What does God know about vaccines?

I don’t like to discuss religion. I don’t like to discuss the existence of nature of a god or the God. Those are all philosophical things that have no place in scientific discourse and, in non-scientific discourse, usually end up getting us all up in arms about this or that. However, we need to acknowledge that an enormous proportion of us humans believe in God or gods, or, at the very least, believe that we are not in charge of our destinies, at least not 100% percent.

There are times when anti-vaccine and anti-science types try to use religion as a way to promote their ideas. Take for example this post by “Megan“. Megan’s about page reads like something out of a quack’s dream:

“I have a degree in Political Science, a law degree, and am a Naturopath, Certified Natural Health Educator, Registered Power Yoga Instructor, writer, and stay-at-home mama. My better-half holds a biology degree, chemistry minor, is a Family Practice Physician, and is a Captain in the United States Air Force. Together we have four kids under three; and yes, we plan to have more.”

Four kids under three?! I’m not a mathematician, but that’s more than one kid per year. Get a hobby, you two.

Oh, and get a clue. Her “better-half” has those degrees but is a “Family Practice Physician”? Either Megan forgot to mention the “doctor of medicine” or “doctor of osteopathic medicine” degree, or we have some shenanigans going on here. I’m inclined to call shenanigans because she goes on and write:

“We eat a gluten, dairy, meat, sugar, and genetically modified free diet; yet, our food still tastes good!”

Nothing genetically modified? I didn’t know people could live on sunshine alone. Apparently, people do. (Of course they don’t.)

Megan goes on:

“We do not vaccinate. We do not medicate… We advocate natural medicine in most situations.”

Which is it, Megan? Do you medicate or not? To me, Megan reads like a Poe. I ran her profile by several rational people, and we agree that it doesn’t make sense. Her husband is a physician but they don’t medicate? Does he medicate his patients? If so, he’s a hypocrite. He’s in the Air Force but they don’t vaccinate? I know first-hand that the military does not ask you if you want to be vaccinated. You kind of just get vaccinated, even against smallpox. So, yeah, hypocrisy again. Furthermore, Megan is a naturopath, and all those other things, but:

“I became interested in natural medicine six years ago when I was hospitalized and diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Determined to avoid drugs, surgeries, and horrible side-effects I sought alternative therapies and a major lifestyle change; and it worked. I no longer have Crohn’s disease and have been symptom and medication free since. I’ve also recovered from candida, hashimotos thyroiditis, liver disease, gastroparesis, kidney infections, adrenal insufficiency, pituitary hypo function, polycystic ovary syndrome, a horrible skin condition, weight problems, hypoglycemia, dysthymic and postpartum depression, infertility, and more…naturally.”

Holy shit. Pardon my French. People that list these many conditions are what we call “train wrecks” and there usually is a strong psychogenic component to being so sick.


“[Her website] is meant to build-up, empower, and encourage you to channel your inner crunch.”

Your inner crunch? I can’t… I JUST CAN’T, OKAY?!

Anyway, I just took ten minutes to myself to relax and be able to write about Megan’s post on how God doesn’t like vaccines. She begins:

“Christians, we need to talk. If you are not a Christian, this post is not for you.”

Because, you know, Jesus only preached to Christians.

“No judgment here, but I need to speak to my Jesus peeps. You see, there’s this little thing called a religious exemption, and it’s being threatened.”

No judgment, then proceeds to judge. More hypocrisy. The whole post is full of it. She goes on to write about religious exemptions and how they’re being done away with a little at a time. Like all of that is a bad thing.

“Then there’s the propaganda by religious leaders geared towards people like us. If your pastor says it’s okay…then it must be okay right? No…because your pastor isn’t Jesus and probably hasn’t read the vaccine inserts or additives list.”

But guess who is about to pretend she’s Jesus (or knows as much as Jesus)? You got it…

“We actually think “we” hold the key to improving upon His design… as if He forgot something when He created the immune system.”

Well, it’s not so much that God forgot. It’s more like He dropped us into a world filled with pathogens, many of them deadly. The immune system can only take so much. If the immune system was perfect, then we wouldn’t get sick at all. Heck, if God really wanted to cover all the bases, he would have just done away with pathogens.

I know. I know. I can feel the atheists rolling their eyes. But that post is not for you, remember? So humor me.

