John Stone of Age of Autism is officially a “weirdo”

Remember a couple of weeks ago I told you that someone called the department of health and wanted to report that someone there was impersonating an epidemiologist? That person said something along these lines: “This man demonstrates little knowledge or competence in epidemiology.” That was the whole of the evidence that I was impersonating an epidemiologist.

Guess what John Stone of “Age of Autism” just wrote? I bolded the best part:

“As it is her [Dorit Rubinstein] defence of vaccines often rests on the rants of David Gorski or the blog of Liz Ditz, and if she tends to play her hand courteously (at least superficially) she is surrounded by a ragbag of supporters and associates who do anything but. This week found her in trouble defending flu mandates for young children in New York on the comment page of theJohn Gambling Show  and resorting to anonymous Facebook page “notes/chillin-out-vaxin-relaxin-all-cool/flu-shots-for-kids-two-year-yes they are effective”.

But it got worse. She also cited the “Poxes” blog of “Reuben Gaines”, known as well for his “Edward Jenner” Facebook page. As I pointed out Gaines had made fraudulent claims in Age of Autism to be a professor of epidemiology working at the Department of Health in Washington DC  while naming Johns Hopkins as his academic institution. He has also demonstrated only very little knowledge or competence in epidemiology.”

Ta-da! We now have a better understanding of who called the health department and whined like a little girl with a scraped knee that someone there was “impersonating” an epidemiologist. No wonder we all had a laugh at your expense, John Stone of “Age of Autism”.

John Stone, I know you read this. You hint at what I write all the time. You neither know science or epidemiology enough to know my competence in it, or that of anybody else. You’re just a loon that is so opposed to vaccines that you even throw your own deity, Andrew Jeremy Wakefield, under the bus just to smear someone. Guess what, John Stone? I’m still here. I’m still in public health. I’m still making decisions that save lives of the very people you seek to kill or maim with your anti-vaccine theories. And I’m going to be here longer than you will be alive. You will die of old age and your words will scatter into dust being nothing more than the fear-filled rants of someone who doesn’t want to see the world for what it is.

So good luck with your rants and conspiracy theories and random calls to health departments across the Atlantic Ocean, you foolish, foolish man. I may be “contemptible” to you, John Stone, but I am, and always will be, your huckleberry. (Until I get bored with your stupidity, of course.)

12 thoughts on “John Stone of Age of Autism is officially a “weirdo”

  1. John Stone is quite adept at projection with he not in possession of any relevant education nor experience in any of the disciplines he criticises others for not having e.g. Prof. Reiss and Reuben Gaines. Oh and he’s a monumentally creepy stalker for contacting your employers and anyone elses.

  2. Good grief Reuben…you really don’t expect John D. Stone would actually venture off Age of Autism, do you? His recent forays/posts on science blogs haven’t been too successful. Every time Stone tries to *impress us* with his knowledge of immunology, epidemiology…and the law, by posting his inane comments, he gets a royal drubbing.

    Stone’s slimy libelous posts about Professor Reiss are downright creepy. The old fool has been cyber-stalking Professor Reiss because she posts cogent comments that display a remarkable grasp of the science of immunology and epidemiology…and because of her ability to explain complex legal case law to us non-lawyers. To cut to the chase, Professor Reiss is everything that the little editor isn’t (educated, with a professional degree, with an appointment as a professor of law…and, the respect of her peers and the science community).

    There’s a back story that (somewhat) explains Stone’s animus toward Professor Reiss. One of his last forays off Age of Autism, resulted in his very public humiliation. See Professor Reiss’ excellent rebuttal to EBCALA’s Mary Holland’s Rebuttal to Art Caplan’s original post about liability of parents who “opt out” of vaccines, when their child infects an infant too young to be fully immunized, or a child who has medical contraindications for receiving one or more vaccines.

    And, John Stone….I’m still reading science blogs and posting comments on those blogs. So anytime you venture off AoA, I’ll be waiting for you.

    • Yup, every time he ventures into a “public” forum, someone rips him a new a-hole. Consequently he has become a shy and retiring fellow, sniping from behind the barricades of his AoA fortifications where he knows he is secure from the influence of evidence, logic and rationality.

    • Thanks for sharing that wonderful blog post, lilady! It was quite interesting!

      One does ponder such legal action against those who, through their contrariness insist on both not vaccinating their children *and* exposing others to infectious disease.
      If enough of such people are made examples of, I suspect the antivax movement would dwindle quickly.

      • If you want more information on that topic – the long article, the short memo, answers to questions – let me know, here or via email. My information is easy enough to find.

  3. Actually, from an operational perspective, he screwed up.
    Had he *not* used the same verbiage, he’d only be a suspect. Now, he’s convicted by his own words.

    As for “Reuben”, “And I’m going to be here longer than you will be alive.”
    May you remain alive far longer than this early 50’s man. You’re doing good, keep up the excellent work!

  4. I’m sorry, again, that someone called the health department and tried to harass you. I do appreciate your thorough work, for example, in pointing out the flaws in Mr. Doshi’s attack on flu vaccines.

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