If it’s not normal, it must be broken

There are those people in the world who see everything that is not normal (or expected) as something that is damaged, wrong, or evil. They see a hurricane and, instead of acknowledging that it was caused by a low pressure weather system over warm and moist air in the tropics, they see a conspiracy by the government to control the weather through radio waves. They see a child with a neurodevelopmental delay, and they see a child who is a victim of a vaccine injury, genetics be damned. Even when all the evidence tells us that low levels of folate in the diet of expectant mothers is the main cause of spina bifida (a condition in which the spinal canal doesn’t close as the fetus develops), these people will blame chemical contamination of food or water by a big, multinational corporation.

In essence, they blame the unlikeliest of things for what they see as abnormal.

Along the same lines, we have the people who go overboard with their belief in the supernatural. They blame children born with cleft palates on the mother seeing an eclipse. Or they say that a person with schizophrenia is actually possessed by a demon. Again, they seem to ignore the most common, rational, and possible explanation and go with the most far-fetched idea.

Now, is it possible that the far-fetched is the correct explanation for what they’re observing? Yes, everything is possible, but it is incredibly improbable. We’re talking probabilities of one in a million or less.

There is this website that always seems to take the news of the day and apply the most unlikely of explanations to it. When the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, happened last summer, the author of the site, or his underlings, blamed the shootings on a “false flag” operation by the US Government as an attempt to scare the public into shifting their opinions on gun control. Same thing with the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Yesterday was no different for that site. In case you don’t know, there is a court case being heard right now in Florida. It involves a neighborhood watchman shooting a young man deemed suspicious by the watchman. There was some sort of a fight, and the young man ended shot dead. The only two people that know what happened are the deceased and the watchman. Some say it’s a clear case of self-defense. Others say it’s a clear case of racial profiling and a trigger-happy watchman. We’ll see how it goes.

One of the witnesses on the stand yesterday was a friend of the victim. She is Black, from Florida, overweight, and female. As almost anyone who’s been on the stand in a court of law, and as almost anyone who’s been put in front of the cameras without previous experience in the limelight, she was observably nervous. She mumbled some words, moved around in her seat, and asked for the person questioning her to repeat the question.

What did the “natural” website make of her nervousness, her looks, and her demeanor on the stand? Here:

“Watching defense witness Rachel Jeantel testify in the Trayvon Martin trial was horrifying, shocking… disturbing. Here is a 19-year-old high school senior, raised in America and educated in public schools, who is wildly illiterate (she simply cannot read) and who seems unable to speak in coherent sentences. Almost right out of the movie Idiocracy, she makes odd grunting noises and seems to display wild emotional swings, verbal inconsistencies and irrational behavior.”

Frankly, she wouldn’t be the first high school senior, raised in America, who was not proficient in English. But look at the other things written about her. “Wild emotional swings”? There’s more, and it’s worse:

“On the issue of lead, Rachel’s behavior strongly resembles that of a lead-poisoned individual. This isn’t just a one-time exposure issue, either: it’s a chronic exposure during childhood development issue.

It’s possible she actually ate lead paint as a child, for example, if she was living in a much older house where the paint was flaking off. (Lead was removed from paint in 1978, but many homes still contain that lead-based paint.)”

Yeah, it’s possible, but not really probable since most states, including Florida, have made it a law to not rent/sell houses with lead-based paint. Furthermore, there is a very robust lead poisoning surveillance system in Florida and other states. Just because she’s nervous on the stand, and a teenager prone to distraction like any other teen, it doesn’t mean she’s lead poisoned.

“In addition to being poisoned by fluoride, lead, aspartame and vaccines, Jeantel is obviously eating a diet that is completely lacking in the nutrients needed to protect the brain from oxidative damage.”

I agree that her size is indicative of an imbalanced diet, but I don’t agree that she is necessarily “poisoned” by any of those things. Like any good anti-science and anti-vaccine website, this “natural” site blames chemicals and vaccines. It couldn’t be that her circumstances have allowed for her to gain extra pounds, like so may of us? No, it must be the damned vaccines.

And her speaking with a regional accent or in a regional/cultural dialect (?) doesn’t mean she’s illiterate. I certainly don’t think that people from the Caribbean who speak an different version of English are illiterate or brain, damaged. Same for Black people in the inner city or Latinos in downtown LA, or even White people in Boston. The more I listen to that young lady speaking, the more I understand what she is saying. Brain damaged? Poisoned? Not likely.

But that’s how those people react, people who see monsters under their bed, in the closet, on the side of the road, and everywhere else. It’s all a conspiracy. It’s all the fault of Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Business, and they are the only ones who know the truth, especially when no one is listening.

Finally, if you go to the comments section of that particular blog post, you’ll see the outrage from a lot of readers at the gigantic leap this person tried to make in attacking that young lady.

5 thoughts on “If it’s not normal, it must be broken

  1. It must be horrifying to live in a world full of fear and devoid of reasoning.

    That said, lead is still an issue. Head Start, at least in Alaska, requires all kids entering the program to be tested. I know this because as a lab assistant I was responsible for coordinating getting the kids drawn, ordering the special lead-free containers to store the blood, and getting it to the right lab. It’s a big undertaking. I never looked at the results but they must have been turning up something or they wouldn’t keep paying for it. I know lead is found in things other than paint- window blinds, plastic toys from China, etc. What I’m saying is, even though I agree that it’s a leap to say this young lady has lead poisoning, it’s not accurate or responsible to lump lead poisoning, which has been scientifically proven to cause neurological disease, in with vaccines and other fantasy-land poisons.

