You read what you want to read

A few weeks ago, I told you about a secret group on Facebook that has been planning to have children infected with, among other things, chickenpox and measles. They’re actively looking for cases of these diseases in order to bring their un-vaccinated children to exchange air and body fluids with infected children in the hopes that their un-vaccinated children catch the disease and get immunity that way. Let me be clear that this is nothing short of child abuse. To knowingly infect a child with an infectious disease defies the laws of logic and moral decency.

In that post, I never once mentioned that these parents were going to be reported to “Protective Services” (CPS?). Instead, I wrote this in the first post:

“I am looking into each and every one of those names there, and I will not hesitate to contact the proper health protection authorities in the places where they live.”

And I wrote a follow-up post that also talked about their insane way of looking at diseases vs. vaccines. I did not mention Child Protective Services, nor reporting to anyone, in that post.

True to form, however, one of the members of that secret group has taken to an online forum to complain that I am trying to intimidate her:

“I’m popping over here because I belong to the N/s/d group on facebook and I also belonged to the Chicken pox immunity network. CPIN was a group where you could locate case of chicken pox to expose your kids for natural immunty. The group has strict vetting guidlines. The group was originally just a closed goup on facebok and later changed to a secret group. A provax blogger screen shot the members list when the group was closed and a few days ago posted on his blog that he would be contacting Protection services for every member listed in the group. THere have ben an onslaught of attacks of vaccine choice groups on facebook. Great mothers questioning vaccine 2 group was recently hacked and all admins were deleted and screen shots were takenin the group and posted to provax sites. The original admins eventually regained control of the group but safety was compromised. A couple MMR immunity groups were also compromised during all of this. I just wanted to inform everyone that it seems like a big war is on the horizon trying to bar us from sharing information. Please be careful ladies.”

Here’s the screenshot:

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.38.32 AM

She follows up with another post mentioning this blog:

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.38.44 AM

Here’s a tip, Coral: If you link to my blog, I will be able to track your link down and see what you write. If you mention my blog, Google picks up that mention and reports it to me. If you don’t want anyone to know your anti-vaccine activism, the solution is simple: Don’t do it.

For example, don’t tell us that you’re guilty of knowingly reporting a Facebook group for no real reason other than your feelings being hurt:

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.48.47 AM

I know, I know, it’s hard for you to follow simple solutions to complex problems, judging by your unwillingness to vaccinate (a simple solution) against vaccine-preventable diseases (complex problems).

Never once did I threaten anyone to report them to CPS. I probably should because willingly wanting to infect your children is nothing short of child abuse. Instead, I compiled all the names and sent them to a colleague in California and other states. It’s up to the proper authorities to do their due diligence in trying to stop the spread of disease. So I don’t know what that means for you and your friends, Coral.

The rest of the comments are the usual anti-vaccine hodgepodge of conspiracy theories about secret groups being infiltrated and hacked by everyone from the government to Bill Gates on down. I guess everyone sees the monsters under the bed that they want to see, yet not the monsters in the mirror.

5 thoughts on “You read what you want to read

  1. I always find it amusing that anti-vax people complain about being censored, and then try to shut down dissent from other people criticizing them.

    As they say, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from criticism of that speech. It’s a lesson that anti-vaxxers never seem to understand..

  2. “Let me be clear that this is nothing short of child abuse. To knowingly infect a child with an infectious disease defies the laws of logic and moral decency.”
    Quote of the year. Thank you.

  3. They have no compunction trying to shut down groups simply because they cannot stand criticism, but don’t understand why people would want to shut down groups whose purpose is to make children sick with an infectious disease? Did I get it right?

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