Age of Autism makes fun of Autism, draws in the AIDS denialists

This is the seventh post that has nothing to do with vaccines, for the most part.

Age of Autism, the web “newspaper” of the “autism epidemic” had a blog post that was supposed to be poking fun at the CDC response to autism, but it fell flat:

“Dr. Tom Insel, who is the nation’s leading expert in funneling funds away from research that seeks to pinpoint causation or could lead to cure, has been pulled from his post as head of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee to head up the HeEbeeGeeBee program.

An unidentified HeeEbeeGeeBee researcher said, “We anticipate results from HeEbeeGeeBee in approximately 50 – 75 years, really, a blink of an eye in genetics.  We’ve begun studying cockroach leg movement in detail and should progress to small worms within just seventeen years.”

He added, “If you think you have been exposed to Ebola, we assure you that you are wrong.  You have not. However, you are welcome to ask for a quarantine of up to 18 years from your local school district.””

In the minds of these people, Ebola is like autism, or autism is like Ebola. When will they stop comparing autistics with sick people, dead people, or worthless people, or kidnapped people?

Not to be outdone, the comments section has become a cesspool of AIDS-denialists claiming that the PCR test being used to diagnose Ebola cases is not reliable:

“As we know from our autism carnage (and all the other consequences of vaccines), the Media and CDC, et al. are not at all interested in objectively figuring out cause & effect along with their cock-ca-manie PR releases that some “previously healthy” people have come down with such as Ebola (or AIDS).”


“My red flag IMMEDIATELY went up when I read with horror that they are using the PCR test to ‘diagnose’ Ebola cases. I learned via research into the HIV/AIDS issue the pitfalls with various diagnostic tools that were touted at the time to be the BEST diagnostics available during the HIV/AIDS crisis several years back.”


“So the question is: can the PCR test allow researchers and doctors to say how much virus is in a patient’s body?

Many years ago, journalist John Lauritsen approached a man named Kary Mullis for an answer.

Source-1: For a brief excerpt from John Lauritsen’s article about Kary Mullis, see Frontiers in Public Health, 23 September, 2014, “Questioning the HIV-AIDS hypothesis: 30 years of dissent,” by Patricia Goodson. (See also this.)

Source-2: For John’s 1996 article in full, see “Has Provincetown Become Protease Town?”

“Kary Mullis… is thoroughly convinced that HIV is not the cause of AIDS…”


“Already killed thousands Larry? And we should believe this because …. the main stream media is telling is us that it’s so???

There are only two places where the Ebola outbreak exists Larry:

1. In the mainstream media
2. In the heads of sorry asses like you, who are stupid enough to believe them”

Guess what? PCR works. Just because they don’t understand, or want to understand, the science doesn’t mean the science doesn’t work. You don’t screen with PCR for a virus on a healthy individual. Like all lab tests, you assess their risk of being infected and their symptoms. PCR is not used for general screening. It’s a diagnostic lab test.

But the best comment so far, which I’m sure is going to get deleted is this:

“So you reject Sin Hang Lee’s Gardasil claims, the finding of PCV in rotavirus vaccines, Wakefield’s finding of measles virus in cerebrospinal fluid, and any number of autism-related gut-brain papers?”

Science denialism cuts both ways, jerks.

14 thoughts on “Age of Autism makes fun of Autism, draws in the AIDS denialists

    • Big Pharma is magnificent and fearsome in its powers and reach, even being omnipotent.
      For, the arses have now imbued either a vaccine or the mythical titan, “Big Pharma” with the capability of time travel.
      Since the first meningococcal vaccine was licensed in 2005 and Ebola virus disease was first discovered in 1976.
      I’d call them blithering idiots, but I don’t want to insult true idiots.

      • That the folks over at AoA can make light of thousands of deaths from a very horrible disease…equate it with a black-flag bioweapon program, call it a myth / hoax, and in general downplay the seriousness of the situation in Africa just shows how completely out of touch with reality they are.

