To the “Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice,” vaccine requirements are exactly like the Holocaust (UPDATED)

UPDATE #2 (2/24/15, 9pm): Heather Barajas, the woman in the picture below, has taken down her picture and her Facebook profile, so the links below are dead, but I have the screenshot:

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Dear anti-vaccine zealots, if you can’t take the heat, don’t do these idiotic comparisons.

UPDATE (2/23/15, 11pm): It gets worse. The woman comparing her decision to not vaccinate to the Holocaust was a pre-med student at California State University, San Bernadino, according to her Facebook page. That’s right. She wants to be a physician. God help us if she gets into med school.

Have you ever been to a Holocaust museum? I was in grade school when I went to one in my hometown. I was an adult when I went to the one in Washington, DC. In both cases, my mind couldn’t grasp the enormity of what happened in Europe under the Nazi regime. People of different races and ethnicities, of different sexual orientations, and those with any kind of disability were rounded up, put on trains and shipped out to concentration camps. In total, over 12 million men and women were systematically killed because they were deemed to be unworthy of being alive. Half of them were Jewish.

On the 70th anniversary of the battle at Iwo Jima, one of the many battles where members of my family fought to save the world from the horrors of the Axis Powers, a picture was posted on the Facebook page of the “Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice.” (I won’t link to their Facebook page or their website. I won’t give them that kind of publicity. Instead, read about what they’re all about from Todd W. here.) Here is that picture:


That is the picture of two Jewish children and a Jewish man on the left wearing the Star of David as a symbol of being Jewish. It was a way for the Nazis to mark Jews as a form of public intimidation in the months leading to the Holocaust. On the right is a woman wearing a badge of a syringe with a “no” symbol, meaning that she and the child are not immunized. You see, in her world, the laws and regulations requiring that children and adults be immunized before they can participate in public programs is just like the Holocaust. This is what she wrote with the picture:

“I’m a biological terrorist. I don’t care about the health of others. I’m a moron, idiot, scum of the earth who can’t understand science. I should be fined, jailed, taxed extra because of the burden I put on society. I should have my child taken away because obviously, I don’t care about her health.

I should be shipped off somewhere to live with my diseases. My child shouldn’t be allowed in school or around others. My address should be made public so that all can know and do who knows what. I should be tackled in the street & forcibly vaccinated. I’m the reason the diseases are being spread, the reason people are suffering and something must be done about me.

What’s next? Should all non-vaxxers be forced to wear some sort of visible insignia to identify us to the general public? Should we be segregated from others? Detained somewhere away from the general populace? Hmm, is this starting to sound familiar?

When people say things like I mentioned above, when they think them, they are saying them about me. They are saying them about my daughter. Some are saying I should be killed because I’m such a huge threat & danger. Does making a medical decision for my family justify a death sentence?

This is no longer about pro-vax vs. non-vax. This is about freedom of choice for medical procedures. Our bodies belong to us, not the government. Measles is not a deadly disease. It is not sweeping the nation, killing thousands, as the media hysteria seems to have some believing. It’s being used as a scare tactic. It’s being used to turn people against each other.

If SB 277 {or, in our case, S9 and H212} passes, it will be very bad. Not even homeschooling will be safe, since in CA it’s considered private school. Everyone will be forced to vaccinate, adults as well. They have many new vaccines in the making that you will be forced to get.

I promise you, if you send the message that the government owns your body, you will regret it. What happens if they decide anyone with any kind of mental illness must be force medicated with whatever they deem as best? What if they start making medication that people with certain disabilities must take, whether they want to or not?

I’m not being dramatic. I’m not over-exaggerating. I’m being very serious & trying to get a message across as bluntly as possible. Keeping our rights to our bodies is a must. I shouldn’t have to live in fear in a supposed free country. But I do. I shouldn’t feel anxiety every time I hear a police car, helicopter, or plane pass by. But I do. I shouldn’t fear taking my daughter to the doctor. But I do. I shouldn’t have to wonder if/how my family will suffer, be hurt, or even tortured because we make a medical decision that’s different. But unfortunately, I do, every day.

I will fight for your right to choose, even if you will not fight for mine. Forced vaccination infringes on our constitutional rights, on our religious freedoms, and so much more. It is not the answer, and it never will be.”

The bills she is referring to are bills in the California legislature aimed at reducing the number of “personal belief” exemptions to immunization, making it harder for people to just say they don’t believe in vaccines in order to be exempt from being immunized before participating in public programs.

I hope that I don’t have to explain to you how vaccine requirements are not at all like the Holocaust. If I do, then you march yourself right over to the Holocaust museum and ask a Holocaust survivor or their family how it’s not.

I also hope that this woman gets the care that she seems to need. After all, parts of that screed (like “I shouldn’t feel anxiety every time I hear a police car, helicopter, or plane pass by. But I do.”) point to some sort of a pathology in the way that she views the world, this idiotic comparison with the Holocaust aside.

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    • Indeed, she is. Here is a post of hers talking about car safety. If only she knew that we ridicule parents who don’t put children in car seats as much as we do parents who don’t vaccinate?

  1. My only hope is that there are individuals who stop and reflect that they are being judged by the company they keep. And since this company is lacking even the most basic level humanity they are not worth blindly following.

    • “lacking even the most basic level humanity”

      I have been to the Dutch Resistance Museum in Amsterdam. We knew the stories of our kids’ grandfather’s family during WWII, from being held in a detention center (similar but not as bad as a concentration camp) as a way to flush out his father who was in the resistance and the family’s survival during the “starving time” which was ended when they were literally bombed with food by the Allies. And they weren’t even Jewish.

      The museum was set up so that a visitor will be immersed in what it was actually like to live under the Nazi regime. It was even more horrifying than the family stories we had heard.

