Another dead autistic child killed by his mother

I’m writing this with tears in my eyes. My tears are from frustration and from a form of anger and, dare I say, hate that I feel toward certain people at this moment. I just read about yet another autistic child killed by his mother. This time, the mother (allegedly) threw the child off a bridge.


Previous murders, and attempted murders, have been just as horrifying, but this one strikes me as particularly horrible because of the manner of death of the child. The child, who was a living, breathing human being with conciousness and self-awareness, who felt joy over seeing his parents reunited, was thrown off a bridge to his death in the river below. That takes planning. That takes time. His mother (allegedly) took him up to the bridge and then launched him to his death.

What was the child thinking? When he was dropping to the river, what were his thoughts?

I find myself begging and pleading to any higher authority in this universe that the child had no idea what was going on, and that his death was immediate upon hitting the water. That is the only kind of “fairness” I’d ask of God or a god.

My frustration grows even more when I realize that the Autism “false prophets” will likely use this tragic crime to bring attention to themselves and their pet projects and not to the thousands of autistic (and other special needs) children who need us to not waste money and time on chasing false causes of autism and funding false cures. Can you imagine if the money spent to buy congresspeople was donated to the family in question? That child would have likely not been killed like that.

My sadness only multiplies when I see so many parents blindly following Andrew Jeremy Wakefield and BS Hooker into the abyss.

6 thoughts on “Another dead autistic child killed by his mother

  1. There are no words. I’m utterly horrified. What Dorit said. Who does that to any child, let alone your own flesh and blood? Hope they throw the book at her.

  2. This is heartbreaking, and like you, it strucks me particularly hard. What kind of person picks up a six year old boy – her own flesh and blood – and throws him over a bridge? Or even not her flesh and blood. Who does that to a child?


  3. I’ve “stewed” over this all day (yesterday).
    As I go to bed, I’m still stewed over it.
    But, there is little alleged about this instance, as she confessed to 911 operators and responding officers. Her son’s body was located in the river.
    Worse, I was well aware of her familial situation, as I came across her site some time back.
    Her finances were tight to begin with, her husband is allegedly suffering from MS. She had some difficulties navigating he system to receive help with her son. So, yes, she had a triple crap sandwich to experience. So have many of us.
    The difference is, many of us do not murder a family member for relief from our problems, we seek help from friends, neighbors, family, peers and our churches and government (as applicable).
    So, the atavistic side of me wishes for her painful demise, the semi-civilized part of me wants to cause her injury that would cause her to suffer for the remainder of her life, the civilized side of me wants her to never see the light of day outside of a prison until she is truly rehabilitated.
    So, my truest feeling for her is simple disgust and contempt.
    The lowest emotions are due to life experiences in seeing many children dead from war and infectious disease. Add to it my wife and I moving through 16 miscarriages for only two live births.
    Well, I off to bed. Have to be at work at 4:00PM.

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