Don’t agree with me? You’re a bigot!

Ah, the kid. If you ever find yourself snowed in and not have much to do but maybe see what the latest round of “nutbaggery” the anti-vaccine activists are up to, I recommend either the kid’s blog or either one of his two Twitter accounts. Heck, I recommend his Facebook page, in which he has been lately going around in circles with his old friends, now enemies, about whether or not he is correct in his assertions and in releasing otherwise confidential emails. His latest round of nutbaggery, other than not understanding a goddamned epidemiological study though he has a degree in epidemiology, is from his Twitter account.

Let me set it up for you.

Some time ago, Orac stated that now that thimerosal has been removed from childhood vaccines in the US, with the exception of the flu vaccine, then we should see a decrease in the incidence of autism if, and only if, thimerosal is a causative agent of autism. Probably because the kid doesn’t understand epidemiology very well, he thinks that autism incidence has declined. Probably because he “doesn’t stalk” people he dislikes, he showed up at a talk given by Orac and confronted him on this. Orac tried to talk some sense to the kid, but the kid wasn’t having it. In his labyrinth, the kid is convinced that he is right and everyone else is wrong.

Not only that, now he believes that anyone who tells him that he should stop his little lie that autism rates have gone down but Orac won’t admit it is not only wrong but is also a bigot. How so? The kid takes the psychological definition of “perseveration” and runs with it:


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That is correct. Your eyes do not deceive you. He is told that his whole shtick that rates are dropping is getting a little long in the tooth and what is his response? “Truly, your bigotry’s amazing.” Truly, the kid’s grasp at straws if fantastic. When the kid is told that “perseveration” can mean other things, and that it can be used in a context outside of a psychological one, he states that he’s never seen Orac use that word toward anyone else. Well, he has. He did so here and here (thanks Todd W.). Heck, just go do a Google search of the term in Orac’s blogs. That is, do some research.

But this is par for the course for the kid and other hardcore anti-vaccine activists who seem to do nothing all day but shoot off one bit of misinformation after another. There is no conspiracy too big or person too evil for them. They will call you names because they can. To them, you’re a “bigot” if you point out, rightly, that they seem to be hung up on one thing and one thing only. For the kid, his hang-up is Orac’s statement about thimerosal and autism. For others, it’s Bill Gates saying that he’s going to depopulate the world. (Because every evil genius reveals his plan to the entire world, don’t you know?) Or it’s Dr. Paul Offit saying that babies could get 10,000 vaccines instead of what he really stated. It’s always something, and, if it has to do with vaccines, it’s ultimate evil.

Far be it for me to seem perseverant in my coverage of the kid’s antics, I declare a kid-free holiday on this blog for the rest of January, or until he writes/says/does something incredibly stupid (again).

13 thoughts on “Don’t agree with me? You’re a bigot!

  1. So “the kid” thinks David Gorski is bigoted when he tells him about his perseveration huh?

    Here’s a post from AoA where “the kid” shares a letter he wrote to Newsweek magazine (he was pleading with the editors to interview him, rather than Ari Ne’eman, as a representative of individuals diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome).

    “…..As well as having difficulty learning to talk, I also suffered from other problems later in life such as emotional and academic problems that frequently plague those with autism. I was in a self-contained educational environment from pre-school through eighth grade. During the later years of that period, I had to deal with horrible bullying and discrimination for my disability. I have suffered through terrible meltdowns, which when I was younger often struck on a weekly basis. I can now proudly say that I have gotten over many of my struggles related to emotional regulation and successfully fought my way out of special ed. Yet, my disability remains a daily and overbearing hindrance to both my academic and social success. I still find that poor social skills, anxiety, executive function, perseveration, and remaining emotional difficulties all get in the way of my quality of life…..”

    In spite of his pleading letter, the editors at Newsweek magazine, did not chose him. Such a pity.

  2. The “kid” showed up on LB/RB with a snide comment. I posted back at him and asked him what topic he presented for his thesis/culminating experience which earned him his MPH-Epidemiology degree from GWU. I also asked him to provide the name of his mentor. He hasn’t replied//sigh.

    • I see the usual suspects are already taking him on. I’ll stay on the sidelines and see what he spouts off. There may be a post on him sooner than later if he keeps up that stupidity.

  3. Glad to help with the links, Reuben! Funny thing is, after we pointed out to the kid that perseveration is not unique to autism, he hasn’t responded. Everyone perseverates now and then.

    • True enough, Todd.
      I’ve been known to perseverate, just to annoy someone that was annoying me.

  4. I had not heard the term “perseveration” before, but after looking on Google quickly, it sounds this guy approached the kids,” or if it’s just a general insult. It’s not a big deal – I’m just Storyist/nosy. very much like something I have that’s related to my Tourette’s syndrome. And it’s annoying as all get out. I’m always getting words, songs, or visual images stuck in my head and replaying for hours – sometimes days – at a time. But is nice to know there’s a name for it, though! 🙂

    By the way, I just found this blog a few weeks ago, and I was wondering if there is a particular story behind why you always call this guy “the kid.” It’s not a big deal, so if you don’t want to explain, not a problem. I’m just curious/nosy. 🙂

    • Welcome to the circle of readers. I call him “the kid” because he’s just that, a kid, a petulant child who wants to have it both ways and is afraid of monsters under his bed. Once in a while, I’ll call him by name, but that’s not very often. It’s a rule of this blog not to call people by name, lest you invoke their appearance. But it’s the most broken rule.

  5. Fascinating! It’ll be a kid free holiday!
    When pigs fly.
    One thing one can count on is for a fool to exhibit foolishness to the world.

    Still, is it bigotry when a psychiatrist observes perseveration and mentions it to the patient now?

  6. Not to mention that he did it after jumping into a conversation I initiated that he wasn’t a part of, probably simply because it was Orac helping me to provide information to an ignorant celebrity who doesn’t know any better about the situation, and proceeded to attack.

    Plus, perservation is not exclusive to ASDs…it can be a part of OCD, which I have But I’m not crazy enough to think Dr. Gorski is a bigot for using the word. Shoot, I appreciate it when my friends point out when I’m fixating, because I may not recognize it.

  7. I’m still not sure how he gets from “perseveration” to a reference to ASD. Let alone the rest.

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