Just watch them eat each other alive (UPDATED)

It will be kind of difficult for me to write this post without naming names, but I’ll give it a shot. I told you a few weeks back about how “the kid” was taking on his online alma mater. He claimed that several people he used to be allied with hijacked a sham Congressional hearing on autism. The kid claims that some guy with a PhD in biochemistry has solved the mystery of the non-existent autism-vaccine link, but that the PhD was not allowed to present his case to the Congressional Committee because, again, an organization called “SafeMinds” hijacked it. “SafeMinds” is all about a link between thimerosal and autism, and for anyone to say otherwise is high treason… Unless you’re Andrew Wakefield and his fraudulent study since the MMR vaccine never contained thimerosal.

So the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) had a meeting on April 9. On that meeting was a founding member of “SafeMinds,” among others. Remember, according to the kid, it was “SafeMinds” that hijacked The Truth® from coming out at the committee hearings in DC. The IACC meeting opened for comments, and guess who showed up? The kid showed up, and he was on fire. The video from the meeting is not up yet, but I’ll update this post when it is. I watched it live as they streamed it to the web, and let me tell you… He’s got issues.

But his issues are beside the point. It’s the substance of what he said that deserves attention. He said something along the lines of this (with my edits and emphasis in bold):

[The PhD guy] would have spoken about instances of malfeasance at Congress, but he was prevented from doing so by [SafeMinds founding member’s] SafeMinds. After [“Man A”] got informed on the congressional autism hearing from someone working with [The PhD guy] on getting the hearings, SafeMinds hired scientology lobbyist [Lobby Lady]. She misrepresented [PhD guy] to congressional staff and changed the topic from autism causation and the vaccine program to the so-called “federal response,” opening the door for autism epidemic deniers to be invited and give testimony as representatives on the autism spectrum.

I’m paraphrasing, not really quoting, because I don’t have the kid’s memory to remember exact words. Even if I did, he has a bit of a lisp or something when talking and he yells random words, so it’s hard to really take it all down fast enough. (I keep looking up to see why he’s yelling.) Anyway, I’ll correct the above statement if it needs to be corrected — or is wildly inaccurate — once the video is out. (And it will be out. Here is video from their last meeting, where the kid shows up at about 137 minutes and 55 seconds.)

UPDATEDThe video is out, and the kid is at around 220 minutes in. My paraphrasing above was right on.

If you remember, it was “Man A” that the kid’s new mentor accused of having an affair:

“Throughout the discussions with Autism people about what I call the “Autism leadership problem”  one other situation kept coming up – the relationship between [Man A] and [Woman A].  Both [of them] have children with Autism – and both seem to be married to someone else – that someone else who takes care of the autistic children while [they] (Ken and Barbie) travel together, endlessly, running, and/or influencing, various organizations (SafeMinds, Facing Autism, the Canary Party, Age of Autism), all of which claim to speak for the Autism community.

I’m told that the night before the infamous Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform committee hearing on November 29th, 2012, the one [the kid] talks about in his article, that [Man A’s] wife, confronted [them] about their “relationship.”  [Man A] was quoted as saying “that was the worst night of my life.”  I’m told that Capitol Police were notified to be on alert that [his] wife might try to disrupt the televised hearing.”

I told you in the title that they were eating each other alive. But it doesn’t stop at the kid’s testimony on April 9. Oh, no, no, no… I highlighted in bold the word “scientology” because that set off Lobby Lady. She took to the Facebook to air her complaint about the kid using her association with that group (religion, sect, cult, whatever). What ensued was deliciously ironic. Now, I need to warn you that you’ll see their names, but it’s a screenshot and I’m too lazy to edit it:

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 8.50.02 PM

Oh, I think the issue is quite qualified. However, the thing about Facebook is that its privacy settings are capricious, and, if you happen to have him as a Facebook friend like I do, you’ll find out that so’s the kid:

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 8.52.35 PM

Yeah, okay, I did edit this one out because the people who commented there have some right to privacy. They certainly are not involved in this internal conflict within the anti-vaccine groups.

(“Wait, you have him as a friend?” you ask. Yeah. He basically friends anyone who asks nicely. I told you Facebook privacy was capricious.)

Notice how the kid keeps going on and on and on about vaccines and autism. So does Lobby Lady. The difference is that “SafeMinds” is toning down its rhetoric while the kid is all about rhetoric. They wouldn’t let the PhD guy talk because, frankly, hilarity would ensue. I mean, the guy can’t even tell what’s what in a case-control study, and he wants to talk epidemiological research?

The interesting thing is the kid’s obsession with scientology. (Personally, I don’t know any scientologists, only the ones on television. I guess I beter read up on their take on vaccines and autism now.) Notice how he uses it was a weapon to discredit the work of Lobby Lady et al. This is a first for him. In all the times he’s jumped on the train (first class, no doubt, given his ties to Big Oil), the kid has never attacked anyone based on their religion. Yes, he lies about people, and he accuses them of non-existent conflicts of interest, but he never goes for something so, well, personal.

I wonder how this will turn out?

Oh, yes, popcorn… And a drink.

3 thoughts on “Just watch them eat each other alive (UPDATED)

  1. Thank for that link to the video Reuben…it is a *gem*. The “kid” is again pursuing what he perceives to be, the forces of evil within the anti-vaccine movement. I’m willing to bet that the “PhD guy” is now regretting hooking up with the loose cannon “kid”.

      • The PhD guy wined and dined the congressmen (and their wives), who chaired and sat on that sham congressional hearing…along with the disgraced formed medical doctor from the U.K…whose base of support is derived from that notorious anti-vaccine organization. Their *point man* who set up those meetings, is that disgraced former medical doctor who set up clinics to chemically castrate and chelate autistic kids whom he diagnosed with heavy metal toxicities.

        I think the “PhD guy” is going to hang with the “mother ship” (the notorious anti-vaccine organization)…as will all the characters you describe in your blog. IMO, “the kid” has been “hung out to dry”..now that he turned on all his pals.

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