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Imagine that you are a parent, and that your child has autism. Now imagine that you have swallowed the lie that your child’s autism is some sort of a curse, something so bad an unimaginable that you need to “do your own research” and get to the bottom of it. Then imagine that you have swallowed more lies about vaccines and about conspiracies between Big Pharma and the Government. Finally, to top it all off, imagine that you have been allowed to give a public comment at a committee hearing where people are coming together to figure out how to best help improve the lives of autistic children and adults.

What would you say?

Here is a mother who is convinced that vaccines had everything to do with her child’s autism. In her latest blog post, she writes:

“We testified this week at the IACC, although i know it might not mean much, its a feeling of healing that has helped me thus far. I am at peace. I know all things happen for a reason.

Its hard living this life, and having my son not be able to be a normal 8 year old,but thank The Lord he is alive, breathing, walking, running, and laughing.

I am so thankful for my daughters being able to speak on behalf of their brother, and many many other children that cannot speak for themselves.

These children are vaccine injured.”

And here is video of her testimony to the IACC, where she calls for “the leader” (of the committee?) to be taken away to jail for “obstruction of justice.”

I got the video from the Facebook page of one of the woman’s friends, so all credit goes to her. (I downloaded it because these kinds of things tend to disappear when they’re brought out to the light of day.)

So there you have it. Make of it what you will, but do tell me in the comments section below how many anti-vaccine points she hits in her brief statement.

6 thoughts on “Submitted for your approval


    Fresh from her three minutes of fame testifying at the IACC Meeting, anti-vaccine warrior mom provided an interview to this crackpot radio interviewer. (She’s in good company with previous interviewees being ex-medical doctor Rebecca Carley and M.D.- turned-anti-vaccine-naturopath Suzanne Humphries).

    Cripes, she really is a an undereducated autism mommy who uses her autistic child as a human guinea pig.

  2. I really feel like the more information that confirms vaccines are safe, effective, and do not cause autism and that not vaccinating is dangerous to public health as well as individuals the more crazy the antivaxxer become.

  3. Lots of violence there. A civil servant needs to go to jail because he doesn’t buy into her unsupported ideas and bow and obey her desires, which would lead to children being ill?

    And no path for compensation? Has she missed the no-fault, plaintiff-friendly compensation program the U.S.?

  4. So she concluded her child has encephalitis long after the fact by looking at his records? Interesting.

    And it’s a little unclear here who the leader she has in mind is.

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