Keep it up, anti-vaccine nuts, you’re your own worst enemy

If we were to no longer write anything in our blogs and just post comments from the anti-vaccine community, we probably would get more pro-vaccine bills and pro-science policies passed. Why? Because the most vocal anti-vaccine leaders out there are, quite simply, nuts.

Exhibit A is “MaMa Wendy” on YouTube. It takes her about 57 seconds before she validates Godwin’s law by comparing the vaccination of children to the Holocaust. Also, the “struggle” of the anti-vaccine club, according to this white woman, is a lot like MLK’s and Rosa Parks’ struggle for Civil Rights, or like Gandhi’ struggle for Indian independence:

Talk about lacking a sense of historical perspective.

Exhibit B are the numerous documented online rants by anti-vaccine advocates where they throw out every known conspiracy theory out there when it comes to vaccinations. Many of these rants are compiled by the “Anti-Vax Wall of Shame” and the “Things Anti-Vaxers Say” pages on Facebook.

And Exhibit C is this article from the Sacramento Bee, where we are told that even the president of the California Quacks Chiropractors Association is getting in on the action by telling people to stalk pro-vaccine people advocating for the passage of SB277, a California Senate bill requiring vaccination of all children attending public school in California and doing away with all exemptions to vaccination except for medical ones.

The article reads:

“The emotional debate over Senate Bill 277, which would make vaccinations compulsory for California schoolchildren and passed the Senate last week, has taken a personal turn in recent weeks. Lobbyists championing the bill on behalf of the California Medical Association and the California Academy of Family Physicians have attracted the attention of bill opponents, who have begun sharing information on the lobbyists and disseminating photos of their locations on social media.

California Chiropractic Association President Brian Stenzler has spurred them on, according to a letter signed by California Medical Association CEO Dustin Corcoran, with a video in which Stenzler tells an SB 277 opponent who asks about the two lobbyists to follow them “all day long – follow them to a T.””

For many years now, chiropractors have felt that vaccines are a threat to their income flow. Why wouldn’t they? More vaccinated children mean more healthy children. That translates to less visits to the chiropractor for sham treatments of infectious diseases. (Chiropractors are not trained on how to treat infectious diseases, but they sure will try to sale you on some snake oil if they can.)

There are other bits of evidence out there on the lunacy of the anti-vaccine arguments, but I think you get the gist. So we’ll leave you with this one last video by chiropractor supreme, Billy DeMoss, smooching all over Andrew Jeremy Wakefield, talking about “depopulation agendas”:

Keep it up, you nutjobs. Keep it up.


12 thoughts on “Keep it up, anti-vaccine nuts, you’re your own worst enemy

  1. Mother Theresa? The woman who grabbed a dehydrated lad and kept him in her “House of the dying” so he could have “a beautiful death” rather than the saline he needed. The same billionaire who reused syringes worth a couple of cents thereby spreading BBV from patient to patient. Not who I’d choose as an example.

    • Erm, you do realize that reusable syringes were incredibly common at the time she began operating hospices, yes?
      Indeed, throughout the 1960’s, my family doctor still used his glass hypodermics and reusable needles. It wasn’t until around 1970 that he switched to disposible hypodermics and needles.
      That is because the disposible syringe wasn’t mass produced until 1956, when a New Zealander created the mass production process for plastic hypodermics.

      As for ‘The woman who grabbed a dehydrated lad and kept him in her “House of the dying” so he could have “a beautiful death” rather than the saline he needed’, I’d need a citation to have even a vague clue about what you’re going on about.
      If you’re stating that Roman Catholic operated medical facilities have major quality control and malpractice issues, I’ll agree completely.

  2. The real problem with the anti-vaccine crowd is that they are so convinced that everything that doesn’t go their way has to be a conspiracy (you need to see David Foster of AoA fame’s latest offerings when he couldn’t find Clifford G Miller’s rabid response on the BMJ website) that they have no conception what is real.

  3. The comments on that article were insane. They swear that the people making threats are paid by pharmaceutical companies to make them look bad and then repeat the same messages about rape and the holocaust. Others say that it is justified because Dr. Pan is trying to kill their children and they are just protecting them. Now they are questioning each other on facebook calling each other trolls. They have definitely gone over the edge of insanity.

  4. Mother Theresa was angry about children not being cared for? Guess what, Wendy, we’re angry that parents like you are not properly protecting your children and community. We’re angry that you have to resort to lying about vaccines and about bills like SB277. So sod off.

  5. The most unkind thing one can do to a fool is to permit them to speak their mind.

    • “Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.” Napoleon Buonaparte

    • To paraphrase from Voltaire: “I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.”

  6. Love the way she herself uses “crazed” instead of “angry”… and then goes Full Crazy, saying in essence:
    “I’m sorry your Dad had polio. I don’t understand why you aren’t supportive of parents who don’t want to vaccinate their children against polio.”
    I had to stop there. As Shay says, beyond hope.

  7. Speaking as a military historian (and retired Marine) — people like MaMa Wendy are beyondhope.

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