How much more should we waste on this?

Another day, another study dispelling the myth that vaccines cause autism. I’ve often wondered why scientists at world-renowned institutions spend valuable time and money trying to appease people who see monsters under their beds. Do they do that at home, too? Do they look under the bed each and every night for decades, just to appease the kid? I wouldn’t. There would come a time when I look the kid in the eye and say something like, “Look, kid, there is nothing there. There are no monsters. There never were. There never will be. I don’t care how much you want to believe in those monsters to explain away your life or your situation. We are not discussing this anymore. Period.”

Of course, real life is not at all like that. In real life, we need to appease people, especially people in power or people who are very, very outspoken about their perceived wrongs. So, yet again, we have another study that concludes that, hey, vaccines don’t cause autism.

Big, fat surprise.

But, really, how much more do we need to focus on vaccines as the causative agents of autism? Ten more studies? Five? Fifteen? And how much more money do we throw at the dragon? A million dollars? Ten million?

The people who are anti-vaccine don’t care for those questions. They want us, the scientists, to repeat the studies, repeat the lab tests, and re-analyze the data until they get the answer that they “feel” is the right one. They feel that their child regressed immediately after the vaccines, so the vaccines are to blame. They feel that their child wouldn’t be “lost” had they not vaccinated their child, so the vaccines are to blame.

And so on, and so forth. So where does it end? When do we, the adults in this conversation, tell them, the anti-vaccine groups, that enough is enough? When do we tell them to stop looking for monsters and look for programs and services to help their kids be all that they can be?

Today? Tomorrow? When?