Proof that Jacob Lawrence Crosby doesn’t know what “industrialist” means

I got bored the other night, so I decided to tally up all the names that The Kid has used for Dr. Paul A. Offit. Two of our blog readers are playing a game to see how many inaccuracies The Kid shoots off on his blog. I’d like to play, but I thought we should start with this instead. So here are the many different ways in which The Kid refers to the pediatrician he stalks goes out of his way to ask questions of. You’ll be surprised at the variety of names he calls Dr. Offit, maybe.

In the blog post “The Vaccine Industry’s Many Talking Heads“, the kid goes on a flight of fancy where almost anyone talking about the benefits of vaccines (you know, the benefits proven by science?) is a “talking head” for the vaccine industry. He calls Dr. Offit:

  • A vaccine industry “talking head”
  • A “millionaire vaccine industrialist”, twice

In the blog post “How Dan Olmsted and David Kirby Helped Kill A Landmark Autism Lawsuit“, the kid rebels against his former handlers and manages to spout off against Dr. Offit by calling him:

  • A “millionaire vaccine industrialist”

In the blog post “No More Federal Research Fraud – OPPOSE HR1757!“, the kid wants his three or four readers to oppose legislation aimed at an unethical “vaccinated vs. unvaccinated” study not because the study would be unethical and have serious methodological flaws (the kid doesn’t seem to know much about epidemiological methodology, bless his heart), but because the study is supported by people he sees as his enemies. How Dr. Offit figures into it is a little confusing, but the kid manages to call him, yes, you guessed it:

  • A “millionaire vaccine industrialist”

In the blog post “Take Action: Warn Congress about vax propaganda film Invisible Threat“, the kid wants his three or four readers to warn Congress about a movie full of facts about vaccines. (What is it with him and the truth?) In it, he refers to Dr. Offit as:

  • A “millionaire vaccine industrialist”
  • A “millionaire vaccine developer and industry spokesman”, for a change

In the blog post “Kennedy’s Ghostwriter Defended Thimerosal“, the chemical preservative found in minuscule concentrations in vaccines (you get more mercury from a can of tuna) which somehow turned the kid “toxic,” the kid refers to Dr. Offit as:

  • A “millionaire vaccine industrialist”

In the blog post “CDC Cover-up’s Ivan Oransky Conceals BMC Violation“, where the kid just rambles on about conspiracies at CDC and other places, he calls Dr. Offit:

  • A “millionaire vaccine industrialist”

Industrialist? I don’t think Jacob Lawrence Crosby knows what “industrialist” means. As Ren pointed out in his detailed analysis of the enemies he has made:

“For the record, several of the statements [made by the kid] about Dr. Paul Offit are plainly false. He was not reprimanded by Congress. He is not a “vaccine industrialist” if we use the common definition for industrialist. Yes, Dr. Offit helped develop a vaccine, and, yes, he was more than likely paid a ton of money for it. (I wish that is the case because developing a vaccine that has saved millions of lives should have some kind of reward.) Yet Dr. Offit has since given the patent rights away and is not getting paid for the vaccine anymore. But this is how the world of an antivaxxer operates, by quickly throwing in misinformation in between the truths.”

According to Wikipedia, an industrialist “is a businessperson of great influence, importance, or standing in a particular enterprise or field of business.” Dr. Offit is indeed very influential, important, and has great standing in the field of vaccines, but I doubt he has all that power in the business of vaccines. After all, he recused himself from voting on whether or not the vaccine he co-developed was to be added to the childhood immunization schedule. He also voted against a study to test whether younger and younger children benefit from the anthrax vaccine. (Do you know how much money could have been made by having everyone vaccinated against anthrax?)

