New blog location, same blog

Hello, everybody! Welcome to the WordPress version of “The Poxes Blog.” Blogger just wasn’t cutting it for me when it came to blogging. It’s a nice platform, but WordPress just overtook it and left it behind a long time ago. So here we are. Isn’t this blog prettier? I also have more control over the content. So expect the same types of blog posts from me, but with added functionality… Especially when I scrape up the cash to pay for the “pro” version of wordpress. But that’s for later.

6 thoughts on “New blog location, same blog

  1. I’ve known of a few sites that used Disqus and had problems with it.
    I hope you have no further problems in the future!

    @lilady, continued from a previous discussion before the technical issues occurred, I was unaware that teens these days had movable lips, they’re always texting. 😉
    That said, when our children were teens, they only lied when communicating, vocally or non-vocally.
    Of course, when I was a teen, I was a perfect angel. Indeed, my halo was held perfectly aligned by my horns. 😉

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