It’s your monster, you deal with it

One thing I try to do is not to alienate people to the point that they’ll outright hate me. Even my so-called enemies get some measure of compassion from me. When I have a falling-out with a friend or colleague, I try to make things better. More than anything, I try to show some goddamn integrity when people turn on me. “Oh, you’re coming at me with the same stuff I came at you? Fair enough.”

This is not true in the world of the anti-vaccine activists.

I’ve told you before about the falling out between the kid and his masters at the “daily web newspaper of the non-existent autism epidemic” and how he has turned on them. He initially got pissed because he wasn’t called upon to testify before the United States Congress in 2012. The kid was fuming because allowed to testify was Ari Ne’eman, a well-spoken, coherent, reasonable young man (who happens to be autistic) who co-founded an autism advocacy group. In the kid’s opinion (though his rants), he should have been allowed to testify because he knows all about all the conflicts of interests at all levels of government, among all people in government, at all times, in all places. (Not that he’s paranoid or anything.)

Or is he?

The anti-vaccine organizations tried to get another hearing this year to, again, try and link vaccines to autism. Since they can’t do it through science, or the non-Italian courts, they’re trying to influence Congress to go after the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). The program is partly the bastard child of anti-vaccine people themselves. A couple of decades ago, they wanted all children injured by vaccines to be compensated in some way. Since not all injuries were the same, and not all of them were, well, real, they settled on a no-fault system where people could get compensated on the spot without a lengthy trial process (and the lawyers getting a big cut). Also, companies that manufactured vaccines were not going to be on the hook for millions or billions of dollars from frivolous lawsuits. All one has to do is prove one has any of the many conditions associated with vaccines listed on compensation tables, and one gets compensated. Simple, right?

The second hearing, planned for this year, was not to be. It appears that the congressional committee is not interested in conspiracy theories at this moment. I don’t blame them. There are bigger fish to fry. The kid didn’t accept the version of events from his former masters. For him, it’s all a conspiracy, and he blames it all on his former masters.

Well, his one former master had something to say about the kid:

“[The kid’s] last two stories are built around the false notion that [the daily web newspaper of the non-existent autism epidemic] took down the [conspiracy theory-filled] video for some sneaky reason. We told him it was a technical glitch but it doesn’t fit his paranoid scheme so he doesn’t accept it. Nor does he accept my word. His claim is demonstrably false, false in every particular. And very characteristic of his entire approach. He is not interested in contrary evidence, it doesn’t concern him.The same applies to the rest of his attacks on [the other master] [the other anti-vaccine group] et al. FALSUS IN UNO FALSUS IN OMNIBUS”

The above quote is from Facebook, by the way. It was obtained through one of the few friends he still has that he hasn’t pissed off (yet).

As you can see, it was okay for the kid to write all sorts of conspiracy theory-laden “articles” on the daily web newspaper of the non-existent autism epidemic. In such articles, the kid made spurious associations between scientists and funding sources and other people, making it look like scientific facts stated by such scientists were just opinions from, as he put it, “big pharma shills”. Even now that he has a master of public health degree in epidemiology — perish the thought — the kid fails to understand basic science and, ironically, epidemiology. When he did that as part of his job with the “daily web newspaper blah, blah, blah”, it was all fine and good. His masters applauded his efforts to smear the good name of many good people. But now? Now, the kid is just “not interested in contrary evidence” and his writings are “attacks.”

In fact, the whole thread on Facebook is filled with people who once supported, nurtured and loved the kid to death for being so staunchly anti-vaccine that he ignored any and all evidence against his statements. Now that he’s turned on them, the very same people are refuting him in every way short of saying that he’s nuts. Even when someone dared say that his autism was getting in the way of him understanding things now (not then, when they were allies), the kid had a meltdown. In essence, he can’t handle the truth (that he’s getting stuff wrong, not that he’s getting it wrong because of his autism) any more than his masters can’t handle his untruths now (not then).

This is what happens when you nurture and create a monster. The monster runs out of control and becomes a threat to everything around them, including you. It’s why I don’t make enemies on purpose, and I especially don’t make enemies from friends. My friends have too much dirt on me. If any of them turned on me… Well, it would be bad. But, as we’ve seen time and time again, reality is not one of those realms where anti-vaxxers operate.

There is a silver lining in all this. The kid and his masters are busy eating each other alive, becoming their own worst enemies, sparing us from their inanity for now. Keep at it, guys. The entertainment is priceless.


