Return of the “Zombie Children”

I’m not a parent, and I can’t pretend to know what a parent feels toward a child. I figure that it is something very clos to what I feel for my arm. That is, I love my arm and I want nothing to happen to it, or to my brain, or to my heart. Parents, for the most part, love their children as if those children were literally a part of them. An argument can be made that children are an extension of the parent. So I completely understand the distress that a parent would feel when they see their child being disabled or otherwise unable to live a “normal” life.

Then again, there really is no “normal.” There is a spectrum of normal, like there is an autism spectrum, and a spectrum of sexuality. Some children are on one end, and they have lives that none of us would ever even bother to get to know. Other children have neurological conditions that delay their development, and we cringe when we think of those children. (Except for those who’ve dealt with those children, like some of my readers.) We cringe because we think it must be a horrible way to live, and we think so from the outside. We’re not there to celebrate even the smallest accomplishment of that child, or to smile at the “antics” that a child with special needs will perform, especially those antics that are against the expectations for a child with special needs.

Yet there is a subset of parents of children with special needs who continue to call their children “dead.” Within that subset are parents who blame that “death” on vaccines, and, when those two parts of the Venn diagram of denial come together, the results can be sickening.

A few months ago, I stumbled onto a Facebook user who went by the name “Death By Vaccination.” Never mind that using that name is a violation of Facebook terms and conditions. We’re not here for that. The user profile picture is that of a toddler in some sort of a child seat. He’s smiling into the camera. When I came across that profile, I thought that the user was using that picture in a fraudulent way, to say that the child in the picture died from vaccines or something. So I did some snooping around. I found this website. In that website, the child is pictured along with other children and a woman. The child is shown smiling, and there is even a video of him walking around, giggling, and making his mother happy.

I was incensed to think that “Death By Vaccination” was using that image, so I emailed him via Facebook. Much to my surprise, the user replied and identified himself as the father of the child in the picture. According to him, the child is now 12 years old. So the child did not die, unless he’s a zombie. Why do I write that? Because he wrote the following on his Facebook page. It’s a little long, but worth reading to see what his worldview is, especially the last paragraph:

“In “Real Life” I’m the father of 3 boys, and have a great wife. I did everything right, including vaccinating my beautiful and bright 2 year old son, who promptly stopped talking, lost eye contact, became a loner, screamed, and sometimes banged his head. I stopped vaccinating the oldest and my newborn middle child, who is now 10, and can’t stop sneezing in the morning. At 2-1/2, my oldest was diagnosed as being 65% delayed. It took years to reverse-engineer what happened to him, and bring him back. He is now in the 6th grade, with an IEP.

Several years ago, my wife also wanted a career, so we changed places, and I became a stay-at-home dad. I found I could do most of my consulting work at home.

When I was asked to look into the girls that had been injured by the Gardasil HPV vaccine, I found the pathways were virtually identical to Autism, MS, and a few others. I also found that one single test held the key to uncovering all this Autism, MS, etc., without having to identify each bug that was present.

The more I worked with the Gardasil Girls, the more Bartonella and other Lyme-related diseases kept showing up. I was taught these were rare diseases, but I was finding just the opposite. Then my 12 yr old broke out with a Bartonella rash, along with fatigue, and detachment from the world around him. That’s when I used the protocol that was used with the girls, and he quickly came out of it. This confirmed that if you stopped all this inflammation stuff, you stopped the progression of these bugs, and the debilitating symptoms that followed.

Then I started picking up on the symptoms of people in various facebook groups, and many had these Lyme and enterovirus symptoms for years, and were bleeding money to doctors and hospitals for every test in the book, with mostly negative results, which typically resulted in treating one or two symptoms, instead of finding the cause. The Infectious Disease doctor for the Broward County Health Department told me that I would have to go to Peru to for my son to catch Bartonella. When I told him that a study in downtown Los Angeles found that 95% of fleas from trapped rats had Bartonella, he suddenly changed his conduct, and provided me with the name of an Infectious Disease Specialist at Holy Cross Hospital. I let her do her exam, and she said she could find nothing, and all those streaks on his body were some kind of strange stretch marks. (Please keep in mind that my son is slim.) When I started talking about my work as a researcher, she became quite interested, and she agreed to write me the scripts for the lab tests I requested. Surprisingly, she reduced her fee from $350 to $94. However, the labs she used would have proven worthless to me, and when I asked her, all she could say was “This is what they give me to work with.”