And here’s what Dr. Offit did with the revenue from the vaccine he co-developed:

“Just for the record: I no longer financially benefit from the sales of RotaTeq. My financial interests in that vaccine have been sold out by either The Wistar Institute, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, or me. I will, however, continue to stand up for the science of vaccines because unfounded fears about vaccines have hurt children. That is why I do what I do and why I have always done it. And I will continue to closely follow the distribution of rotavirus vaccines because these vaccines have the potential to save as many as 2,000 children a day, which is why I joined the research team at Children’s Hospital.”

He stated this in 2011. But here we are in 2015 and the kid appears to be obsessed with calling Dr. Offit something he clearly isn’t. I mean, six blog posts calling him the same thing? And that’s not the only unsubstantiated claim the kid has made about people he doesn’t like. For all the complaining about being libeled and whatnot, the Jacob Lawrence Crosby does seem to make a lot of unsubstantiated and sometimes less-than-truthful claims about others.

Now, if the kid wants someone or something to blame for his autism, he should look at his own father, if you are to believe the latest lie about autism being touted out there. But I’ll leave that for tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Proof that Jacob Lawrence Crosby doesn’t know what “industrialist” means

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  2. Once “the Kid” get fixated on a particular term or phrase, it is guaranteed that he’s going to use it as often as possible, for as long as possible – regardless of the accuracy.

  3. You’d better start tallying up those many references from The Kid on his own blog to the “millionaire vaccine industrialist” (Dr. Paul Offit), because I’m already on record…and committed myself to make a donation to the hospital (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia), where Dr. Offit is on staff as a Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist and the the director of the CHOP-Vaccine Education Center…for every instance when Jake uses that slimy description to describe Dr. Offit and his research work.

    Ren suggests I’ll go broke, but for me, the donation is a most worthy cause because it honors the dedication of the the fine staff at that hospital and it honors Dr. Offit for his research to develop Rotateq rotavirus vaccine, which is a highly effective and safe preventive vaccine.

    So…start that tally and let me know the amount of my donation.

    – lilady

    • Ren correctly identified the NIH Record which proved that The Kid lied repeatedly about his encounter with Dr. Paul Offit at the NIH.

      Here, we have a troll on Respectful Insolence who claimed that he attended that meeting at the NIH and Jake was very respectful toward Dr. Offit and that Dr. Offit viciously attacked Jake. Here’s my reply to the troll, dated March 21, 2012:

      March 21, 2012

      “The meeting I attended Crosby spoke at the end of a long day during the public comment time slot. I honestly do not remember a word he said. The forum moderator announced his name. He walked to the lectern, began speaking is a low voice. After he spoke for about 3 or four minutes, the moderator told him time’s up.”

      Really, Pro. The meeting took place between noon and 1 PM:


      “He quietly left the lectern.The audience received him with polite disinterest at best.”

      The NIH Record, reports Jake Crosby’s behavior as being somewhat different than what you “observed” and what Jake reported:

      “After fielding the young man’s questions in increasingly measured tones, Offit explained, “One of the consequences of what I do is that sometimes you get hate mail, sometimes you get sued, and now I have a stalker.” This particular student, he said, “often makes disparaging comments about me at national meetings as well as on the Internet.”

      Five days later, after Jake saw my comment on Respectful Insolence, Jake attacked the NIH Record Reporter on AoA:

      Rich McManus Repeats Paul Offit’s Libel of Jake Crosby for NIH Cover-Up

      Sisyphus-signBy Jake Crosby

      Thirty-seven days after I was thrown out of an NIH lecture by congressionally reprimanded millionaire vaccine industrialist and vaccine injury cover-up spokesman Paul Offit, the newsletter NIH record ran an article repeating Offit’s libel that I was a “stalker.” The story also said I stormed out of the room and slammed the door behind me.

      The week before NIH published this libel, the video footage of my physical removal from the lecture was destroyed.

      The author of these myths, NIH Newsletter Editor Rich McManus, began his article with a pretentious invocation of Greek Mythology:…”

      Jake is a vicious pathological liar who knows no boundaries of decency or honesty.

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