A non-existent vaccine holocaust

I’m not a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. I took a couple of general psych courses in college and will once in a while look at psychology articles to see what’s going on out there in the big, bad world. Because it is a crazy world. The propagation of mass media and 24-hour news means that we are well aware of all the evil things going on all the time everywhere. If you get halfway curious about the drug wars in Mexico, civil wars in Africa, or what is going on in Crimea/Ukraine, you can get all the gory details. And the details can get very gory.

Because of the nature of my work as an epidemiologist, and where I worked, I’ve seen dead people. I’ve seen people who had just died, who were long dead, and those who were in the process of dying. I’ve also had to interact with their relatives, which can be even harder. At least the dead person is dead and not suffering anymore. Their relatives, on the other hand, are still living and feeling the sense of loss of their loved one. It’s rough.

This is why I get seriously bothered when people equate a child with autism to a child that is (or should be) dead. When they say that medical interventions, e.g. vaccines (of course), that have been proven by all objective measures to save lives and keep parents from grieving their children are actually tools to maim and/or kill children, I get more than a little riled up. My blood boils when imagery of death is used to describe the vaccination program and when words like “holocaust” are applied to the non-existent autism epidemic.

Look, if you want to believe in your sad little mind and your scary view of the world that vaccines are bad, that’s one thing. But when you justify the gruesome murder of a child because he had a neurodevelopmental condition, or when you accuse hard-working men and women of murder because they research and promote vaccines… That’s stepping over the line. Either you have a corrupted view of the world or the world is really messed up and children really are “dying” at an alarming clip from vaccine injuries (i.e. autism to these people).

By every objective measure, the incidence of autism is not on the increase. There is no epidemic of it. There are no more cases happening per unit of time now than there were then. This is something that has been explained to people that should know better and people who act like they know better. People like “the kid” who somehow earned a degree in epidemiology but still doesn’t know the difference between incidence and prevalence. Yes, the prevalence of autism in children has increased. Prevalence is the number of existing cased divided by the total population. Prevalence increases because children with autism don’t drop out of the population unless they actually do die or they age. And it’s been clearly explained by objective means that prevalence is increasing because of better diagnostic criteria and more acceptance of autistic children as children worth counting.

In essence, the very fact that prevalence is increasing is proof that there is no such “holocaust” happening.

Let’s talk about Brian Hooker, PhD. He seems to be the new mentor and father-figure to “the kid”. But that’s beside the point of this blog post. The point is that BH is a petitioner to the vaccine court. If it is shown that vaccines caused his child’s autism, BH and his child can expect a lot of money to come their way. (This is an obvious COI in how BH relates to vaccines.) But this is beside the point as well.

The point of this blog post is how BH views vaccines. In a sense, he views them this way:

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 11.31.02 AM

All of the elements of depicting a “holocaust” are there: the mushroom cloud, the “inside job” (just like people who believe the attacks on September 11, 2001 were an “inside job”), and the name of “ground zero” for CDC. It is not unreasonable to conclude that BH sees mass murder and mayhem happening because of vaccines. Why? Because you can see him say it for himself:

Others who have seen this video have wondered what it must be like to live in the heads of some of these people. Personally, I think the world is a crazy, scary place for them. To actually believe, contrary to all available evidence, that the agency in charge of protecting the health of the American public is capable of this kind of malfeasance… Well, who are you going to believe. I mean, why file a lawsuit? Won’t the courts be part of this big, bad wolf? After all, CDC is part of the government and the courts are a branch of said government.

For that matter, why ride a car? Why get on a train? Why drink tap water? What I’m trying to say is that there are monsters everywhere if you look at world as subjectively as BH (and others) seem to be doing. And even with these strong convictions, they refuse to be called “anti-vaccine”. They say that the label “anti-vaccine” is an epithet or a term of bigotry. But listen to the last interaction between BH and the host:

Host: “I’m thrilled to have you as a colleague and a fellow advocate for the end of vaccination.”

BH: “Thank you and god bless you both, I really appreciate it.”

