Another day, another anti-vaccine blog

Hey, everyone, quick update! The Kid has his own blog now, titled “Autism Investigated.” I guess he’s finally been completely cut-off from the online newspaper of the inexistent autism epidemic. A word of caution: He doesn’t mention anything about your privacy with regards to the information you have to enter to comment or your IP/location that is gathered by WordPress when you comment. And why would he? He’s been publicizing his former masters’ personal emails for a few weeks now. So please be careful commenting on his blog, especially if you’re trying to maintain a pseudonymous persona on the net. WordPress can give an IP address when you comment that may track you down to your home.

So much for getting that master’s degree in epidemiology, huh, Kid?

10 thoughts on “Another day, another anti-vaccine blog

  1. I would never, ever, ever comment on Jake’s site…or on AoA, guys. I’m only too well aware of how the cranks who run those sites have tracked down people.

  2. Thanks all. Reuben’s link worked, though why I clicked on it I’ll never know.

    He truly has been educated beyond his intelligence.

  3. Visiting his site and commenting isn’t very hazardous if one uses a disposable e-mail address and IP obfuscation, such as TOR to connect to his site with.
    That said, I find that reading the ramblings of someone suffering from some form of mental illness to be time wasted.
    Though, I did actually read his ramblings on the front end of his site, that was more a matter of morbid curiosity, being bored waiting for the corn to finish cooking and the heat index here is over 100 degrees, so sitting outside isn’t the best of ideas. Especially as the ozone levels are high today as well.

    • Whatever you do, DO NOT comment on his blog. He’ll track you down or “unmask” you, especially if you’re “totally incompetent when it comes to computer technology.”

      • Use a disposable e-mail address, Yahoo or Google, confirmed from your main e-mail address or even better, from further disposable e-mail addresses.
        For his site, use TOR (The Onion Router) to obfuscate your IP address.

  4. There’s nothing more to it. It ends at “huh, Kid?” I’m sure you’re used to ginormous screeds of mine. Sorry.

  5. For some reason I can’t get to the rest of the post when I click on the link.
    Is it me being as thick as the complete Works of Dickens in large print or do I just have a crap mobile (cell) phone?

    • Might be the javascript embedded in the site. It’s tracking IP addresses, client info and washing them through Google Analytics. Don’t think that is his work though, looks to be the hosting service’s work.

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