Miss me?

You’ve got to give me some credit. I write more often on this blog than “the kid” does on his, and I check/cite my sources. There is more journalism in my pinky finger than in all anti-vax bloggers combined. Yes, combined.

I apologize for not posting more often lately. I’m between jobs and running in and out of cities while working on different projects. But I haven’t forgotten you.

While I come back, go check out check out the blogs over on the “blogroll” on the right.

As far as anti-vaxxers are concerned, I bet they miss me.


4 thoughts on “Miss me?

  1. Nah, they don’t miss you. Some are over Skeptical Raptor getting skewered, so they continue to abuse themselves.
    Then again, masochism should never be underestimated.

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