Now you have ONE MAD DAD checking forums listening to people’s complaints, and a high percentage of the CHRONIC complaints are typical of Lyme and its co-infections. Since I am still going through these complaints with families of girls throughout the world, especially Australia, where Bartonella can be found in Kangaroos, I now find it much easier to talk to people in plain English, because I myself grew up with symptoms of Babesia for multiple decades. No doctor, including those at any of the hospitals I went to, has ever properly diagnosed me, and exploratory surgery almost took my life when a surgeon accidentally clipped an artery.

My goal is to document the COMMON pathways, backed by peer-reviewed and published Abstracts, together with interviews with people who have actually suffered these conditions, then bring a lawsuit against culpable parties.

I am doing this for my son, whose “death by vaccination” has cheated him out of a fully productive life, so that Pediatricians, Hospitals, and Pharmaceutical Corporations could improve their bottom line.

There are several things in there that need to be addressed, but they’re common anti-vaccine games. Some bacteria is causing bacterial infections whose symptoms are similar to what people online are saying and blah, blah, bah. It’s the last part that punched me in the gut. His child, his son, is “dead.” Except that he isn’t. If you go to the family website, there are tons of pictures of the kids, and they’re smiling, happy kids. The mom is seen smiling with them, and so are the family members around these children.

And these documentations of “the COMMON pathways, backed by peer-reviewed and published Abstracts, together with interviews with people who have actually suffered these conditions,” his Facebook notes are these:

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 4.28.31 PM


Each and every single one reads like a conspiracy theory screed. It seems that he went to look for any and all abstracts, regardless of their quality, and put together these rants. His motivation, again, his “dead” son.

So why did it punch me in the gut? It felt that way because I put myself in the shoes of those children whose parents see them as a total loss, a “death.” I imagined that child growing up and, albeit late, learning to understand what is being said around them and about them. I felt pain for them as they heard from their own parents, the people who are supposed to unconditionally love them, something to the tune of, “sorry, little one, you’re dead, you’re worthless to society, you’ll never account to anything.” Even worse if the child comes to understand the cognitive dissonance of those parents who grasp at straws to explain why their children are “dead.”

But, you know, I ‘m not supposed to care about children because Big Pharma and shilling and stuff.

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  2. OMG Reuben, you’ve found a seriously delusional “researcher” I read the crank’s P-O-W Syndrome paper in its entirety and he’s been quite busy posting his drivel on various anti-vaccine blogs.

    Anyone who refers to their child as (a) “death by vaccines child” and has put that child through “gawd knows what” needless blood tests, and who uses his child as his personal lab rat, deserves our scorn and derision.

    • Actually, for the latter, child protective services should be called and intervene. Before he ends up killing the child.
      As for the paper, if I want to read fiction, I buy a higher quality book.
      For, the drivel that the antivaxer crowd produces as studies is to science what “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” is to hard core science fiction.

  3. I’m still scratching my head over his somehow putting autoimmune diseases in with bacterial infections and somehow, magically, they’re all related to a vaccine that is relatively new.
    Are we to gather, from his “testimony”, that Lyme and Bartonella infections never occurred before the HPV was available? That MS and other autoimmune diseases never existed before the HPV was available?

