You want me to “prove” to you that HIV causes AIDS?

Someone denies that HIV causes AIDS. They want me to prove it to them.

My response?

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  1. *Totally* OT here, but an interesting RfC on Wikipedia is going on regarding diagnostic imagery and who legally owns the imagery.
    One person had objected to *all* diagnostic imagery on mediawiki, as “the x-ray technician owns the rights”, which is bogus, if anything, the law is a lot nebulous regarding who owns the imagery, though the media and film belong to the facility.
    Know any medical legal types who could weigh in, unofficially?
    Know any medical types especially conversant with laws regarding diagnostic imagery?

    They’re also soliciting input from other nations, due to the international nature of Wikipedia and mediawiki.

    • In my limited experience with medical facilities, it’s the patient who owns the imagery since it’s part of their medical record. When we try to pull X-rays for studies, it’s the patients who have to agree to it, no one else.

      • From my own observation, it gets a bit weird. The facility controls the imagery as if it is their property, but does seek permission to use it (usually).
        In some facilities, part of one’s papers one signs releases said imagery for use by the facility, which suggests the patient owns it.

        I suspect the facility protects said imagery for liability reasons, as privacy laws open them up to expensive litigation should they carelessly distribute patient information.

    • Well, I was thinking along the lines of injecting a certain lentivirus, then a long course of corticosteroids…
      But, that would be murder.

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