Go read my friend’s blog

What are you doing reading this? Go read Ren’s declaration of a new “forever war,” and his subsequent post about depression. Mental Health is something that we in public health don’t think about often, but it influences a lot of what we do. If a person is not of sound mind, how can we expect them to make the right health decisions for themselves and their community?

I do hope Ren keeps at it on the mental health aspects of public health. I’ll do the lifting with quackery and the anti-vax crowd. (Well, not just me. There are others. We are many.)

One thought on “Go read my friend’s blog

  1. It depends on where in the ratified exosphere of public health you live in. The CDC most certainly tracks some aspects of mental health care, or lack thereof in many, so does the NIH.
    Regrettably, community, county and state public health communities aren’t well enough funded to consider mental health and mental illness and the toll it takes upon the society that they do their level best to protect.
    But then, whenever such is attempted to be budgeted in, some mentally questionable persons will loudly proclaim communism, socialism, etc is being driven forward, like those commies in Japan, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, aw hell, the ENTIRE INDUSTRIALIZED WORLD, save one nation.
    The occasionally United States of America.

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