      So when someone compares complying to public health policy as being just like living under the Nazis, that is definitely “lacking even the most basic level humanity.”

  2. Well, if you actually had read the woman’s post, you would see that everything about how “anti vaxxers” are being treated is TRUE! And there are in fact some very scary similarities to how Jews were treated in the time period BEFORE the Holocaust really started. That’s how it started out… the discriminatory policies, the hatred… obviously the movement to force vaccinations on everyone, regardless of whether it is safe or not, is not a Holocaust. But who knows… we’re laying the groundwork now, in another 20 years or so maybe people who won’t vaccinate WILL be hunted down and/or made to live in camps apart from the rest of the population! Wake up people!!! The point she is trying to make is – is it okay to treat people who think differently from you like this? What kind of person are you? And to all those who try to shut others down with the “science” argument: start doing some real research then! I would love to find out what my son has in common with other children who have experienced near fatal or life changing reactions after being vaccinated. But is anybody studying this? Nope. Instead of pushing for a mandatory vaccination bill, push for a bill to replace the VAERS and force doctors to immediately report any very high fevers, sudden loss of speech, seizures, and death that occurs within 3 days of being vaccinated (and attach a hefty fine to the bill if they don’t comply, to make sure they do it). The other key to this would be letting parents know about the law, so they could make sure the doctors in fact reported these events. If you really think there is nothing to our argument, then if you pass a bill like that, you’ll be proven right, won’t you? But you just might found out that all of us parents who have already experienced this have a point!

    • Oh, this is delicious. Delicious indeed. So, in your crazy alternate reality, people who don’t vaccinate are being kept away from doing business or marrying people who do vaccinate? In your crazy alternate reality, people who don’t vaccinate are getting on boats looking for a place to escape prosecution and are being turned away? Nice.

      People who don’t vaccinate have been around since the first vaccine by Jenner in the late 1700’s, a simple Google search can tell you that. It can also tell you that in those 200+ years, there have been no camps for the unvaccinated, not Holocausts, nothing.

      Yes, it is okay to point out the ridiculous arguments that vaccines are the Devil’s piss and that we’re all in cahoots with Big Pharma. It is okay to point at people like you and laugh at your ridiculous conspiracy theories. It is also okay to counter the arguments made by anti-vaccine zealots like you that exaggerate vaccine adverse events and minimize vaccine benefits to society.

      “Start doing some real research”? Did you really just write that? Let me ask you, what research have you done? Has it been peer reviewed? Did you get a degree from completing it? Is it published in any journal? I’m going to guess that it isn’t, and that you’re confusing “research” with “Google search.”

      “But is anybody studying this?” Did you really just ask that? A simple search of the grants given out by NIH show a plethora of research funded and going on right now on new vaccines, vaccine safety, and new and better methods of tracking adverse event reports. There is also a plethora of research funded, going on, and already published that keeps telling us that all those so-called “vaccine injuries” are spurious associations in time between their onset and vaccine administration. Also, they’re telling us that autism has been around as long as there have been humans, and that the prevalence rates we’re seeing are getting closer to the truth of about 1% to 2% of the population.

      Thanks for playing anti-vaccine bingo with us. You hit all the major points, from the very offensive comparisons to the persecution of Jews to the insane (yes, insane, because there is no better word to describe it) assertions that vaccines are the source of all evil. (BTW, most anti-vaccine parents are less likely to take their children to physicians for fevers and such. What? Do you think a chiropractor, whom are all trained to abhor medicine, will be honest in reporting a so-called vaccine reaction?)

    • “And to all those who try to shut others down with the “science” argument: start doing some real research then!”

      I too am interested what this “real research” means. Please elaborate on where we would find good sources of information that is not tainted with “science.” Does it include websites that sell supplements?

      By the way Reuben, you might be interested in playing BINGO with this article: An Attorney’s View of Vaccines. Dr. Mark Geier is considered an expert.

      • Why does everyone think that being “associated with Hopkins” is so important? Dr. Geier is also associated with having his license revoked in every state where he used to practice medicine and his ass handed to him by those medical boards. Funny how they all forget that part. If Reuben doesn’t write about this, I will. Thanks for the heads up, Chris.

        • I left one also using a former ‘nym. It has not appeared. I just noted that one link he posted showing that both measles deaths and cases went down, but only had a mortality graph. Plus I asked the attorney why Maryland took away Geier’s medical license.

    • “Well, if you actually had read the woman’s post, you would see that everything about how “anti vaxxers” are being treated is TRUE! And there are in fact some very scary similarities to how Jews were treated in the time period BEFORE the Holocaust really started. That’s how it started out… the discriminatory policies, the hatred… obviously the movement to force vaccinations on everyone, regardless of whether it is safe or not, is not a Holocaust.”

      Pathetic…and untrue depiction of the Holocaust. Were the Jews persecuted and exterminated because they were not vaccinated? You need to read the history of the seething unwarranted hatred of the Jews in Europe…centuries before vaccinations were ever developed…as well as the “final solution” which resulted in the deaths of six million Jews.

      I’ve been to the Jewish Quarter (Josefov) in Prague and I’ve read the history of persecution and ghettoizing of Jews in every part of Europe…and you haven’t:

      When you go to Josefov, make certain you visit the Pinkas Synagogue, where the names of 77,297 Czech Jews who were exterminated during the Holocaust. You sully their memory by your vile comment:

  3. Frightening thought, that she was studying to be a doctor, yet still couldn’t grasp the basics of immunization and public health policy.

    On a related note, I have a new post up about personal belief exemptions, recent moves to remove them in some states, and the anti-vaccine backlash. And thanks for the link, Reuben!

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  5. If this woman seriously is comparing not vaccinating your kids to being a Jew during the Holocaust, then yes…she’s correct. She *is* the scum of the earth.

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