“God is pro-life. This is an un-contested issue. There is zero scriptural support to the contrary.”

There is also zero scriptural support to rejecting vaccines.

“If you’re a Christian, you might be surprised to know that more than 23 vaccines contain cells, cellular debris, protein, and DNA from aborted babies, including: Adenovirus, Polio, Dtap/Polio/HiB Combo, Hep A, Hep A/Hep B Combo, MMR, MMRV Pro Quad, Rabies, Varicella, and the Shingles vaccines.”

I know for a fact that scripture warns against lying, Megan. There are no fetal cells from “aborted babies” in vaccines. The viruses that are used to create the vaccines are grown in cell cultures. Those cell cultures are derived from other cells. Those other cells are derived from even other cells, and so on all the way back to, like, the 1960s. As someone with so much education, Megan, you and your husband should realize the amount of bullshit you’re spreading. As a Christian, you should be pretty much afraid of eternal damnation right now.

“First of all, sacrificing the few for the many is biblically unjustifiable.”

Like Jesus’ sacrifice for the world? Like the flood, in which the world was sacrificed for Noah et al to repopulate the Earth? Like Samson sacrificed himself by taking down the pillars? No, nothing in the Bible about sacrifice.

“In fact, aborted babies are being used everyday to create new cell lines for more vaccines.”


“It’s true… most Christians don’t question vaccinations and haven’t thought about God’s take on the issue. I used to be one of them. Regardless of your denomination, we all serve the same God, and God does not support vaccines.”

Well, all we have to do is ask God to get rid of vaccines or vaccine-preventable diseases. After all, it states in the Bible that He will answer our prayers, right, Megan?

Perusing through the rest of Megan’s blog, I came to the conclusion that she is, indeed, a big hypocrite. She used a verse from the Bible about how blood is supposed to remain pure and not contaminated, not even with other human blood, but then she writes this on a post appropriately titled “Everyone Needs a Good Quack Doctor“:

“I’m not anti-modern medicine. I think prosthetics and organ transplants and the doctors who help us pick up the pieces from our poor lifestyle choices and sew our legs back on after car accidents are great.”

Ah, so Megan hypocritically tells us that “contaminating” our bodies with organs from another human is okay, but God forbid we get cells into us through vaccines.

Finally, Megan concludes with this enormous lie:

“Modern medicine is an epic fail; and to be honest, the medical community that claims to be ahead of the game is so far behind the curve it’s not even funny. Consider this, we haven’t a single cure for any chronic disease, nor do we know (or acknowledge) the causes either.”

So there’s no cure for diabetes? We don’t know that diabetes is caused by overweight and obesity or pancreatic failure? We don’t know that losing weight or going on a diet cures it? We have ignored that insulin and other drugs control blood glucose to the point that diabetes can be cured?

Nah, we don’t know nothing about none of that.

So I’m calling shenanigans. In my opinion, based on her screeds, Megan is not any of the things she claims to be, not even a Christian. A true Christian, as devout as she claims to be, would be afraid of lying so much. I think she’s a plant to try and bring out the crazy in her readers.

I think she’s a troll. I think she’s Craig Egan.

33 thoughts on “What does God know about vaccines?

  1. Agree with most of what you said and Megan is a dumb liar. However, I would like to point out that, while T2 diabetes is indeed correlated with overweight and obesity, that doesn’t mean they cause it. Correlation does not equal causation and there are T2 diabetics who are not overweight as well as overweight and obese people who do not have T2 diabetes. Just saying…

    • One more comment about diabetes, and I’m deleting and banning it. We’re way off topic, and I am not a benevolent host.

  2. I’m Catholic. I vaccinate. My Catholic grandmother insisted and paid for all my shots. We vaccinate our 9 month old schedule and will continue to do so. I believe in science. I believe in Christ. I do not believe in magic. By this woman’s logic, we ought not use any of the technological advances man has a achieved since Jesus last walked the earth.

  3. From memory a major part of her Naturopath degree was a 60 page essay on Biblical Medicine

  4. Get a hobby, you two.

    I believe the story is that she has twins and adopted twins from Africa, although the definition of “twins” may be murky (as in having two kids and adopting two of the same ages and calling them twins). See here and her later comments, for example.

    “[B]etter yet, imagine the judgment you’d get if you announced you were going to nurse your adopted African baby for the first time…at age three.”

