Please give up your children and walk away from them

The Canary Party, an anti-vaccine political action group, has hit a new low. On Saturday, First Lady Michelle Obama posted a picture of herself holding a sign that read “#BringBackOurGirls”. It was a reference to the 200+ young women in Nigeria who were kidnapped by an Islamist terrorist group and are now in danger of being sold off as slaves or suffer much worse fates. So what does the Canary Party do with that? This:

Canary Party Photoshop

That’s right. In their twisted minds, autistic children are suffering the equivalent of being kidnapped at gun point, dragged into the jungle, physically and mentally tormented, and being sold off into slavery. And we wonder why parents of autistic children kill those children in the most heinous of ways? Why organizations and individuals in the anti-vaccine groups whitewash those murders and defend the alleged and confessed murderers of those kids?

I call on all the parents of autistic children who see their children as being in a state of despair beyond comprehension and beyond help to give up those children to child welfare, to foster parents, to relatives who do not see those children as “missing”, “lost”, “dead”, or “gone”. Give those children a chance to fill with joy and purpose the lives of better people than those of you who feed them chelation chemicals, bleach enemas, and all other sorts of quackery. Walk away from them because you’re not doing them any favors. You’re not making their lives better.

Do it quickly, because another autistic child murdered because of your ideology is one too many.

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  3. Also worth repeating: If Diabetes America or the Cancer Council told you that diabetes or any form of cancer had increased by 14,700 percent in 24 years, they would be told to either produce real scientific evidence of that or face investigation for fraud. It seems that all the rules of credibility and logic go out the window when autism is involved. Why are more autistic individuals not challenging the ridiculous upward revisions of the rates? If these upward revisions were accurate, I would literally walk past or converse with a hundred distinct autistic individuals every day. The fact that I never meet autistic people at all gives one pause for thought.

    Where is the peer-reviewed data, Autism Speaks For Normie A_______? should be our rallying cry. Instead, autistic people all over the ‘net are parroting their upward revisions. Next thing you know, they will say “1 in 2” and autistic people everywhere will repeat it. Time to call out their stupid numbers game for what it is.

  4. There were other groups who hated a group not theirs and spoke of members of the group they hated as if they were not there, right in front of them.

    Bryce Courtenay has a scene in which he speaks of a powerful member of the majority group having a member of a minority group locked in his paddy-wagon. The majority man talks to his colleagues about the minority woman (the heroine of the story) as if she is not even there. She is sitting not even three feet from him. The novel this scene occurs in is called Tandia, and it is set in South Africa. The man is a white (Dutch ancestry from the sound of his name) police officer. The woman is a black and Indian girl barely out of school.

    The Canary Party are doing the same thing that Autism Speaks For Normie A_______ has been getting away with for time out of hand. That is, speak about us as if we are not even there, right in front of our faces. A behaviour that was apparently commonplace among white South Africans before the current effective one-party system was established. I am sure that if you speak to men who were in the South African police force during that time, they will tell you they were encouraged to treat black South Africans like that. They might not have known it themselves, but someone in charge knew the kind of effects it would have on the recipients. Dehumanisation need not be explicit, after all.

    When I was a boy, I would have found this psychologically devastating to the point where I would end up sitting in my room and crying all day. As an adult, things like this make me wonder why we bother trying to save Humanity.

  5. People’s heart should ache for kids who hear things said about them before they can indicate they understand. I am an autistic adult and you hear very damaging things. Sometimes because you are indeed a child and the people uttering the things are adults you will believe them. When I was young that we were unable to love was often thought to be a core issue and if you grow up having heard that and within a dysfuntional family you will believe it. It will take you a long time to work out what it is people even mean but that is not a deficit intrinsic to autism but one created by the narrative about it.

    I have met too many people where the worst things about them were believed so they had no chance to develop for way too long. This world is loud and noisy and full of random people for me and so even in adulthood I do retreat. I am still often taken as mentally retarded and have had as they make this leap from being too stressed to speak.., have had my care crowed about to medical students as a rare chance for them to use skills that unfairly a vet gets to use many times a day.

    The doctor who was that precise and educational about me was positively enraged when a few hours later I had some speech. That it is on my chart how stress impacts my speech is something he could have read easily as key bits of information back then always lived in the front of a paper chart and now are on a specific part of an electronic chart and still no one reads it.

    Still a doctor while having the potential to do harm to you once or to pass on ignorance is not as damaging as having parents who believe things to be true about you that are not. When I see autistic kids used as props while their parents go on in details about the horror of autism and what they have contemplated I wish someone would rescue them. Not from their autism but from emotionally abusive parents. That no one does is in fact odds as if a parent clasps their autistic kid to them and talks about having contemplated driving off a bridge or into a pylon that is credible evidence of a desire to harm ones self or others. The bulk of the parents in those toxic videos should at the very least have a mandatory evaluation based on what they say but those suicidal. homicial maniacs make good money raising money for a group that does only harm.

    Autistic people need support. We sometimes have huge pools of talent but lack abilities in other things. I am always forgetting to eat and the support I have finds it hard to reconcile that with my abilities so they seem to think that I just am trying to get attention. Yes spending more than two years shrinking to a skeleton was the logical way to do that sigh.

    Propaganda about and against autism permeates the psyche of people who should know better so even if you need support because of your autism and everything about it is documented you get told such baffling things as since you won’t talk you are not cooperating and not talking is denying service therefore you shouldn’t have any. Sadly just two gems from the past few weeks in my life.

    Murder can sometimes be slow. If the toxic notions put out by those who benefit financially from the autism fundraising complex impact my care and in the end I die of neglect while being intensively ignored (they call it support for some reason but they always refuse to support the things my doctor who knows me better says I need help with) well that’s murder too. A murder by committee maybe but I will be just as dead if the people like the Canary Party and the viler hate group I never name are not stopped.

  6. That’s got to be one of the vilest posts I have seen in a very long time. I am glad that many of the comments on that post are supportive of autistic kids and adults.

    The Canary Party is the political arm of Age of Autism; their founders, their officers and their regional representatives all have “vaccine-damaged children” and they all have tried “alternative therapies” to “recover” their autistic children. Their “heroes” are disgraced and discredited former medical doctors and quack practitioners.

    I’m disgusted with the small group of parents who use their autistic children to gain notoriety, to become spokespersons for “alternative therapies” and who defend parents who murder their autistic kids.

  7. My heart aches to think of how many of these children will feel when they read the way their parents talk of them. The parents are assuming the children won’t know – further dehumanization of these children and a very dangerous assumption to make.

    • They assume their children will never be capable of reading or understanding what’s said about them, or that their children, if they ever became able to express an opinion on their own condition, would think and feel exactly the way their parents do.

      Seriously, the next time you run across a comment thread in which autistic adults are defending ourselves from hateful language, or letting parents know that usually, we perceive autism to be part of ourselves…count the number of parents saying something to the effect of “If my child could speak, I’m sure he would say [whatever the parent already believes].”

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