250 posts later, and this is where we are?

I was going to write this really long and detailed post about how it feels to have written 250 posts so far on this blog and how great it all was… But then a friend posted this on Facebook:

UN Declares Polio Emergency

What the f*ck, right?

I’ll tell you what the f*ck. What is happening is that anti-vaccine extremists have made it difficult of people (mostly children) in several countries in the world to get vaccinated against polio. Then people from those countries are traveling to other parts of the world and taking polio with them. Where polio was only months, maybe weeks away from being eradicated from the face of the planet, we now have this polio emergency happening.

We almost had it, for God’s sakes! We almost eradicated a second human-only virus but we allowed anti-vaccine extremism to get in the way. I’ve told you before that ideas have consequences. Well, you’re seeing the consequences of the idea that either vaccines are bad, not needed, part of a plot, etc. Ideas shared by the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan, terrorists in Nigeria, and anti-vaccine activists in the United States. And I’m not afraid to make that comparison. Furthermore, I’m not afraid to state openly and publicly that our own merry band of wackos would probably not think twice about taking up arms and carrying out acts of violence if they felt they had no other chance… Or if they felt that they wouldn’t get caught.

And this, dear readers, is why we must continue to refute their nonsense.

Screw 250… Let’s go on to 251 and beyond!

5 thoughts on “250 posts later, and this is where we are?

  1. What is happening is that anti-vaccine extremists have made it difficult of people (mostly children) in several countries in the world to get vaccinated against polio.

    Doesn’t seem to be the case in Cameroon, which is one of the three polio-exporting countries in addition to Syria and Pakistan.

  2. Well, it was part antivax types, part US efforts to find OBL that caused resistance in known endemic areas to vaccination.
    For, that did create a real resistance in tribal areas in multiple regions, as knowledge of DNA swabbing was distorted into other stories that multiplied and created real resistance to vaccination.

    A fine example of doing the wrong thing for the right reason, hence, damaging an otherwise worthy path.

    Though, I’ll give the antivax crowd due credit for doing their level best in trying to turn the first world into the third world.
    Would that then qualify for the first world being renamed into the fourth world?

    Still, it does feel like trying to shovel water uphill at times.

    • I’m not surprised that Polio has staged this “minor” comeback, with Pakistan now being the #1 exporter of Islamic fighters to the various Middle Eastern troublespots – and bringing the disease with them…..and cases reported is much different that total real cases, since getting accurate Public Health data out of the Tribal areas (and Afghanistan) is difficult to say the least.

      And I agree, the anti-vax crowd shouldn’t be surprised by being compared to terrorists – if they have the same agenda and same ideas…..

      • Actually, the *largest* spread is during hajj. People from all over the world converge upon Mecca, bringing every communicable disease that is available.
        Saudi health care authorities have their hands full each and every year during the hajj.

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