A crash course on Ebola you should be reading right now

This is the ninth blog post that has nothing to do with vaccines. I’m glad because I’m getting a rash from not writing about them.

With all the craziness going on about Ebola, a friend decided to give us his epidemiological perspective on Ebola. Here is the first lesson, and here is the second one. You should go read them.

Seriously, go. I won’t feel bad if you do.

4 thoughts on “A crash course on Ebola you should be reading right now

  1. When I got into work yesterday afternoon, the news was on on the television in the break room. As usual.
    So, I went in to put my lunch in the fridge and heard an idiot going on about how, “If this goes on for too long, Ebola may become airborne”.
    I looked up an remarked loudly, “Ebola has as much chance becoming airborne as I do”.
    One of our building security guards was watching the blather and chuckled.
    A former US Navy SEAL and coworker in the office next to mine broke into open laughter and agreed.
    Meanwhile, McCain was going on and on about needing an Ebola Czar.
    Rather than approving the appointment of a Surgeon General.

    • Yeah, a Surgeon General would be good. As for Ebola, more than anything we need to help the countries in western Africa build up their infrastructure so they can do a better job containing the outbreaks.

      And McCain advocating for a czar? I always suspected he was a closet communist.

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