My first legal threat!

I got a legal threat from “Deathby Vaccination” on Facebook:

“Attn: Mr Edward Jenner a.k.a. Reuben Gaines:
On October 4, 2012, at 9:26:07 p.m. using your Comcast IP address: [redacted] I have been informed that you viewed after finding my son’s picture through a GOOGLE search from a computer that was using Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_8_2) AppleWebKit/537.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/22.0.1229.79 Safari/537.4 software.
As a Member of the Bar, and per FBI recommended Cyberstalking Procedures, YOU and ANY and ALL organizations, and/or entities you are associated with, including, but not limited to: ThePoxesStory and The Poxes Blog, plus acquaintances thereof which you may encourage; Corporate entities, such as JOHNS HOPKINS, MERCK, GSK, PFIZER, etc., including, but not limited to their agents, suppliers, vendors, and any entity they/you are directly or indirectly associated with, are hereby put on notice and ORDERED TO CEASE AND DESIST any and all contact, harassment and /or stalking of me, my family-especially stalking of my children, my friends-including FACEBOOK FRIENDS, and any and all groups and entities that I am associated with.
In Archive v. Shell, the court ruled that Archive did not exercise “dominion” over the copied (archived) material. You, Mr. Richard Jenner, HAVE “exercised dominion,” as evidenced by the linking and re-posting of my son’s pictures from a website I own, which is a violation of the posted TERMS OF USE for that website. (see: Archive v. Shell-2007, a case in which I was involved).
Additionally, as a graduate of JOHNS HOPKINS and possible agent thereof, who stalked and identified a minor child by name on the internet, by his picture, who is NOT a PUBLIC FIGURE, is not helpful to your cause.
In addition, any and all photographic images, or electronic facsimile(s) that violate the TERMS OF USE of the domain, LEPRECHAUNUSA.COM, are hereby ordered to be remove and destroyed/deleted immediately, the destruction and removal of which does not constitute reduction or satisfaction of civil, criminal, or monetary culpability in violation of the TERMS OF USE you accepted by visiting and viewing that website, then blatantly ”exercising dominion over” the website contents.
A POLICE REPORT and Agency Report will be generated by me for the unauthorized use and exploitation of pictures of my minor children by you, known to me by your Facebook alias: RICHARD JENNER, an adult, together with your “hint” that I view your Facebook group’s “WALL”, along with the transcript of your messages, which strongly suggests that you and/or members of your group(s) may possibly be involved in pedophile activity, or have an unhealthy interest in tracking young toddlers on the internet.
Of further possible interest to authorities is your Russian reference to Koltsovo, Novosibirsk Oblast.
“Koltsovo is roughly the equivalent to both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Defense Command. It has research facilities and capabilities for all levels of Biological Hazard, CDC Levels 1-4. It is one of two official repositories for the now-eradicated smallpox virus,[a] and is part of the system of laboratories known as the Biopreparat. Recently the facility has been upgraded and secured using the most modern cameras, motion sensors, fences, and biohazard containment systems. Its relative seclusion makes security an easier task. Since its inception there has been an elite army regiment guarding the facility. The center was believed to be a hub for biological warfare research for the old Soviet Union.” -Wiki”


I’d like to know where and when I identified his child by name? He emailed me his child’s name. I didn’t do that. His page is out there for the world to see. Whatever. This is how rabid anti-vaxxers will react to being exposed to the truth. I’m blocking him from contacting me on Facebook.

One thing, though… Why did he decide to mention “Corporate entities, such as JOHNS HOPKINS, MERCK, GSK, PFIZER, etc.” Conspiracy theory, much?

17 thoughts on “My first legal threat!

  1. The antivaxxers can only win if they shut up everyone who tells the truth – and apparently they realize that too, judging by how the effort they put into suppressing dissent

    • If you look at his webpage, it appears that Lloyd and Bagwell have been at it for a while. Check that, don’t look at his site. It’s loaded with some “interesting” scripts that track your location and what you do on the site. Creeeeeeeepy.

      • Didn’t track me on that site. I didn’t let the scripts run.
        If I don’t trust a site and there are few that I do, I won’t let scripts run. Especially java scripts.

    • No, they need to continue and hopefully, waste money on an attorney.
      Hopefully, they’ll then lose their voice due to bankruptcy.

    • I sent it to a friend who suggested the same thing. So that friend will forward it to Ken since they have conversations about litigious bullies before.

  2. Apparently, in his paranoid delusions, viewing a website and commenting on it is some violation of privacy.
    He ignores the fact that *he* made the child a public figure by posting the child’s picture prominently on his Facebook page, which is open to all viewers. He then blames the viewer for violation of his bizarre and non-actionable terms of use on his paranoid driven websites.

    I’m at a loss to comprehend the bit about “A member of the bar”, as to my knowledge, an Reuben most certainly is not an a member of the bar, nor is the antenna installing chap in Florida.
    As is further evidenced by his extraordinarily far reaching pedophile claim.
    But, as evidenced on two of his many websites, he is notorious for making extraordinary claims that law enforcement have learned to ignore.

    BTW, did he post that claim of his suspicions of pedophilia in a public forum or in a private message? If he posted that in a public forum, it is a case of actionable libel.

    • Nope, I’m not a member of the bar, and I’m not associated with half of the organizations and companies he mentioned. The ones I am “associated” with are the ones where I went to school. What, is he going to threaten the alumni organization, too?

      • Well, I have an association with some of the drug companies via being a customer. 😉
        Pity that that association is so close that I pay full retail for those drugs. :/
        But, to a paranoid, that is association.
        Nanu-nanu and all that.

  3. I think he mentioned those to, as you said, suggest it was part of a conspiracy and because he thought it would look scary. Law is not science, but it’s still a field that requires some level of expertise; google lawyers are not much better than google doctors. If he’s a member of the bar, I’m Galifreyan (I wish).

    • In that case, I’ll not wait for your regeneration. 🙂
      The guy is a certifiable one, that is for sure.
      Is also part of his work.
      Don’t let the java run, don’t have a clue what it might do.
      He apparently runs an antenna installation company, with a bit of directional UHF antenna work as well.
      I don’t see a member of the bar climbing on top of roofs or antenna masts.
      Perhaps he strayed too close to a live high power microwave feed?

      • Part of the java on it is a form where you attest that you will not reproduce his web page in any way and a warning to the FBI and CIA to stay out. Certifiable? It is my opinion that he is.

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