Conspiracy Theorists Unite!

Today’s post is a quick one. You know who “The Kid” is, but do you know who This Guy is? He’s a scary fellow who believes that The Illuminati controls autism. I wish I was joking and that people like him didn’t exist. But they do.

As it turns out, The Guy posted a long rant at The Kid’s blog, blaming autism on just about every conspiracy under the sun. The Kid must have accidentally published the comment since the comment read “do not publish this” at the top. Anyway, this is all that remains of that rant:

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 2.55.28 PM


I linked to The Guy’s blog post above, but here are some excerpts:

“Did you vote for Obama? Did you vote for McCain? If you answered “Yes” to either one, you thereby acknowledge that you are part of the 99% of voters who were led to do so by the Illuminati. That’s how all presidents are appointed.”

“The Rothschild family owns most of the major media and they show you the candidates that they select for you.”

“Certainly, the people who damaged your childrens’ (sic) brains are not going to voluntarily announce on Rothschild’s TV networks that they made a mistake and apologize to you. If that was a possibility, it would have happened in 1999 when an honest CDC employee named Thomas Verstraeten told us the truth about how mercury was causing the brain damage known as autism.”

“Why didn’t these “parents” of autistic kids make Courtney Zietzke famous and arrange for him to be on TV to promote the truth about autism the same way they did for Kirby? Can you guess the answer?

It was all planned propaganda. That’s what the Illuminati does. They own TV and they plan far in advance what will be shown to us.”

“I urge anyone who trusts the Canary Party to beat my brains in with the toughest questions you can think of to make me prove my point here. That task is a piece of cake for me but an impossibility for those “leaders”. I’m trying to help every parent of an autistic child see how you’ve all been fooled by superior con artists. I do have all the answers and I’m here to help all of you. You all have to break away from these bastards who took over your leadership or babies are screwed all over the world. Please ask questions. Thank you.”

Oh, I think we don’t need to ask any questions. Do we?

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  1. Hey, how do I stop these comments from showing up in my email? I keep looking at this stuff and I start imagining having nightmares of Hillary Clinton naked…and then security guards stop me from jumping off a cliff. Make it stop!

    • Well, for one thing, do not click on the box that says “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.”

      For some reason you set up WordPress to do that automatically. You’ll have to go into your WordPress account to stop that behavior. If you can’t do that, then tell your email program to put the comment notifications into spam so that you never see it.

      That is just normal internet blog/email/computer advice. The rest should be discussed with a qualified psychiatrist.

  2. I don’t suppose any of you are intelligent enough to discuss this with me without the name calling but I stopped by to give you the opportunity to try.

    • Well, well, well… Let’s not stand on ceremony… Mr. Best. Let’s just go straight to the questioning of one’s intelligence, right?

      I must warn you that several of us who comment here are Jewish and half-Jewish. So tone down your anti-Semitism for civility’s sake.

      I must admit that I rather like your writing style. You write like a young man, nothing held back. Brave, but foolish. So let the discussion begin.

      Unlike your friend, Jake Crosby’s site, we welcome your comments filled with paranoid delusions.

      • Why do you insinuate that I would make remarks prejudicial to any race or religion? Did you misread my one little sentence that made no remarks of any sort that would lead a human to draw that conclusion?

        • Yes, I insinuate that openly and freely. Tell us, Mr. Best, who are the Rothschilds?

          For our readers unfamiliar with the conspiracy theory that Mr. Best spews forth on his blog, the Rothschild family controls the world banks, the media, etc. This conspiracy is deeply rooted in anti-Semitism, and I believe that Mr. Best knows this. Yet he loves that conspiracy theory and promotes it widely.

        • Also, what was your whole rant about the also anti-Semitic conspiracy about the “Elders of Zion”? You know, the rant you asked Jake not to post but got posted anyway. We have screenshots, Mr. Best. You can’t back away from writing what you did.

          • I don’t care that anyone saw what I posted. Since I tell the truth, it doesn’t bother me at all. It just was meant to be a private conversation and I had some trouble with email.
            The Rothschild family wrote The Protocols starting in 1773. They were updated over the years by them and some accomplices. Rothschild is a zionist, not Jewish. They worship Lucifer. They use the Jews as scapegoats and that’s clear if you read The Protocols. Have you ever had your mother help you read them?

            • A. The Rothschilds are also Jews. True that the family was a big supporter of the zionist endeavor, but that doesn’t make them less Jewish. B. Jews don’t believe in Lucipher. There is a Satan mentioned in the bible, but he is different than the Christian image – a prosecutor. C. I’m a zionist (a critical zionist – there’s a lot of things my government does I disagree with, but I believe in the need for a state of Israel and its right to exist). What does that have to do with vaccines?

              • If you read The Protocols, you will learn that the Rothschild’s did not want anyone to learn their true religion. This means they are not Jewish. They merely claim to be Jewish to ascribe malevolence to the Jewish people through the Rothschilds’ treachery. Rothschild owns the TV networks which will never tell the truth about how mercury in vaccines causes autism. Rothschild’s cousins, the Rockefellers pretty much own the Medical industry which intentionally poisons our babies. Does that help you understand?

                • So, you’re saying that the Rothschilds are so amazingly powerful that they can coordinate all the various conspiracies of which you think they’re a part, but yet so inept that they allowed you to be able to figure out their true religion despite them not wanting anyone to know it. Yeah, that makes sense.