“[A] fellow advocate for the end of vaccination.”
“[A] fellow advocate for the end of vaccination.”
“[A] fellow advocate for the end of vaccination.”
“[A] fellow advocate for the end of vaccination.”
“[A] fellow advocate for the end of vaccination.”
“[A] fellow advocate for the end of vaccination.”
“[A] fellow advocate for the end of vaccination.”
“[A] fellow advocate for the end of vaccination.”

One more time…

“[A] fellow advocate for the end of vaccination.”

Who but anti-vaccine people are “advocate(s) for an end to vaccination”?

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  2. My grandparents met in camp. That’s concentration, not summer. My grandmother stopped believing in god when she learned that her sister – 16 – and her parents were gassed in Auschwitz. They remained four put of a family of thirteen. My French teacher was married with a baby. In Auschwitz, he was sent to the side of the living, they to die.
    I can’t tell you how offensive I find this comparison of a regime that threw children away and destroyed them to protecting children via vaccines. Thank you for speaking up.

    • I was waling to the George Washington campus back in 2002-2003, when Bush 43 was threatening to attack Iraq and people were protesting. One of those protests turned particularly nasty, with a small restaurant and a shop next to it were ransacked. Afterward, one of the kids who was at the protest told me that he felt like “the Nazis” were after him for protesting. I had to explain to him at length how police keeping them in line and not allowing them to loot stores left and right was very much not like what happened in Nazi Germany. I told him that the fact that he got to go home and be with his family that night showed that we were no where close to what happened in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s. In essence, the police were not there to shut them up. They didn’t intervene until the store and restaurant were looted.

      Far too many people with passionate views of the world around them keep harking back to that time and misinterpreting it profusely.

    • My closest friends are a Jewish couple (parents of my “other son” who is developmentally disabled). My “son’s” dad is the only child of parents who left Poland, before most of his aunts, uncles and cousins were rounded up and exterminated in the Nazi death camps. I’ve been to the Jewish ghetto in Prague and have sat in quiet contemplation within the marble-lined hall where the names of the hundreds of thousands of Jews from Prague, who were exterminated, are engraved in those marble walls…aleha hashalom.

      I grew up in a Brooklyn neighborhood where Jews who were imprisoned in Nazi work camps resided and I saw their camp numbers tattooed on their lower arms.

      Simple outrageous that these odious people resort to these tactics.

  3. “I’ve seen dead people.”

    This isn’t some sort of “sixth sense” thing, is it?

    That said, the video above and the group hosting the webinar could take quite a few steps back to reality and still be on the fringe.

    I feel like I have a better understanding for what’s causing the rift in the mercury militia. I’d want distance from this message too if I had, say, political ambitions. And, let’s say I’m a staffer for a powerful Member of Congress and, over many discussions, these views become more and more apparent. “Oh, yeah, about that hearing….”

    • As long as they don’t see me when they’re dead, we’re okay.

      I figure that congressmen are savvy. They know what will go over well and what won’t. If a hearing turns into a 9/11 truther presentation type of thing, their constituents WILL hold them accountable for the foolishness in these times of more important things.

  4. The mercury militia, composed of mommies and daddies who describe their kids as “train wrecks” and “damaged goods” and who treat their autistic kids as lab rats, inflicting all sorts of painful, invasive, dangerous and unproven “biomedical treatments”, disgust me.

    What do you expect from “the kid”, whose mentor for his thesis/culminating experience at GWU was a disgraced former medical doctor who lost his medical licenses, because he was castrating and chelating autistic children? Incidence and Prevalence? Taught during the first few weeks at GWU. Is it any wonder then, that “the kid”, whose mommy told him he was toxic from Thimerosal, is aligned with Hooker?

    Hooker’s autistic child is 15 years old and Hooker has gone on more than 100 fishing expeditions (100 + FOIA requests), during the past 10 or more years. He thought he landed the big one, to only find that his FOIA request information was available years ago, on the internet. Hooker has become the latest butt of jokes in the science community.

    Hooker’s alignment with the pathetic group of conspiracists, 9-11 truthers, and other assorted loony anti-vaccine cranks, should land him an entry in the Encyclopedia of American Loons, along with “the kid” and Mr. and Mrs. Stubblebine.


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