods". Their skewed thinking about their autistic children leads them to believe that any (and all) *treatments/cures* includes bogus laboratory tests, painful, invasive, dangerous and abusive treatments prescribed by alternative practitioners, is justified.The other *environmental causes* that are mentioned is an effort to broaden their base of constituents. With the hard core crowd it is always teh ebil vaccines that "damaged their kids".

  2. What is wrong with these people? They can't "recover" their own children but want to offer false hope to others. Why can't they collect donations for science and stop this propaganda machine?

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