An email from an anti-vaccine activist to their overlords (Or how the internecine war continues)

The kid claims that someone else sent the following email to Age of Autism, the online newspaper of the non-existent autism epidemic. I think it was he himself who did it, and I’ll tell you why once you read this. It’s a little long, and it repeats a lot of the anti-vaccine nuttery, but it’s worth a read for a good laugh. I’ve highlighted in bold the best parts. (By the way, the published this email on his site. I’ll link to it upon request, but I’m not giving him any more clicks than he needs. Props to my friend for telling me about this.):

“I’m writing to all of you to tell you about my frustrations with the autism movement. I agree with [conspiracy theorist who doesn’t know when and where he went to college] that right now we DON’T have an autism movement. We don’t have ANYTHING AT ALL. And it is time to change that. I looked at AoA and then the Canary party full of optimism. I contributed money. And what is the outcome? NOTHING to show of. The Canary party has made no progress whatsoever. And kicking [the kid] out of AoA is low and disgusting. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You were supposed to be the glue that united all of us, but you’ve turned into one more…

So, what is the autism movement?

ARI, TACA, Generation Rescue, NAA, Autism Speaks (though I absolutely believe that this is big pharma in a sheep costume). and many, many others… all going in independent ways and nobody is accomplishing anything at all, we are too broken.

What is our message? We can’t even agree on one…

So, I understand (and welcome) [conspiracy theorist who doesn’t know when and where he went to college]’s frustrations and harsh remarks. I think we need to listen to him. Let’s work with the Health Freedom Fighters and see if we can take this “autism movement” to some place…. From my side, I wanted to contribute some of my ideas, in case they take you to some place that you had not thought out. So, here are some of the top priorities in my opinion:

1. Winning the information battle regarding autism and vaccinations. This is a MUST.

We ABSOLUTELY need to change the social discourse on vaccinations. Big pharma keeps paying journalists to publish these bogus reports on how we are having measles outbreaks and those are horrible and the cause of them is the autism community (and Wakefield, of course). We need to stop just weakly responding to those statements and change the approach: we are the ones that need to keep publishing about how we have studies that vaccines cause autism, there are no studies to evaluate combinations on vaccines, big pharma wants to push for more vaccines because of money (and no risk to them), CDC is the marketing branch of big pharma, etc. So, we need to accomplish this through several actions:

a. Develop a list of journals and journalists that are on our side and can help us push these messages. We need to keep feeding them information and support them as much as we can.

b. Develop some standard messages with links to articles, etc where parents like myself can go and use to push specific messages to specific articles. Right now every parent has to make their own research to find all the links with articles, all the stories, etc. We don’t have that much time. But if we could have a central place (like the one on the 12 or 14 studies), that would be great. It would help us deliver more messages with less researching on content. And for you, the messaging would be much more clear.

c. We need to find a way to make it more “expensive or painful” for journalists to be on the side of big pharma. Right now, if they take the messages from big pharma they get the rewards from them with none of the responsibility. I think if we made a web page called “journalists encouraging autism” or something like that (with negative connotation) and we start adding the links to their articles and talk about how they are promoting more autism, eventually they may think twice about what they are writing as we are not going to forget who they are. I saw Trino Tsouderos evolution into prOfits best buddy. It still drives me crazy…

d. Once I thought about a game called: 6 degrees of freedom from big pharma (like 6 degrees of freedom from Kevin Bacon). The idea is to find how all the vaccine pushers are within 3-4 degrees of big pharma. If we could popularize such a game it could win us a huge battle in the world of misinformation (people would really start understanding how everything revolves around the money of big pharma).

2. We need to make the US a place where our doctors can explore new ideas with our children without fearing about what happened to dr. Wakefield. So, this takes us back to my priority 1.

3. We need to get many more politicians on our side and for that, again, we need to succeed on number 1. And then we need to get the help of the politicians to help us stop the funding from big pharma into the CDC and FDA. I think that is a huge MUST. But we won’t be able to do it unless we win number one first. Which is why we need to change the social perception on vaccinations. Learn from what the LGBT movement has accomplished. We could certainly learn from them…

4. Another topic is a study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children. This is another important area of need. And we should do crowd-sourcing for it. I think we need to identify the doctors and statisticians that can help us set up the study (so that it is really tight and big pharma cannot dismiss it). We can get the money through parent supporters like myself. But we could use crowd-sourcing for many other things if we could just identify the areas of priorities.

I do realize that this is a very long and harsh email. I hope you all read it though and I’m writing it because I don’t know how else to make some progress on our battles. I’m just the mother of an autistic child. But I’m sick of our inability to get the message across that vaccines are very dangerous. And for starters, this is how I have decided to contribute to the cause… As always, I will offer my help. And I hope you work with [conspiracy theorist who doesn’t know when and where he went to college] and his people. By the way, you need to open the doors to [the kid] again. He still represents what our children could be. He deserves all our help and support.”

I get chills down my spine if “he still represents what our children could be” because I am afraid of living in a world where children are afraid of things they don’t understand and things that are not there even when they’re well into their 20s. I’m afraid of a world where the conspiracy theorists call for a conspiracy. Yes, the author of the email is asking to conspire to get journalists and others to “think twice about what they are writing as we are not going to forget who they are.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? What are they going to do to me?