    Sorry, but I can “rent” the notion of some autoimmune diseases being triggered in those susceptible, though that is extremely rare. Can’t buy it at all for large numbers of patients, but for incredibly rare people, well, some people can have nearly anything trigger autoimmune disease.
    But, then he jumps into the twilight zone, both in calling a living child dead and in linking both autoimmune disease and bacterial infections with the HPV.
    I marvel at his linking Bartonella and Lyme in particular, as the vectors of those infections is well established, though I wonder which variety of Bartonella he refers to. I suspect it is Bartonella Mythica, aka Bartonella Se Inuenisse (look up the Latin for a chuckle).
    OK, more seriously, at worst, it’s likely that the Bartonella he refers to is either B. henselae or B. clarridgeiae and that those infected are cat owners.
    For those who don’t know those two bacteria, they cause cat scratch fever and B. henselae can cause a few more serious diseases if it were to progress in a patient that has immune deficiency. That said, antibiotics are highly effective.
    And interestingly enough, you don’t have to go to Australia or Peru to find those varieties. As I said, cats are notorious for being carriers worldwide.

    BTW, what terms and conditions did the idiot violate? I’m curious.

    • You’re supposed to use your real name, or a name that is real. Using “Deathby Vaccination” as your name is a violation of the terms, and several of us have reported it for him. If enough report him, he’ll be asked to change it to a real name, even if that name is “John Smith,” or to create a page with that name.

      All evidence points to him being off his rocker.

      • Or he’ll create a Death by Vaccination group, with only one member.
        Pity that he didn’t reveal what community or at least county/parish he lives in. If he did, child protective services could subpoena Facebook for his real information and protect his children from his insanity.

      • Hmmm, there is a contact name, phone number and e-mail address on one of his lunatic notes.
        One ponders if that contact is his real name? If so, he lives in the Piedmont Triad or the northern Foothills and northern Mountain regions of North Carolina.

        • I saw that. I don’t know if that’s him. There are also no pictures of a “father” that I can see on the family website, so it is very possible that he’s estranged from them or that he was the one taking the pictures. I wonder what his wife thinks of his nonsense? The mother of the children in those pictures and video didn’t seem at all bothered with the children in any way.

          • Considering what I put below, it’s him. To judge by several of his sites, he sounds like a delusional paranoid schizophrenic.
            Two of his sites wanted to run a java applet, there were three chances of that happening: Slim, fat and none.
            The most worrisome of his sites was the townofdavie site.
            As I said, he’s actually crazier than a shaken bag of cats.
            Crazy as in boarding up his baby’s window and removing ceiling tiles, allegedly because of music from a stereo system in a garage at least 100 feet away kind of crazy.
            I’m just glad that he’s way down in Florida and not my neighbor!

        • I smell a rat.
          There is a website of the same name as the Facebook page, using the same e-mail contact address, but offers a 202 area code contact number. That is Washington, D.C.
          That number resolves to a company that specializes in HDTV antenna and distant wireless internet antenna installation.
          So, there is a phone number for North Carolina on Facebook and the e-mail is shared between Facebook, a dot com site of the same name as the Facebook page and an antenna company in Washington, D.C. and they have a Florida emergency call phone number. Didn’t check the Florida number, but everything else points back to the same person, including the domain registration.
          The same name that is given to contact for information if one is a physician who wants more information.
          He also owns, which blathers about the syndrome that has his name as the lead name of the syndrome.
          So,, and probably more are all owned, authored by him. The first was registered with GoDaddy in 2004, the latter in 2009.
          With a Fort Lauderdale, Florida address.
          Strangely enough, he mentions a criminal complaint against him and makes claims that the town of Davie, Florida police department is against him, supporting a neighbor he accuses of stalking a minor (his infant child) and all other manner of mayhem, as well as leading off with his BS on the front of the site with the antivax nonsense. After one clicks through a warning to not copy anything from the site, intellectual property laws apply.
          Intellectual is not a term that I would use in the description of this individual.

          He alleges that a police officer made an unlawful entry onto his property, without a warrant, while investigating a vicious dogs complaint. He told the officer to depart, the officer called a detective and for reasons not described, a DCF investigator. Something about not vaccinating his dogs, he also shows a picture of dogs that are not dobermans, but later mentions his neighbor allegedly poisoned one of his dobermans.
          He then goes on and on about alleged complaints to DCF about his dogs.
          So, why would someone complain to the Department of Children and Families about unvaccinated dogs?
          Even more strangely, he owns two domains, thetownofdavie and
          with the domain being registered to an address in Scottsdale, AZ.
          He owns,, under his Florida address and real name.