    • Lead is and has truly been proved as a neurotoxic agent.
      That said, I’ve long been exposed to lead and worse agents that some would consider brain erasing.
      Microwaves? Been there, done that, got really, REALLY dizzy driving down a road and noticing the far barricade down and the front one up. When notified, the NCOIC laughed about it until he was knocked down unconscious and his OIC had to consider legal action of a DoD dependent who was pregnant being exposed and my own exposure…
      We’ll suggest that matters resolved themselves quite equitably, though without finances.
      Big deal, said child is now a mother and an RN of sufficient competence.
      I’ve also personally held lead solder between my teeth when soldering. On many, many, many, many occasions without number, but, erm, many.
      However, I’ve somehow survived and managed to achieve extremely well.
      To the poster, I’m brain dead. If that is the case, I far prefer the company of the brain dead.
      But then, I can also resolve special and general relativity and conceive of the dynamics of quantum physics.
      Obviously I’m an idiot or something.

  2. I am interested in that trial because to me it really seems like a simple case of manslaughter. I don’t think Zimmerman was racial profiling or intended to kill Martin at all. His racial slurs, though entirely inappropriate especially considering who he was speaking to, are most likely as cultural as the creepy cracker comment and not indicative of malice. It seems he was quite overzealous in his law enforcements efforts and perhaps wanted to be a law enforcement officer or do what they do. Instead he scares an innocent young man into a confrontation where he was outmatched, but not in mortal danger and it ended with the young man’s death. You cannot get yourself into a situation like this and then kill someone when it doesn’t go your way. He was a citizen and greatly overstepped his bounds.

    I really believe that bringing the racial issues and media frenzy has been a great disservice to both Zimmerman, who is likely not guilty of second degree murder, as well as Trayvon Martin and his family because they deserve justice for this situation.

    • Erm, I literally started a townwatch. It was rather vacant upon my starting of it. It grew later.
      I will admit to some extra-legal issues. However, when ordered by a 911 operator, I followed orders, with observation.
      One thing I avoided was contact.
      Something he failed to avoid.
      From contact, I have no clue. NO court of law has revealed any evidence, due to the trial.

  3. Well, I am quite well aware of radio waves causing illness. Indeed, there were studies regarding microwave exposure causing both sterility (how the issue was first detected) and later, leukemia. But, that was determined by epidemiologists and the cause found to be improper procedures being used to tune high power military radar dishes.
    In short, to avoid interference with German civilian radar, the dishes were pointed into the valley to avoid such interference as they were tuned. Regrettably, the service members doing so didn’t consider the fact that their barracks were in that valley and they routinely, over the course of years, were irradiating their barracks while their peers from the opposing shift were sleeping, their peers doing the same.
    That was documented, the practice halted and safer procedures employed to halt the problem and those irradiated were tracked to further study and mitigate potential disease later in life.
    Note how science came to save the day and hopefully, hundreds of lives.

    As for aspartame, to me, it is a poison. I can’t tolerate it and literally projectile vomit. Does that make it a poison? No, I’m simply allergic to it, fortunately not with full anaphylaxis and when exposed, 50mg of diphenhydramine makes the day tolerable.
    I grew up in a house that had lead paint, it being banned in 1978 and I was 17. We had lead solder to join pipes, but the water works sent an additive to seal the lead and lower its leeching into the water supply. I had a hobby that turned into an occupation, electronics. Something where I routinely was exposed to lead from the solder.
    Yet, somehow, mysteriously, I’m not illiterate, emotionally unstable or the village idiot. Though, there are times I play the latter part, to better permit an adversary to underestimate my intelligence.
    We’ll suffice it to say, I’m a subject matter expert in a number of fields, as I’ve changed career paths a handful of times in my five decades of life. In short, I’m rather bright and clever.
    But, somehow, magically, a post-lead paint ban person has lead poisoning because of “illiteracy”, when the testimony involved absolutely no written evidence. The last time I checked, illiteracy involved a lack of literacy, the ability to read, though there are other deficits in education present, that is the hallmark.
    That in and of itself is a massive leap of illogic in the extreme!

    As for the case itself, the accused was directed by the 911 operator to not make contact, to only observe from a distance and even to break off from said observation. That was plainly apparent from the released 911 tapes. He did instead continue pursuit and did depart his motor vehicle and in one way or another, did make contact with the deceased.
    Those actions in and of themselves perfected the chain of events that lead to the young man’s death.
    As for the facts of the final events, that is still awaiting further evidence. Evidence that won’t be apparent, as the media will do what the media does, cherrypick testimony, color what was presented to fit the story sold in their news product and never use any form of critical thinking and full review of all testimony and evidence.
    What has already been proved is simple. The accused used poor judgement in disregarding instructions of the 911 operator. In and of itself, that is no crime, only poor judgement. What happened upon actual contact is unknown to all save the deceased and the accused.
    I have my “gut feeling”, but gut feelings are only of worth to a gastroenterologist.

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