        If there is ever a truly global pandemic, there is a very good chance that these idiots will remove themselves from the gene pool themselves – all the while screaming LALALALALALALA as they hold their fingers in their ears.

        • To be brutally honest, were that day to arrive, said persons would be extinct.
          I’m former and retired US SF.
          That means that I have zero problems removing a problem, via methods most people would object to.
          Now, individually or regarding my wife, I’d gauge problems and respond.
          In the situation where there is zero response and let those who are ill go “the lord’s way”, we’re into a war footing, as we have grandchildren.
          As I’m comfortable in special warfare and even, erm “objectionable warfare”, let your mind wander, the truth is worse.
          In vengeance, I’m a thermonuclear warhead on steroids.
          AQ somewhat learned that and this reveals that to them and they *do* patrol various sites for intel. Today, they *really* need it.
          Hence, their “franchising”.
          My most favorite line in a movie really applies to me. It was Quigley Down Under, where the long distance sniper (someone of one of my trades is a peer), reminds the villain that I abhor, for the very same reason. I’m proficient with that, I despise that.
          That is true for all small arms, some crew served arms, edge weapons and even hand to hand.
          I honestly hate any comer that disrespects my retirement.

  1. “There are only two places where the Ebola outbreak exists Larry:

    1. In the mainstream media
    2. In the heads of sorry asses like you, who are stupid enough to believe them”

    I would suggest this person head over to West Africa to help out there, but they would probably just ask why, since there’s “not really an Ebola outbreak”. Solipsism on proud display amongst the denizens of AoA.

    • That’s what we have come to expect from the AoA critters….because Ebola Virus disease outbreaks and deaths are fair game for the long-suffering parents of autistic children who are “vaccine-damaged”.

      Is there any human tragedy, international health emergency (Pacific Rim tsunami), or National day of remembrance (September 11, 2001), which could compare with the tragedies of having an autistic child who is “vaccine-damaged”?//sarcasm.

    • But Todd – we all know that whatever is happening in West Africa isn’t important anyway, because the people in West Africa don’t have “vaccine-damaged children”. They’re just dying from some silly disease. AND, they aren’t Americans anyway….

      (Ow…..that kind of thinking makes my head hurt).

  2. I believe the unsigned blog was written by Kim Stagliano, whose every attempt at humor is either coarse and vulgar or falls flat.

    Of course the AoA critters have allied themselves with Kary Mullis whose early work developing PCR technology won him a Nobel prize. Mullis is now an AIDS denialist and a global warming denialist…a perfect fit for the conspiracists.

      • As for Mullis, well, insanity can strike anyone.

        I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur of this sort of thing, but Mullis’s own description of “the Altermune method” seems to say a lot:

        “Over the last 10 years, Mullis got interested in immunology and learned the language immunologists speak. ‘I had an idea about how to tackle infectious diseases. When a new pathogen enters your body, the reaction is a new immune response. However, it can take a month before your immune system is really up and running. During that process a fast pathogen can wipe you out. So I thought: ‘Why not use an old immune response, just refit it?’. But in order to even start to do something about it, I had to learn the language of immunology.’ …”

        1. Revolutionize immunology.
        2. Learn something about immunology.
        3. Start patenting vaporware:

        “With his team of organic chemists, influenza and poultry specialists and immunologists, he is currently testing the Altermune method in chickens against a strain of flu called H3N2. Most humans are already immune to this typical laboratory strain, but Mullis’ vision includes H5N1, which is likely to prove disastrous.”

    • The man also did loads of LSD and other synthetic drugs of his making. It stands to reason that he left on a trip and has not quite made it back.

  3. I think I’m missing the part where Mullis viral load is relevant for diagnostic purposes.

    • Dammit, Mullis.

      I’ve lost track of who’s using which tags. I suppose this is some sort of monument to the W3C.

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