It’s Friday, so let’s take it easy and laugh

Summer is here, and I can’t wait to get out of the office and out into the weekend. So let’s take it easy today and have some laughs. Nothing is more comical to me than the kid’s video in which he spouts off all sorts of conspiracy theories on autism being caused by mercury. (Interestingly, this theory would debunk Wakefield’s MMR conspiracy because the MMR never had thimerosal in it, but reality has never been their strong suit.)

So sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and be ready for some mind-numbing rants.


See you next week, unless something happens over the weekend. Pedro and I are off to the vineyards.

9 thoughts on “It’s Friday, so let’s take it easy and laugh

  1. @Reuben and @ScienceMom: Are we talking about simple dishonesty on the part of the AoA parade, or illegality?

  2. I don’t know when I’ve seen a worse presentation; good for laughs and so bad it’s good.

    Judging by the applause meter, the crowds stayed away in droves.

    • Frankly, the one worse presentation I saw was by a ten year-old in grade school. I would have loved to quiz the attendants on whether or not they took anything away from it.

      • So disjointed and so chock full of his six, sixty, six hundred degrees of separation, Reuben. Has anyone ever told him that his toxic personality is not caused by vaccines?

        • I think plenty of well-meaning people have tried to reason with him. I know Ren had a back-and-forth with him over email one time. He said the kid focuses like a laser beam on one thing and doesn’t let it go, doesn’t acknowledge that he’s wrong. God bless anyone on his thesis committee. It’s going to be rough, I’m sure.

          • I have seen some of the leaked Facebook chats between Jake and Ginger Taylor. Apparently Jennifer Larson spent a lot of money trying to fly Jake to California to have him mediate with his former Age of Autism editors. It beggars belief what those people saw/see in Jake to attempt mediation with him, even after it became clear how fanatical he is about vaccines and how he doesn’t hesitate to crush anyone he sees as being in his way.

              • I thought that at first too Reuben but now I think he has revealed everything he has. Although writing this it just occured to me that it may not be but what he has would be very self-incriminating. It’s also just plain embarrassing to his former handlers that he’s gone rogue.

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