Some are just too far down the rabbit hole

I’ve told you before that the true anti-vaccine activists blame anything and everything wrong in their lives, or with the minds and bodies of their children, on vaccines. The same goes for anyone who believes in conspiracies, alternative medicine, ghosts… You name it. They will believe their bias before believing anything else, including clear and tangible evidence.

A friend of mine pointed me to this link from “GeoEngineering Watch”, a website dedicated to conspiracy theories having to do with “weather engineering”. If you look through the site, you’ll see the usual hodgepodge of unscientific theories about what is going on with the crazy weather we’re seeing around the world. Instead of going with the science of climate change because of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (most of it from our pollution, and a lot of it from volcanoes), the authors of the website seem to go with contrails, radio wave transmissions, military experiments, etc.

In the web link above, the author of that post states that a Facebook user was banned from Facebook after posting a picture:

“ATTENTION CHEMTRAILS ACTIVISTS AND ONLINE RESEARCHERS  I just got booted from facebook out of nowhere. When I signed back into facebook a new screen pulled up saying my account was frozen by facebook. They stated in a lengthy contract that they had removed a photo from my page CHEMTRAIL COVER UP and that I was not allowed to use it. Facebook literally threatened me that if I used the photo again they would deactivate my account.”

What picture was it? How damming was their evidence?

Before we go there, let’s analyze the thinking of the “chemtrail” conspiracy theorist (CCT). The CCT “knows” that chemtrails are the release of chemicals into the atmosphere by planes flying at high altitude. They “know” that the reasonable and scientific explanation for contrails (which is what “chemtrails” are) is just a conspiracy to hide the truth. The CCT will also see a picture of tanks inside a plane and just “go ape”. That’s the picture that the CCT in question posted on Facebook as “evidence” of contrail conspiracies.

You can see the picture at the link above. And you can also see it at Boeing’s website, like this one for the testing of the flight capabilities of a new plane, the “Dreamliner”. You can see those tanks at this other site as well. (Thanks to my friend for pointing out what the tanks are for.) The tanks are used to change the center of gravity and to simulate different loads on a plane as it is being developed and tested. The tanks have water in them, and the water gets pumped and moved around the cabin and cargo hold of the plane to show the engineers and pilots how the plane will behave when things change in the plane. It’s essential to designing a good plane and training the pilots who’ll train the pilots that will fly the plane.

But not for the CCT. The CCT knows that it’s all just a front to cover-up the “facts” about what is in those tanks, and they know that Facebook suspended the account not because the user was posting copyright-protected images but because Facebook is part of the conspiracy, like I am.

Like you are.


2 thoughts on “Some are just too far down the rabbit hole

  1. Chemtrails really, really, are real…according to this YouTube video. Chemtrails are part of the New World Order, the banker’s conspiracy and, and….

  2. Now, now. We can’t have anything like reality ruling things.
    It always must be the Grand Conspiracy of the Space Aliens* or something.

    Of course, there *were* chemtrails, years ago. Not what the conspiracy theorists think, but real world stuff. You see, there was this spy plane called the SR-71. Rather than having it whizzing above at insane speeds, being nearly invisible, but leaving an exhaust that was like a great arrow on radar, it was considered a good idea to add chemicals to the fuel so that the exhaust wasn’t that great arrow.
    Now, there really was a conspiracy behind that aircraft. It seems that titanium was the primary metal used in the SR-71 and Russia was the biggest producer of titanium at the time. So, the US used a really, really weird procurement process to get titanium from the old USSR in order to make a spy plane to spy on the USSR.
    But then, the Cold War had a lot of silly stories like that. The funny thing is, no space aliens were needed.
    Only simple human idiocy.

    *The Grand Conspiracy of the Space Aliens is my catch-all for poppycock conspiracy theories.
    You know the conspiracy theories. Things like the US government is trying to take over the country it already rules, we fought a war underground against space aliens and lost and they really rule the world, chemtrails exist to kill off the population because less citizens are considered good somehow, blither, blather, blather.
    In short, what many who really should be under psychiatric care go on at great length, high volume and in excessive detail about.

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