Another mother who’s given up on her “lost” child

Here we go again with another parent of an autistic child referring to said child as “stolen.” This time, it’s a “Thinking Mom” who goes by the name of “Mama Mac”. I know who she is in real life, but we don’t need to go there. Mama Mac wrote a post titled “Who Will Pay the Piper?” in which she talks about how she “lost” her child to autism:

“When I look at pictures of Nick at 8 months old, happy, healthy, and then at 18 months old suddenly vacant, sickly, and sad . . . the word “stolen” flashes through my mind.

He was taken from me right under my nose. In fact I was advised to GIVE him much of what stole him away from me; vaccines, antibiotics, anesthesia. I was encouraged to participate in what would ultimately take my child from me.”

It’s always the goddamned vaccines, isn’t it? Ah, but she goes on about how dire the situation is, or isn’t:

“I’ve spent the past eight years bargaining with his kidnappers, trying desperately to bring him home. Yes, he’s sitting next to me while I type this, and, yes, these days he is present and ‘with us’ emotionally 95% of the time. But what of his future has been stolen? What of his future health? What about the devastating trauma we have endured? What if I can’t really get him back?

The Piper didn’t just take Nick. He’s taking a generation of children while their parents stand idly by.”

I don’t know about you, but I know plenty of parents of autistic children who didn’t “stand idly by.” They put on their big boy, and big girl, pants and got to work on the things that matter to their children: Better access to services, education, jobs, medical care. They went to their local schools and their elected leaders and are making the world a better place for all children who are not “normal”. (By the way, there is no normal.)

But I’m thinking that Mama Mac is talking about standing idly by as their children got vaccines and those things that “steal” or “kill” or make children “disappear”. And whom does Mama Mac blame for these horrors? “The Pied Piper”, of course:

“The Pied Piper is comprised of the biggest chemical and pharmaceutical companies who create, market and sell their poorly safety-tested products in the name of a healthier life.”

Of course, all those things that are not “natural” are never tested for safety. Chemical and pharmaceutical companies just pay off people and sell their stuff, and we all die or become autistic of something:

“We thought we’d traded crop weevils, childhood illnesses, dirt and inconvenience for corn crops bred with innate pesticides, the promise of childhoods free of chickenpox and measles, blinding white smiles and bleached kitchen counters. What we’ve actually ended up with is the sickest generation of children to come down the pike.”

Yeah, the sickest. That’s why childhood mortality is at an all time low. That’s why chronic diseases of adults are now the number one killers instead of, you know, childhood diseases. That’s why we’re making technological advances by leaps and bounds generation after generation, because we’re getting dumber or less mentally adept. Yeah, that’s why.

Of all the people who I think should walk away from their children, I think Mama Mac is right up there. Not only is her child “lost” to her, but the child has been taken by a monster under her bed.


8 thoughts on “Another mother who’s given up on her “lost” child

  1. Man, this hurts ME as an autistic person. Autistic people have feelings. There’s ways to help a child communicate. He’s right there just waiting for her to stop blaming and start understanding him!

  2. That woman is awful. Her child isn’t lost. She is. Hopefully, she lets herself be recovered and accepts what is in front of her because she is missing some amazing stuff.

  3. I heard on another thread that Mama Mac has been suffering from clinical depression, which is why she no longer hosts “Fearless Parent Radio” on Gary Null’s station.

  4. TMR is a rather vituperative group of people who like to drink and clearly can’t think. If they’re not unjustifiably slamming science and medicine, they’re talking about what bottle of wine they should have next. No wonder their children are “lost” to them.

  5. Don’t they ever consider how the children will feel when they read such things on the internet? Descriptions of themselves in this way? what it will do to them, to know their parent’s love is so conditional?

    • They don’t care Dorit, because it’s all about them and their “suffering”. This is why it’s acceptable to murder autistic children in their minds. Autistic children aren’t human. This is why these groups need to be countered and even stopped.

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