The Kid can’t take the heat

Score one for the good guys. After two (just two!) blog posts on “The Epoch Times”, The Kid has decided that he can’t take the heat in the comments section. People pointing out his logical fallacies are, in his words, “trolls.” He even says that “Ren” has threatened him online without offering any kind of evidence, natch. Even better, the kid tried to scrub his comments and ended up looking like an even bigger tool.

Since The Kid can’t edit or ban commenters using the Disqus commenting platform, he has announced that he is not allowing any comments on Epoch:


“All – comments under The Epoch Times version of this post have been closed due to ongoing abusive and harassing comments from certain trolls. Sorry to anyone who has been following the rules and lost comments in the process. From now on, please comment on articles here at AI and not through The Epoch Times website. Comments will be closed on all future Epoch Times posts. Thank you.”

That’s right. Several of us went over to tell him that his “honeymoon” with Brian S. “BS” Hooker was over, and he got all in a huff. We’re sorry if we ruined your holidays, if you do holidays, kid. (He seems too angry to believe in anything having to do with joy.) What were the “abusive” and “harassing” comments? Well, The Kid may think that the comments are gone, but that’s not how the internet works, is it?

The comments are all here! You can even comment if you want.

In a way, I understand The Kid’s anger. He has been used to echo chambers like Age of Autism. When that echo chamber wasn’t there in Epoch, he decided it was better to go back to his WordPress-hosted blog and enjoy the deafening silence of that echo chamber. (Silence? Yeah, 99% of the comments there say nothing.)

Pictured: Baby’s interpretation of Jake Crosby at this very moment. (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Speaking of douchebags, keep up the voting. Bob and Andy are tied at this very moment, with BS Hooker coming up from behind. It’s going to be a close vote.

7 thoughts on “The Kid can’t take the heat

  1. Reuben, it looks like “The Kid” has changed his commenting policy on the Epoch Times blog, once again.

    He has a new post up on his own blog with his “awards” (to himself), for his own superb investigative journalism for 2014, which he cross posted on The Epoch Times. The Comments on the ET post are enabled. One of Jake’s “trolls”, has posted a comment about Jake’s award winners, Boyd Haley:

    • After hearing of some inlaws dying from ILI (not confirmed if it is influenza, but most sounded likely (one, who is in dire condition also expressed with a rash, which could be a few bugs, the most common and likely would be a strep bug. That said, her condition is complex, with tracheal edema threatening her airway and talk of chest tubes…). Then looking at current numbers for influenza in those inlaws states (Ohio has *really* great numbers, even tracking thermometer sales), I *really* needed a lift. Three dead so far in her relatives is concerning.
      So, I cam here and got a good, hearty laugh.
      Lilady is one of the few people I follow on Disqus, she’s a great sentinel to track antivax crap as is sprouts up, with her whack-a-mole routine down to a science. It won’t convince the drones, as drones are programmed and without the encryption code, they cannot be reprogrammed. But, hopefully, she’s shined enough light to prevent others from mistakenly becoming programmed themselves.
      Her conversations with “The Kid” were priceless!

      BTW, in Ohio, the confirmed influenza associated hospitalizations numbers increased from under 100 in week 48 to uncomfortably over 900 by week 51.
      Now, *where* did I put that biosafety 3 suit…
      Crud! That’s right, I turned it in as quickly as possible. 😉

      • We’re all converging for a big meeting on influenza later today. I might not have time to write about it until tomorrow. It is a busy time all over the country. ED’s are filled with patients, many of them waiting in the waiting area, and pharmacies have announced a severe shortage of Tamiflu. Doctors are doing their best to keep up, and us public health types are trying to give them up-to-date information on where the flu is the most active. No doubt, we’re at the peak of a very bad season.

      • Thank you for your kind words wzrd 1. We try, we try…to get the word out there, not for the hard core anti-vaccine, anti-science groups, but for the fence sitters.

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