Operational Pause

Something really, really big just came up. I can’t tell you what it is, and you’ll probably never know that I’m about to do what I’m about to do. That’s how public health works. We do things in the background so that bad things don’t come to the forefront.

No worries. My “mission” this time is not at all like that of the hundreds of healthcare workers moving into Somalia right now to vaccinate children in that war-torn place. It certainly isn’t as dangerous as the vaccine workers that got shot and killed in Nigeria and Pakistan. And its not going to go down in the annals of history like the smallpox eradication campaign did and the polio eradication campaign surely will.

Maybe, if you’re good, I’ll post a picture when I get back. Maybe.

So find something else to do for a week, will you? (I suggest the reading list on the right side of this blog.)

Up, up and away…

5 thoughts on “Operational Pause

  1. You have us on the edge of our seats. Lord Draconis Zeneca has sent you to deal with some rogue agents, hasn’t he? Well, hope it all goes well!

  2. Now you have us all intrigued with your mission and “guessing” what that mission is, Reuben.

    Have a safe journey. lilady

  3. We’ll just hope that H7N9 didn’t do something to rate your attention. 😉
    Though, I believe Taiwan is a bit annoyed with one case (probably acquired on the mainland)…

    Keep healthy and annoy all companions with reminders to wash their lunch hooks.

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