If this is Thursday, this must be somewhere

Okay, I have a serious question for you:

Did you? Did you miss me?

Life has gotten so complicated in the last few weeks that I really have had little time to write. When I do, I usually do it as a collaboration with someone and for publication in some journal. If you look hard enough, you’ll find my name on a couple of new articles. That kind of writing, however, is completely boring.

There is no chance of a tete-a-tete with weirdo antivaxxers like John Stone of Age of Autism. There are no accusations that I’m someone else entirely from doctoral student antivaxxers like Jake Crosby. No one tries and post my personal information online like they did with Ren a few weeks back.

I’m going to try and write a little more in the next few weeks, starting with the ridiculous (and, in my opinion, dangerous) rhetoric of Nation of Islam leaders as Brian S. Hooker and Andrew Wakefield have decided to race-bait people into their vaccine lies. Or maybe I’ll take on new evidence that the Tdap vaccine is perfectly safe in pregnancy. Or maybe I’ll write about one of my papers.

We’ll see what I feel like after this much-deserved long weekend I have coming up, once I figure out where the heck I am.

9 thoughts on “If this is Thursday, this must be somewhere

  1. Rueben , I can’t believe your all this evil to want to cover up the truth , that vaccines do cause autism , done multiple times in short time spans , only a moron wouldn’t be able to understand this . You all must be getting a monetary kickback somewhere , I can’t believe if your not, that you would just want to see childrens nervous systems ruined , unbelievable . This is like Satan’s blog sight , the picture of a TB ward etc , And how is Wizard go to see to drive any were, when he has his head up your ass so far .

    • It’s not a TB ward, Bill. It’s a sick ward from the 1918 influenza pandemic. It’s hard to see how you get out of bed in the morning, being as how you’re quite obviously impaired to the point that you think commas mean so much so as to sprinkle them in your writings. Satan’s blog? I wish. I hear the Devil’s friends get all sorts of perks, like the ability to lie with a straight face about CDC killing Black babies. Now go away and stop being silly, learn to write proper English, and come back when you have something meaningful to add to the conversation.

      • A sobering thought is, how many didn’t get to walk out of that influenza ward.
        Both of my paternal grandparents lost a spouse in that pandemic, my maternal grandmother lost her husband to tuberculosis.
        Today, families are unaccustomed to losing a child, never making out of childhood, courtesy of what is today, a vaccine preventable disease. We have antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals and much better supportive care.
        Whenever someone talks about “the good old days”, I remember the number of people who never survived childhood to enjoy that myth.

    • The only one with the head up his ass is you, Bill.
      You ignore dozens of studies that prove that there is no autism/vaccine link, use ad hominem attacks with the skill of a kindergartener and assume all who do accept evidence based medicine are all on some mythical organization’s payroll. Indeed, if so many people were on, say all pharmaceutical corporations payrolls, the corporations would be bankrupt.
      But then, the use of reason doesn’t strike me as being your strong suit.

      BTW, please learn the difference between yore, you’re and your. You should be getting that class next year, when you enter first grade.

      Oh, to close and for the record, I’ve never met Reuben and while I have a suspicion of his actual identity, it’s really an educated guess and out of a group of a half dozen people whose works I read.
      If you’d like to learn how to read real science, may I suggest Google Scholar as a place to conduct your searches?

      • You may have your suspicions, but I assure you that all your special training will not help you find out who I really am. Much like Commissioner Gordon had his suspicions about Batman, you’re very close… But no cigar. You might feel foolish to know that I’ve inserted my real name in about 75% of my blog posts in one way or another, just for fun. Have your cryptologists figure that one out.

  2. I would love read about one of your papers!
    Rest up, I’m sure you *really* need it.
    I’m going to need it after this weekend, driving from below Baltimore to Pennsylvania, then off to Louisiana.

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