Maybe I’m reading too much into this?

The kid posted the following on his twitter account:


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It’s a link to a joke by comedian Daniel Tosh about a man pointing a gun to a fish he had caught. In it, Daniel Tosh jokes that it “must be in retaliation from the mercury poisoning he got last month.”

Maybe I’m reading too much into the kid’s reasoning for posting this. I’ll keep that “reading” to myself right now, but I’d like to hear your comments. When you keep in mind that the kid labels himself as “toxic” because of vaccines, one could only wonder why he finds it funny/interesting to share this post with the world.

On the other hand, I find it interesting that someone who supposedly finds it to be “bigotry” that someone would disagree with him would label himself, an autistic, as “toxic”. People with autism are not toxic (i.e. “poisonous”). Toxic means that they’re capable of causing toxicity to others, not necessarily that they’ve been intoxicated themselves. It’s a bad label to put on people who may depend on others for care because it makes it seem like that dependence is somehow a scourge forced on others. It’s not.

People with any disability deserve to be cared for and helped because of the very fact that they’re human, not because it’s in our “good nature” to help them. And helping them is an honor, a blessing if you will.

4 thoughts on “Maybe I’m reading too much into this?

  1. It’s the whole efficacy issue on the newer vaccines, AFAIC. — NNTR

    To comment on the post itself would be too #meta for the rest of the planet, as I’m probably a majority of one on my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. In project management, we’ve referred to some people as toxic. Largely as a personality trait that can cause delays, or even cause a project to fail.

    Still, he could be referring to being medically toxic, anything is possible.
    I have no intent on eating him, as I do not engage in coprophagia.

  3. You’re not reading anything into “the kid’s” toxic personality, Reuben.

    He’s got a new post up on his seldom visited blog about a FOIA request. He seems to think that’s the smoking gun (pun intended), that *proves* that he and other autistic individuals were poisoned by Thimerosal.

    Orac has a post up that you might want to read. 🙂

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