More real threats to public health

Let’s play a mental exercise. In this exercise you are a parent of a child. There is a virus out there that can give your child some nasty sores which can get infected with things like MRSA, a high fever, and make them feel like crap. Furthermore, because there are many people out there with compromised immune systems from things like HIV, treatment for auto-immune disease, or in treatment for cancer, you do not want that virus to be anywhere near them. It could be deadly to other people and cause your child to be sick. As a good parent, you want to protect your child and your community from this virus. So what do you do?

Do you immunize your child with a vaccine that has been shown to be safe and effective? The chances of a bad reaction from the vaccine are one-in-a-million, if that. Maybe there will be soreness at the site of the injection. Maybe, if your child is very young, he or she will be fuzzy and have a slight fever. Maybe. There won’t be any pustules, rashes, high fevers, or chance of death.

Or do you continue to propagate the virus with the flawed thinking that immunity this way is somehow “safe” or more “effective”? Do you do what this worthless excuse of a parent did:

No words.

No words.

That’s right. This parent went and got a lollipop from a person infected with chickenpox and gave them to their child. A lollipop that was licked by a sick child was given to a healthy child. Because THAT is safer than a vaccine?

It doesn’t stop there. The same group has other gems very openly displayed on their Facebook page:


Bullshit! The chickenpox vaccine is not given until 12 months of age. But truth has never been something these psychopaths can deal with.




In case you missed it, these so-called parents knowingly and willingly expose their otherwise healthy children to an infectious agent that causes a disease capable of killing their children. But, you know, vaccines are the real evil in their world. I’d try to argue some sense with them, but this is the typical response you get from the anti-vaccine activists among them:


Who can argue with reasoning like that?

If you picked the vaccine for our mental exercise, then you’re a reasonable and caring parent who looks after the health of their children. If you picked the infected lollipop, then you might as well hand over your children to people who will really care for them and step away before you kill them.

11 thoughts on “More real threats to public health

  1. Apart from all the obvious problems with this attitude, I don’t understand their reasoning. They want the child to get the disease…so they’ll have immunity and won’t get the disease.. Did someone divide by zero or something?

    • Lisa, that is so obvious, I can’t believe I never thought of it. Then again, they’re probably not thinking that, either.

  2. Remember our old friend Bob Schecter who has his own anti-vaccine blog where he posts under his ‘nym Sid Offit? He also has a Facebook page and was interviewed by the BBC for his activities promoting pox parties:

    I actually listened to his interview on BBC Radio and Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. William Schaffner wiped the floor with Bob Schecter.

  3. Deliberate chicken pox exposure of immune competent children from 1-9 years old made sense before vaccination was available. They had the lowest risk of complications (which still resulted in serious morbidity and mortality in about 1/200 of that group).

    I wouldn’t want to take a 1/200 chance if a better option was available. It’s irresponsible and unnecessary. In addition, those deliberately exposed kids should be quarantined during the possible infectious period to protect others.

    Why reject something with such obvious benefit? And why don’t these people reject all modern things (internet perhaps)?

  4. I sincerely hope the parent who tried to get shingles, really did get shingles. May it come back many, many times — she deserves it.

  5. These people, along with the parents who believe autism is worse than death make me ragey. My only kid is dead and there was zip, zilch, nada I could do to prevent it. So parents playing fast and loose with their kids’ health infuriate me to no end. How dare you.
    And to the whiny autism parents; you didn’t get what you were expecting, I get it. Try walking a mile in my shoes, you will be on your knees within 10 feet.
    Why anyone would want to take these kinds of risks is beyond me.

  6. Jesus Christ! These people have something seriously wrong with them….I doubt that child realizes the agony that they are about to undergo – just because their parents are uneducated and idiotic a-holes.

    All I have to do is think back to how I felt when my kids got sick or weren’t feeling well & how helpless I felt…and yet these parents seem perfectly happy to expose their children to diseases that could be life threatening?

    The Stupid – IT BURNS!!!!

  7. On the whole contaminated lollipop thing, it’s bad enough that the parents are intentionally trying to get their kid sick with chickenpox, but I hope they realize that there may be other viruses and/or bacteria hitching a ride on that thing. Hepatitis springs to mind. Streptococcus. Epstein-Barre Virus. Rotavirus. All kinds of lovely pathogens that they might not expect.

    • The whole lollipop thing is boneheaded. VZV enters through the nasopharynx or conjunctiva, and it doesn’t persist well in the environment. The putative fomite would basically have to be fresh and absolutely loaded (you only get one chance, after all, since any infectious virus would be on the surface), and you’d have to hope for some oropharyngeal magic.

  8. I’ll call BS on the one who claims to have shingles and rubbed it on the kids.
    I had mild shingles last year, I’d not want the finest silk rubbed on those lesions, let alone the flesh of another human, and my tolerance to pain is legendary.

    As for the rest of the infected lollypop group, I’d advocate for sending them to a deserted island.
    Then have the US Navy sink the island.

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