What people do during their day

There are people out there in the world that wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, maybe drink coffee, and then proceed to do this:

“”Then she went on saying my son was obviously weak and the weakest of the herd are not meant to survive, I should just get over it,” he says.”

Who is “she”? She is an anti-vaccine activist who called “he,” the father of a child who died from chickenpox. She is a vile and disgusting person who got up from bed that morning, did her morning routine, and then decided somewhere in her head to call this father and tell him to “just get over it.”

But it doesn’t stop there. This other person also got up one morning and decided to do this:

“Cecily Johnson’s daughter Laine died a slow and agonising death. She contracted measles as a 10-month-old, just weeks before her scheduled immunisation, but survived. But when she was seven years old, the deadly measles sidekick that had been lying in wait, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), began its fatal attack. Within two weeks she was blind, and then lost ability to walk and talk.

She died at age 12 in 1995.

Like the McCafferys and the Kokegeis, Cecily wanted to warn other families about the horrors of vaccine-preventable diseases. She spoke to Ray Martin and within weeks an anti-vaccination book,Behavioural Problems in Children: the Link to Vaccination, was delivered to her in-laws’ address in Western Australia. It was signed by the author, anti-vaccination campaigner Vera Schribner. “I sent it back to her. I was furious,” Cecily says.”

I’m going to say it. Vera Schribner woke up that morning and decided to sign one of her [expletive] anti-vaccine books and give it to the parents of a child who died from a vaccine-preventable book. If Charles Manson sent a copy of his bio to a family member of one of his victims, I wouldn’t be as outraged. (Yeah, okay, I would.)

Anyway, go read the rest of that report. But I must warn you that you will find yourselves hating people. Oh, “hate” is too strong a word? Sorry. I do hate them. (It also includes the story of the harassment of the parents of Dana McCaffery, a little who died from pertussis.

I hate them with the passion of a million yellow suns.

3 thoughts on “What people do during their day

  1. The mind boggles to think that these anti-vaccine, anti-science bloggers and the creeps that populate their blogs, would stoop so low.

    Gawd almighty I do despise them and I feel dirty just reading their bile.

  2. Shocking. Truly Shocking.
    Your metaphor of ‘Hating them with the passion of a million yellow suns’ is perfectly apposite.
    Just when I think the anti vaccine movement cannot sink any lower, they manage it.
    On the plus side the AVN are in deep shit in Oz and the kind, caring Ms Dorey resigned a while ago.
    I’m writing this from my mobile (cell) phone so it’s a bit fiddly to post links but ratbags.com has the full story and written in the no shit style we expect from our (my) antipodean cousins.

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