                • Everyone in Israel at the time new the Baron – that’s Edmond – was Jewish. It was no secret. And I think you need to reexamine your definition of ownership. We did read part of the protocols in Israel in elementary and high school, together with other historical documents about anti-semitism, to learn the lies spread about Jews. Not the whole thing. If you missed the anti-semitism in it, you need to reread.

            • Mom never read any anti-semitic propaganda. So you’re telling me that the plan is out there for everyone to see but no one wants to see it, huh? Sounds legit.

    • Nice start: “You’re all probably stupid, but let’s see if we can talk without namecalling.” Perhaps you might try avoiding the namecalling, yourself, if that’s the direction you would like the discussion to go.

      Now then, do expound on the grand Illuminati conspiracy.

      • Mr. Best…you don’t have to be Jewish to find your remarks extremely offensive. You also showed up at the Respectful Insolence blog spreading your manure.

        • Hi Lilady, Nice to meet you. I was spreading truth on Orac’s dishonest blog and I’m sorry to hear that you believe the lies that some of those awful people tell about me. AS you may have seen, Orac announced that he was going to censor me because he doesn’t like anyone writing honest remarks amidst his propaganda. So, it’s doubtful that he will allow me to refute any more lies that are spread about me. Two of my comments are trapped in moderation and may never be seen as they make Orac look foolish and he doesn’t like that.

          • Uh, Mr. Best? You have a very well established history of being extraordinarily offensive in how you address people. Most of the folks here have seen your comments in the past, where you use boorish and abusive language.

            Even here, you start out by suggesting everyone here is stupid. You insult the host (“Have you ever had your mother help you read them?”). And that is just you getting warmed up. How long until you start calling people whores or prostitutes or begin slinging around other invectives?

            • Hi Todd W, Haven’t talked to you in a long time, how’ve you been? I came upon this site and saw people insulting me. What would you think if someone was doing that to you behind your back? Wouldn’t you wonder why those people exhibiting such cowardly behavior hadn’t bothered dialing the phone number that they found and confronted you in person? It’s kind of odd that propaganda wizards think this a pursuit that fools anyone so I voiced my opinion of the behavior. The more skilled propaganda wizards do a better job of presenting their dishonest character assassination in a manner that might compel people to believe it.
              Have you know become skilled in predicting the future? Can you demonstrate that skill by giving me the Pick 6 at Belmont tomorrow?

              • Well, I would not come in insulting them back. I would, however, address the specific points they brought up to show where they are mistaken. And although I do have phenomenally precise visions of the future, I prefer not to voice them since to do so would inevitably alter said future, which begets more visions…it’s enough to give one a headache.

                • LOL, there weren’t any points to address, only insults. Would it hurt to tell us if we’ll ever find the long sought cure for autism, Todd? Do you think Autism Speaks will find it? They seem to be spending more money than anyone looking for it.

                  • There is no cure for autism. Sorry. I know you would like there to be one, you’d like for your son to not have it rough in a world that is not adept to his neurobiology. My sympathy is with your son, not you, by the way. There is no autism epidemic. There is no autism “disease.” There’s just autism. And that’s it.

                    • We found the cure in 2000, Reuben! Isn’t that great! I’m surprised you haven’t heard about it. My son’s doing very well now since I removed the mercury from his brain. Aren’t you happy for him!

                    • “We found the cure in 2000, Reuben! Isn’t that great! I’m surprised you haven’t heard about it. My son’s doing very well now since I removed the mercury from his brain. Aren’t you happy for him!” John Best, if your think son’s brain was actually harmed by mercury, there would be no cure. Even if you removed mercury from his brain, it would not fix the cells that were harmed. I’m very glad your son is doing well; but I suspect it’s in spite of whatever you did to him, not because of it.

              • I would probably avoid, if it was a personal attack. Not a good use of my time. But that’s your call.

            • That wasn’t a very nice thing to say. Did I offend you? If so, I apologize. Did you know that almost everything that Wikipedia says about The Protocols in untrue? It’s almost as if someone dreamed it up intentionally to drive people away from reading them. Who do you think would do a dishonest thing like that? Could the people who write Wikipedia truly be so stupid that they can’t see the fruition of The Protocols all around them? Or, could they be agents who don’t want anyone to know the truth, sort of like the Medical industry who poisons babies with mercury and then lies about it?

              • And you, Best? Why should we believe anything that a deranged, paranoid, pathetic excuse for a human being says?

              • John Best, have you missed the removal of mercury from childhood vaccines (except multi-dose flu shots) at the beginning of the millennium? And the fact that autism rates have not declined since?

    • John Best:

      “My son’s doing very well now since I removed the mercury from his brain. Aren’t you happy for him!”

      So what is he doing? Is he in school, does he have a job? Did you get custody?

  3. Awesome! Linking to an antivaxer that continues to deny that there’s any money to be made in the antivaccine movement. Not that it will do any good, but…

  4. Huh. I knew The Guy was unhinged, but didn’t think he was full-blown loopy. I’m always amazed at the lengths some people will go to in an effort to rationalize whatever mistaken belief they hold.

    • There’s a difference between that and, say, me explaining to you that my lucky coin won me the lottery. One’s nuts. The other one’s quirky.

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