Because rape is hilarious, apparently

There’s a Facebook group who goes by the name “Butthurt Bitches.” It’s a group set up to harass and make fun of mothers who’ve chosen to have their son(s) circumcised. In internet lingo, “butthurt” is a term to describe someone who reacts negatively to something that offends them. It’s supposed to signify that someone gave you a “spanking.” But this “intactivist” takes the definition of “butthurt” a little further:


Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 5.24.35 PM

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, they make fun of rape. Not only that, when I (as my FB persona of “Edward Jenner”) pointed out to them that rape wasn’t funny, one of their administrators (“PP”) suggested that I ask my mother about rape since “She knows all about being raped.” Hilarious.

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that these people, who are extreme in their views that boys should not be circumcised, go to these depths to mock their opponents. Many of these “opponents” have done nothing worse than openly state on their FB pages that they were going to circumcise their children, which is an anathema to “Butthurt Bitches.” As a result, “Butthurt Bitches” decides to mock them and, in my opinion, threaten with rape.



2 thoughts on “Because rape is hilarious, apparently

  1. I also don’t think they understand what it was that they’re doing wrong. I really think they sincerely do not get why this is so, so, so problematic. I’m sorry about that comment about your mother; it was even worse than the rest of the tripe.

    • What is so wrong is that they equate whateverinhell their position is as valid, therefor, rectal rape is also a valid thing to do.
      Ever speak to a rape survivor? I have, it wasn’t a fun experience for either of us, both the discussion or their rape.

      When a society feels that civility is no longer required, indeed, that civility is not even an option, said society will tear itself apart.
      I honestly can’t figure out *where* we failed as a society, where we caused things to go where people are unable to hold a civil conversation, must use abusive language and even threats as their excuse for civil discourse.
      I’ve had many conversations, both in person and online and found a dearth of the ability to engage in simple civil discourse. Indeed, one brain trust decided that I was intimidated by his “second amendment rights” and began to make veiled threats, listing his firearms. As it turns out, I personally own more firearms than that idiot does, I just didn’t feel it necessary until that moment to list them by make, model and caliber.
      The difference between us was, when I did get around to listing mine, I made it plainly clear that said firearms were going to stay inside of their safes unless I’m hunting, target shooting at a range or competing with one of several of them. Some will never leave the safe, save for cleaning, as they’re antique firearms and quite valuable.
      I’ve had others think that the first amendment does not apply to those who wish to follow their religious views on circumcision. Indeed, from what I have gathered, they feel that they are the only ones in the entire universe that should have any first amendment rights whatsoever!
      When it is patiently explained that rights are for all, not for a few, threats ensue or “worse”, denouncement as a commie, socialist or some other term that they cannot give even a halfway accurate definition of.

      Well, in any case, our children do know how to engage in civil discourse with others. As do my wife and I.
      It’s just a shame that we seem to seldom be able to engage in that with so many of our peers these days.
      Oh well, we can always associate with those with operational brains.
      It’s just a shame that those so utterly unable to form rational thoughts are permitted the most dangerous thing possible for them to have: the vote.

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