NVIC: Information that’s not information, the return

Not a lot of time today. There are a lot of things happening too fast for me to properly juggle all of them AND keep you informed. So I’m turning it over to a friend of the blog, Mr. Todd, to tell you all about the latest from the National Vaccine (mis)Information Center and the “information” they want you to believe.

Go read his post here. It’s worth it, and it’s worth taking some action.

3 thoughts on “NVIC: Information that’s not information, the return

  1. @ Anonymous:The founder of the NVIC, who is referred to as the "Grande Dame of anti-vaccine activists", by science bloggers *managed* to capitalize on her son's purported reaction to the whole cell DTP vaccine.Here, a blog by Seth Mnookin, the back story of the founder's son's reaction and her history of testifying about the reaction. Read it and weep, Anonymous…http://blogs.plos.org/thepanicvirus/2012/09/13/the-whole-cell-pertussis-vaccine-media-malpractice-and-the-long-term-effects-of-avoiding-difficult-conversations/"… It’s an incredibly moving story, and one that Fisher has told to congressional panels, federal committees, and state legislatures, and at national press conferences for more than twenty-five years. In all that time, she’s almost never been questioned about the specifics of her narrative—and there are parts that, if nothing else, certainly are confounding.~ Fisher, as she told an Institute of Medicine (IOM) Immunization Safety Committee in 2001, is “the daughter of a nurse, the granddaughter of a doctor, and a former writer at a teaching hospital” who viewed herself as “an especially well-educated woman when it came to science and medicine.” How was it that her only response to finding her unresponsive son displaying symptoms associated with heart attacks, strokes, and suffocation was to carry him to bed and leave him alone for six more hours? And if Chris’s reaction to his fourth DPT shot was so severe that it transformed an ebullient boy into a sluggish shell of his former self, why had he been fine after receiving the first three doses?Shortly after the formation of Dissatisfied Parents Together, Fisher founded the National Vaccine Information Center. Since then, she’s played an essential role in organizing a movement that’s targeted the press, politicians, and the public in equal measures. The result has been a steady erosion of vaccine requirements and a steady increase in the percent of the population skeptical of vaccine efficacy…"So do tell us Anonymous, why anything the "Grande Dame" claims about her child's experience with the DTP vaccine and her parenting abilities, should be believed. BTW, your link to a NVIC paid press release that appeared on the Marketwatch website, does NOT address the serious, sometimes deadly, consequences of not vaccinating children versus the exceedingly rare serious adverse events on the order of 1:1,000,000 per shot, that have been verified as occurring after a vaccine shot.

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