I shudder at the thought.

Also included in the story is the “game” of “6 degrees of freedom from big pharma.” I don’t think the author knows what degrees of freedom means, or they got it confused with “degrees of separation.” In either case, it’s the favorite game of “the kid.” Look at his body of work. It’s all about associations where there aren’t any, and conflicts of interest that are not such. And it is precisely because of that part that I am convinced that it was he who wrote this email, or he had something to do with it. I may be wrong, and he is welcomed to come and correct me in the comments section, but that’s too much like his own writings to not be influenced by him. Yes, it’s a conspiracy.

What made me chuckle a bit is that the author of the email thinks that they can find “doctors and statisticians” to set up a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study. They may be willing, but no institutional review board will allow such a thing. They can crowd-source the funding, but the Federal Government is very strict in protecting human subjects from such unethical studies. As much as the author of the email would like it, no such study can be done in the United States. Maybe that’s why Andrew Jeremy Wakefield has been courting the Somalian community in Minnesota? I’d like to see him set up shop in downtown Mogadishu.

Overall, I think that the author of the email to Age of Autism is wrong in the primary basis of their thesis. The author states that there is no autism movement. There is. It’s called ASAN, ASF, and The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism, organizations made up of people who don’t see monsters under their bed, who’ve accepted autism as just a variation of normal, and who are doing tireless, non-conspiratorial, unethical, bleach enema-free work to get autistics the help they need to live lives that are as productive and fruitful as possible. The only movement I think of when I hear the anti-vaccine talking points is a bowel movement, one you would see if you had rotavirus or cholera if you were not vaccinated.

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  1. The kid has posted that on his own blog and has linked to his new master’s blog post.

    Andy’s “Strategic Autism Initiative” received $ 100,000 during 2010, from Generation Rescue. and listed in their IRS 990 form are their two “Somali Projects.”

    The large epidemic of measles Spring 2011 in Minneapolis was among Somali-American children and the index case was identified as a deliberately unvaccinated Somali-American child, who contracted measles while visiting Africa. Media outlets reported that Wakefield made three trips (that we know of), two trips before the outbreak and one trip during the measles outbreak, to meet secretly with Somali-American parents to scare them off with his new “theory” that Somali-American kids are at great risk for autism associated with the MMR vaccine.

    April 8, 2011 / 60(13);421

    On March 2, 2011, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) confirmed measles in a Hennepin County resident aged 9 months. As of April 1, investigation of contacts and heightened surveillance had revealed a total of 13 epidemiologically linked cases in Hennepin County residents. Of those cases, 11 were laboratory confirmed, and two were in household contacts of confirmed cases and met the clinical case definition for measles.

    The patients included children aged 4 months–4 years and one adult aged 51 years; seven of the 13 were of Somali decent. Eight patients were hospitalized. Vaccination status was known for 11 patients: five were too young to have been vaccinated, and six (all of Somali descent) had not been vaccinated because of parental concerns about the safety of the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. The most recent rash onset was March 28. An additional, unrelated case of measles was confirmed in a Hennepin County resident aged 34 years who was exposed in Orlando, Florida, sometime during March 1–10.

    The investigation determined that the index patient was a U.S.-born child of Somali descent, aged 30 months, who developed a rash February 15, 14 days after returning from a trip to Kenya. The patient attended a drop-in child care center 1 day before rash onset; measles developed in three contacts at the center and in one household contact. Secondary and tertiary exposures occurred in two congregate living facilities for homeless persons (four patients), an emergency department (two patients), and households (two patients). A virus isolate from the index patient was genotyped at CDC as B3, which is endemic in sub-Saharan Africa….”

    • Yep, that’s where I got the letter from.

      As for Andrew Jeremy Wakefield’s actions, what more can I say. They speak for themselves.

      • I’d not wish Wakefield to set up shop in downtown Mogadishu. Why further afflict people who are finally beginning to recover from the mess that the US turned their nation into?
        I’d rather he set up shop about 20-30 miles north of Mogadishu.
        Where the terrorists and pirates come from.

        As for the bleach enema nonsense, somehow, I missed out hearing about that insane practice. After reading the story on that nonsense, I’m beyond shocked! I’ve worked with several chlorites and hypochlorites and know how toxic those chemicals are, all due to chlorine oxide.
        Anyone distributing that for human consumption should spend a long, long, long time in prison for attempted murder.
        Anyone administering it to a child should be summarily executed.

    • This is why I’m not using group day care until my child has had at least one dose of all the baby vaccines, at least 12 months. I don’t care how much a nanny costs, there’s too many flipping idiots in the world, and you just never know.

      (And I’m so lucky I’m rich enough to say that.)

  2. This email to AoA is worthy of a bowel movement along the lines of tenesmus.

    Yeah, I’m sure the measles outbreak in Ventura County last week is all just a big pharma scam, though maybe Big Pharma is really even smarter than this veery cleever email author thinks and actually paid unvaccinated Europeans freshly inoculated with measles to fly all the way to California to create a real measles outbreak here because then it would cause some of those parents who don’t want to vaccinate their kids to actually maybe vaccinate them which of course makes everyone in health care so filthy stinking rich which is the only reason we care for patients anyhow.

    Yep. That must be it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make sure robots aren’t stealing my luggage.

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