          Honestly, I’m thinking he is a paranoid schizophrenic who is untreated and quite delusional.
          I wonder how he finds time to fiddle with people’s antennas while he’s so busily setting up and running so many websites with largely the same bovine defecation?
          He’s certainly well enough funded to keep all of those domains registered and the sites hosted. Though, Go Daddy charges $2.99 for an entry level site, higher traffic goes for $4.49, it adds up with all of those sites. The Scottsdale, AZ address is a subsidiary of Go Daddy, domains by proxy.
          Well, even with all of those sites costing him, he’s saving money by not vaccinating his dogs or children, so he can afford the extra money that way…

          Yes, I was bored tonight. Not bored enough to *really* dig, check criminal history, etc. Just a few scratches on the surface and found a bag of cats kind of crazy.
          One wonders if he built a bunker kind of crazy.
          Two things will end up keeping me up tonight. First, the thought of him caring for small children. Second, the possibility that he may have access to firearms.

          • I was just going to ask you if you we’re bored. No problem. I do it all the time. I wonder if I should invite him to come and debate us?

            Naaaah. He’ll lose.

            • He’d lose, then do something stupid or worse, criminal.
              Of course, his address is available easily. In the case of something criminal, law enforcement could find him before he even got near his home.

              Crazy as the proverbial bag of cats, smart, not so much. He started hiding his tracks very late in the game. Around the time he started accusing his mayor, police chief, most of the police department and assorted others of conspiring against him in favor of his neighbor who “stalked his minor child” from the safety of their own home.

              • He’s on their radar, I’m sure. This only raises my suspicions even more that he is not living with the children.

                • It is, however, further evidence of the shambles that we call our mental health care system.

          • I remember encountering this guy a long time ago. Because I remember seeing the HDTV business and the issue with the cop. I think it was so long ago that there was no Facebook.

            After seeing all of that, I decided to ignore him. And, yes, there is a very large problem with way mental health is dealt with. Because unless someone is a danger to others, they are the family’s responsibility. And as part of a family that had to deal with someone, it is not easy. Especially when they refuse to get outpatient help after being released from the county psyche ward.

            • Hopefully, you ensured that your family member was entered into the database, so that said family member cannot lawfully acquire a firearm.

              My father was thought by us to be suffering from dementia nearly two years ago, we were certain a year ago and his diagnosis confirmed by his doctor six months ago.
              When we were between thought and certain, I removed his firearms from his safe and put them into my safe, which he doesn’t know the combination to.
              Due to his dementia, some medicines interact in bizarre ways, some, with significant paranoid delusions, typically at night.
              We’ll suffice it to say, my family is quite happy with my decision about the handling of his firearms.

              And yes, we’re a firearms rich household. I’m retired military, a competition shooter and an anal retentive firearms safety type.
              My “home defense” firearms are in a special safe, which is able to be hand held, after being released from its cage. If the most improbable were to occur and an invader enter our home and where we spend the majority of our time, the worst case is that the invader would end up shot dead. A more probable case would be that the invader got hit over the head and suffered a depressed skull fracture from the safe hitting him.
              The reality is what I honestly desire, collecting dust, save when I shoot at the range.
              There’s a special Zen that goes with the concentration and focus on putting that tiny piece of lead into that tiny target, way, way, way over there.
              For pistols, it’s only one way, but still, one tries to get all within the same hole.
              Won quite a few prizes over the decades.
              Won some medals for things military that I really don’t consider noteworthy. The only lives saved were those of my team. Nice, but not “good”. Running village clinics was far preferable.

              • “so that said family member cannot lawfully acquire a firearm.”

                She had a car and access to a garage, plus some duct tape. That is all she needed.

                The rest is tragedy.

            • Oh, Lloyd turned up at Shot of Prevention just a couple of months ago demonstrating his newfound BLAST skills.

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