  5. They have 2 children. She talks about having 4 because they are trying to adopt 2 children from the DRC. Elsewhere she talks about having “2 sets of twins under 3” because the 2children they are adopting are the same ages as their own 2.

    From what I understand the adoptions are on hold because of the political situation there.

    She’s a lying liar who lies.

    Her law degree is from Thomas Cooley which I understand from what I hear is the worst law school in the country.

    • From what I understand, Megan has never completed any of her advanced degrees but blithely represents herself as a degreed authority. And she wonders why she is subjected to so much criticism, sounds like butthurt over being exposed for the lying slag she is.

  6. I rarely disagree with your sage words and appreciate you trawling through what must be oceans of crap.
    I do however disagree with your assertion that diabetes can be cured.
    It can be diagnosed and treated but I’d maintain that the condition is controlled rather than cured.

    • No, it can be cured. Someone who is overweight or obese and thus develops insulin resistance and then diabetes can go back to “normal” (there is no normal) once they go back to a normal weight and improved muscle conditioning.

      Of course, I’m talking type II diabetes, not type I. Type I requires a new pancreas, and that has a ton of complications with it.

      • That was exactly my point. To be honest Type II is a lifestyle thing.
        Stop eating shit and lose weight. I don’t really class that as diabetes per se.
        It genuinely worries me how much crap people shove down their necks and seem genuinely frightened of anything green or grown.

        • Ummm, that is diabetes mellitus by any definition. It may be at the mild end of the spectrum, but it is diabetes, nonetheless.

            • Why not? It may educate some readers on the subject.
              My father’s family is lousy with type II diabetes, not all body mass related. The family also has high cholesterol and triglycerides, which are poorly at best controlled by diet.
              My father had lousy compliance with his medication while I was deployed, which has resulted in him suffering from end stage renal disease and vascular dementia. The dementia has progressed enough that he cannot tolerate dialysis and he is now in hospice.
              The doctors and nursing staff all gave him five days after his ceasing dialysis, I suggested he’d last a great deal longer, as he retains more than residual kidney function. He’s been in hospice for four months now.

              So, I suggest, to judge from the comments, that a discussion on diabetes would be worthwhile. For not every instance of type II diabetes is due to lifestyle issues.
              Some are due to someone urinating in our gene pool.

  7. What a smug, medically-ignorant liar Meghan is. Thank goodness she has announced she’s “taking a break” from the vaccine “debate”. Now if only her “better half” would back away from practicing medicine.

  8. Hm, I love how she challenges pastoral authority on the issue. Because pastoral qualifications, defined in scripture, are less important than self-righteous whacky quack qualifications? Anyway, I’m a fundie Christian. My husband’s a pastor. We both disagree with Megan’s vaccination theology (and total inability to understand vaccine science, because I actually care about science, too.)

  9. I have heard a great deal of anecdotal evidence that the Air Force, particularly the chaplaincy, is riddled with fundamentalists. I was hoping it was not true.

    • And I think it might have been you that figured out her husband is a D.O. still in his residency. 🙂 Lies and exaggerations are definitely Megan’s sub-specialty, her specialty being nonsensical woo!

      • Oh, the story is much, much weirder than that.

        Last I checked Megan’s husband had not bothered to obtain an Illinois license during his residency, which makes sense given that he will be entering the Air Force. Megan cannot legally describe herself as a naturopath in any state that licenses N.D.’s, as her correspondence school is not accredited. Thomas Cooley law school is a whole ‘nother story.

        • (And if anyone is so foolish as to start in on those thinks, the overwhelmingly likely explanation for her sites’ being down is that she was scrubbing the “Dr. Megan” self-descriptions.)

      • That’s what happens, when you put me in front of a computer and I search the internet.


  10. Frankly, she lost me after claiming three autoimmune disease and one gynecological disease that were cured by magic and diet.
    No, not magic and diet, just magic.
    As for her education, I believe that as much as I believe in her magic claim.

    Or more simply, of you’ll excuse the old English, she’s more full of shit than a Christmas goose.

  11. Jesus Christ (see what I did there?). If the freaking Catholic Church can release a Papal Bull that essentially boils down to “for Chrissake’s, vaccinate your kids! Are you stupid?!?!” re: vaccines and the use of cell lines, this chick needs to sit the eff down.

    Although really, it reads like a word salad.

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