The dog days of summer

I must admit to you that I’m not in much of a blogging mood when it’s this hot out. My walk to the office and then back to my flat are exhausting in this heat. The mid-Atlantic humidity really does a number on me. When I get home and all my clothes are soaked and clinging to me, the last thing I want to do is blog. (Yeah, that was not a pretty picture.)

I’ve been especially grumpy lately because some pro-vaccine advocates have taken it upon themselves to tell me what to write, how, and when. They think that I’m a writing machine. I’m not the blogger with hypergraphia. I’m the blogger that is slowly working his way to the 200th post, and is thinking very hard about what to write once that milestone is met.

I guess I could tell you all about the lies and misinformation being spewed by the anti-vaccine advocates, but what else do you expect from anti-vaccine advocates? Or I could tell you that Andrew Jeremy Wakefield continues to claim that he didn’t say what he said, or that his study said something completely different to what it really said. But what else do you expect from Andrew Jeremy Wakefield?

I could explain to you why a petulant anti-vaccine loon thinks that having/knowing/friending/peeing next to someone who does business with someone who is related/knows/works or pees with someone in the pharmaceutical industry makes you “morally bankrupt.” But what do you expect from that child? That’s all he knows how to do, a real stain in the educational institution that is GWU.

Maybe I could tell you why homeopathy would violate all rules of physics if it worked like homeopaths and others say it does. Or that “alternative and complimentary medicine” is not really “medicine.” Rather, these things are no better than “wishful thinking.” While there is such a thing as the placebo effect, there is no room in reality to say that these things are cures for anything.

What I’m trying to say is that I can only write and write and write some more about the things that anti-science, ignorant people say or do online and in real life. There are only so many topics that can be covered. There are only so many people I can laugh at (while simultaneously shaking my head). I keep thinking about this as the 200th post is coming up.

Remember, this blog was not supposed to be all about refuting stupidity. It was supposed to be a companion blog to “The Poxes.” It just got out of hand because there really is that much stupid to refute. There really are that many ignorant and evil people in this world. So we’ll see where I go once I hit 200.

3 thoughts on “The dog days of summer

  1. Just another overdone story. No one expects her to back off her statements, so long as those statements keep giving her airtime. I didn’t. Why we need to re-write our opinions of her and expose her facts is beyond me. All one has to do is google her. (See what I did there?)

    • I see what you did there Reuben, but I wanted to give you a short breather from constant blogging. 🙂

      My *problem* is that I am a newbie to the blogosphere and I have to read every blog ever written about a particular topic…and the links contained in those blogs, to ever hope to compete with the regular posters who have been commenting for years.

  2. Mid summer doldrums, eh? I’ve been busy posting on other blogs about Jenny McCarthy’s new gig as one of the co-hosts of The View daytime TV show. There was a lot of buzz prior to the actual announcement that she was hired…and many science bloggers have written scathing articles about Jenny’s anti-vaccine, anti-science views and “associations”, once Barbara Walters confirmed the story.

    So, the word is out there about Jenny’s activities and when she joins the show in September, every TV critic will have a wealth of background information about her. It should be “interesting”.

    About “the kid”…I think he’s the youngest loon featured in the Encyclopedia of American Loons…a rather dubious distinction.

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