15 thoughts on “It’s your monster, you deal with it

  1. I’ve stated my opinion about “the kid’s” claim about autism before and I am stating it again. “The kid” may have been diagnosed with an ASD, but his cyberstalking and personal stalking of respected scientists, doctors, journalists and science bloggers, his vicious habit of going after science bloggers’ livelihoods by filing complaints with bloggers’ employers…and his libelous Six, Sixty, Six Hundred Degrees of Separation posts on that anti-vaccine blog, have absolutely nothing to do with his ASD diagnosis.

    His former pals on that anti-vaccine, anti-science blog nurtured him and encouraged him to continue those activities. He was told he was damaged by vaccines (Google “Discovering I Was Toxic” to see how his mommy subjected “the kid” to *biomedical treatments*).

    IANA psychiatrist and IANA psychologist. IMO, “the kid” has some deep-rooted issues that are definitely not manifestations of his ASD diagnosis.

    • Well, to be technical, I have vaccine damage. I have this scar on my arm from my smallpox vaccine.
      I also discovered that I was toxic when a kid pulled my finger.

      Humor aside, “the kid” doesn’t have vaccine damage, but he most certainly has a chemical imbalance in his brain. He doesn’t need any “alternative medicine”, he needs a good psychiatrist.
      The upside is, with his history of stalking, he’ll eventually do something to catch the full attention of law enforcement.
      The downside is, there is the potential for harm once his voice is ignored.

  2. Actually, if you look at it, AoA is slowly pulling away from the “mercury / autism / MMR” angle….which is really pissing off those like Jake & John Best….which is part of the overall conflict between the two groups…..

  3. Mary Shelley would have loved to see this action!

    Or who knew that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was metaphorical non-fiction.

    Even when someone dared say that his autism was getting in the way of him understanding things now (not then, when they were allies), the kid had a meltdown. In essence, he can’t handle the truth any more than his masters can’t handle his untruths now (not then).

    Reuben, I know that this is just an awkwardly-worded sentence and a nit-pick on my part but autism isn’t a pejorative and never should have been used as such especially by the person who said that to the kid. The person who said that to the kid should be raked over the coals.

    • Yeah. I see where it’s mangled. I meant to express that he can’t handle the truth of being wrong about stuff, not that the truth was him being wrong about stuff because of his autism. Thanks for pointing it out.

        • Two things are at play in those findings. One, the over-representation of diabetics in the sample. It stands to reason that diabetics getting EDTA chelation are also getting their diabetes under control, which would reduce their risk of cardiac disease. I don’t see that they controlled for diabetes treatment. Next, I don’t see that they used a control group. As they state in the piece, it’s an analysis of a sub-group. These things pop up with questionable statistical significance and, like they state, it’s a launch point for future studies. The theory behind chelation and cardiac disease is that plaque in the arteries is made up of mineral deposits that can be chelated with EDTA. It grabs calcium ions and flushes them out of the body, but you have to take it at high concentrations and under the supervision of a physician because it can mess with your serum calcium, getting you in real trouble. This probably doesn’t happen with EDTA at “supplement” levels.

          • Thanks a million for the look! I have had very little free time this past week, due to issues with my father’s dementia and dialysis.
            It literally took me four days to change out a bad hard drive in one of my computers, something that typically takes 15 minutes, extends to an hour with an odd secondary failure in that case.

            One can attain the same benefits from controlling one’s diabetes, hypertension and vigorous exercise. A case can be made for much the same reasion, as exercise will also create an environment that would scavange mineral deposits, in specific calcium from the blood vessel walls.

            Crud! Just as I thought I’d get some time to relax, the dishwasher motor locked up.
            Oh well, there goes tomorrow’s science project.
            Thankfully, I’m an electronics technician, PC tech, network administrator, system administrator, small appliance technician and even can do major work on my vehicles.
            Meanwhile, I also am rather well educated in medicine. I’ll also have to address a telephone call from my father’s rehab home regarding his leaning forward in a wheelchair, then laying down on the floor from that forward leaning position and how the nursing staff only noted the leaning behavior today, whereas I personally witnessed it (with the nurse beside me) on Wednesday. I’ll also have to have a convesation with the nurse administrator on that topic as well.
            Oh well, good thing I can multitask!

            • I heartily approve of chelation therapy!
              For heavy metal poisoning.
              For the rest, I have yet to see anything convincing. Hence, my question about the above report, as I haven’t had time to read it, chase down further information, etc.

              What is needed is for every physician or other health care professional who advocates for snake oil products to have their license revoked.

  4. I wonder if the vitriole will ever get to the point where one side is so desperate to discredit the other he does a complete 180 and starts supporting the real science. These two are *just* crazy enough…I mean, lookit the hypocrisy that’s already apparent. That’d be neat.

  5. It’s always fun to see someone create a monster, then run away from it, only to be confronted by it.
    Mary Shelley would have loved to see this action!

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