No honor amongst anti-vaccine activists (or keeping your Facebook friends closer)

The last time I wrote to you, I told you all about a woman by initials “CKW”. I told you about how she saw spurious associations between Big Pharma, the government, vaccine scientists, physicians, epidemiologists, pro-vaccine advocates, etc. You may have even read the part about how her blog post on spurious associations was plagiarized by that weirdo over at that “daily web newspaper” of the non-existent autism epidemic. (Go ahead and click on the link to her post. It won’t increase her page rank.) In essence, if she were presented with a connect-the-dot drawing, she would probably draw something like this:

Connecting the dots between cause and effect

All joking aside, it appears that CKW has little to no impulse control when it comes to accepting Facebook friends. She read my blog post and threw a hissy fit over who is Facebook friends with her and told me about her Facebook note on the weirdo‘s plagiarism. But who did she implicate as a mole? Big Pharma? A pro-vaccine advocate? No. She implicated an anti-vaccine boss:



There is no honor among anti-vaccine activists. There really isn’t. CKW is oblivious as to who is feeding me these screenshots, and it couldn’t be any clearer to her who that person is. It’s right there, staring at her. *Waves*

Look, I’m not an evil person. At least I’d like to think that I’m not. But my curiosity over the operations of these creeps has allowed me some leeway in how I represent myself to them. Facebook profiles get created, words are said, and all of a sudden I’m friends with the weirdos (at least on Facebook). All there is to do then is to sit back, eat the popcorn, and enjoy the show.

But you know what is really creepy about CKW? It’s her apparent hatred of a certain vaccine researcher, pediatrician, and role model to all of us who are of a reasonable and sane mind:


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And her defense for her lack of education on the science of vaccines?

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What is it with anti-vaccine activists and their self-aggrandizing? “I know what I know because I know it, goddammit!” Fools.

CKW, if you’re reading this, let me tell you without a shred of doubt that you’re an enormous joke in and among your Facebook friends. How badly you are willing to alter your own reality in order to find so-called “conflicts of interest” is only second to the kid (or maybe third to the kid and the weirdo). When having a discussion with a woman named “Sarah Norris”, what did CKW do? She Googled, and she ran with what she found:


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It was the wrong Sarah Norris, but that didn’t let CKW stop her attacks. Reality and the truth are things that anti-vaccine activists seem to be rather capable in dismissing.

16 thoughts on “No honor amongst anti-vaccine activists (or keeping your Facebook friends closer)

    • Well, that explains the quoted comment about Pittsburgh.

      It’s fascinating how she can proclaim all manner of evidence, but never display said “evidence”, save for ad hominem attacks.
      But then, to some, denunciation is evidence, regardless of the validity of the denunciation. Indeed, it seems that the foaming at the mouth antivax type engages in every known form of fallacy in reason known to mankind.

      • Simply stated, she was out of her league on that Forbes blog. She was unable to offer up any cogent arguments or any links to studies, so she resorted to character assassinations, libelous statements and conspiracy theories…and trashing the blogger.

        • The lot of them tend to be out of their league when they speak their nonsense.

          Something I find worrisome is the tendency for such attacks becoming more common in political discourse in this country.
          So that when one is discussing a hot topic in current events and politics, one gets a denouncement like: “Your a communist/socialist/”some other “horror” to their small mind”. Something notable, as the denouncing individual tends to be one utterly unable to define what socialism or communism is.
          That begs the question of the quality of our educational systems in this nation.
          It’s becoming so common that it brings to mind the film, “Idiocracy”.

  1. I’m still trying to figure out the one offer to go to Pittsburgh.
    Was that some bizarre offer to pay a personal visit of retribution or something similar?

    I could just picture going to that FB rant collection with my real name. One shared by a VP at some pharmaceutical firm. That he lives in a different state is irrelevant to the mental illness displayed by these maniacs, I’m sure that they’d make the mistake of knocking on my door.
    To find, not some VP, in a high class neighborhood, but a veteran, with no duty to retreat from his home in a middle class neighborhood.

    Too much grief to bother. Too much work to make fake FB accounts.

    Well, I’m off to watch my father while he gets his dialysis treatment. It’s been a requirement since he started yanking needles out if I’m not there.

    • I hope your father’s treatment is going well. I’m sorry to hear he fought it so hard. And sorry if this comment is intrusive.

      • Not intrusive at all, as I had brought it up.
        He’s resisting treatments of all sorts, as he suffers from vascular dementia.
        He had apparently not been very compliant with his anti-hypertensives and diabetic medication while I was deployed. That resulted in damage to the blood vessel wall at the cell membrane level, causing their slow destruction.
        At this point, his aortic valve is down to 0.8cm in diameter, so it’s somewhat of a race between his brain and heart.
        Not a lot of fun, but I only have one father.

        • Yes, you do, and it’s a good thing he has you, now. It sounds horrible. Is there anyone to help you?

          • My wife helps out a lot.
            My aunts, uncles and cousins say that they’ve done all that they could, which was nothing to begin with.
            Our kids have their hands full trying to survive, with the eldest pursuing her nursing career *and* raising three children with her husband.
            Our county says that his income is $50.00/month too high to help out.
            The state offers no assistance at all.

            He’s currently in a home, initially for rehabilitation, now it’s looking like for long term care. He began to punch my wife, once, he tried to push her down the stairs.
            I do need to have some words with that facility, he’s fallen at least once per week there, he was sent out for dialysis today during a snowstorm with no coat or blanket. There are a small assortment of other issues as well.

            • There are a lot of things I love about the U.S., but it really doesn’t treat its citizens in need very well. Im glad your wife helps, at least.

              • In case that can be misinterpreted, I meant I”m glad you have at least one person to help. I do understand that people have a lot of burden and cannot always be there to help.
                I’m in the U.S. and wasn’t there to help my parents with my grandmother before her death. Luckily, my siblings were.

                • As I have no siblings, my wife and I are the only help available.

                  I had returned to the US after retiring from the military abroad. I was contracting for the DoD for a few years when I learned that my father was a “frequent flier” at the local emergency department with CHF.
                  I ended the contract and returned home. The frequent ED visits ceased, as the majority of the issue was compliance with his medication.
                  It’s been a great struggle with the financial end of it though, as I’ve been unable to seek employment for the past three years, as his care required 24×7 commitment and the medical copays have mounted.

                  Meanwhile, my wife and I are thoroughly disgusted at the medical system in the US, as we’ve both experienced universal healthcare in civilized nations.*
                  It’s made both of us regret returning home to the US.

                  *Yes, I intended to imply that the US is not a civilized nation. Our excuse for political discourse, with threats of violence, dismissal of the weak, denouncement of “socialism” and “communism” and overall boorish behavior overall rather proves a lack of being a civilized people, our worship of violence only cements that opinion. Our rejection of universal healthcare, something every other industrialized nation in the world has, only places that cement in a granite bedrock.

  2. Some things are beyond the pail, and any reasonable person would not say them in a public discussion. Wishing death on people is one of those things. Wishing it on a pediatrician who devoted his life to saving children and helping them makes it worse. Having no remorse, and continuing to gleefully repeat the point in the same thread makes it clear its not a slip in anger, but deliberate and malicious ill wishing.

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