Silly Bobby Junior wants to get sued

Over the weekend, a group of anti-vaccine activists gathered outside CDC headquarters to protest the manufactured controversy of the “CDC Whistleblower.” They had all of the usual anti-vaccine tropes. “Vaccines cause autism.” “There are too many vaccines given too soon to too many babies in too many places.” “Andrew Wakefield was right.” And so on.

Some of the conspiracy nuts there went as far as to say that a maintenance man who was cleaning a nearby wall was “literally” spraying them with water. No, seriously:


Lucky for us, a skeptic was nearby with his handy iPhone and recorded the whole thing. Get ready for a yawn:

Remember that anti-vaccine activists don’t let reality get in the way.

Speaking of delusional, one of the speakers at the rally of about 100 people (because most people were stuck on buses on the way there, apparently), was one Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Mr. Kennedy has gone deep, deep down the well of conspiracy theories. He is so far gone that he believes that he was vaccine injured. He believes that several people in his family were vaccine injured. If you can stomach it, listen to his speech at the rally:

He sounds a little disjointed to me. What do you think?

Anyway, aside from all the misinformation he imparts, the anecdotes and the outright lies, part of his spiel is that he wants to be sued by CDC scientists. He wants to be sued so that “the truth” comes out at trial. His followers are spreading this “dare” on social media:


When he said that, people in the audience lost their collective minds.


Sorta like this.

The rest of the speakers gave out all of the usual anti-vaccine lies, and some even engaged in race-baiting (as did RFK Jr.) by saying that CDC knowingly “killed” (yes, they said “kill”) African American children.

But, no, Bobby Junior, no one is going to sue you. You’re going to be allowed to say these lies over and over again because of one simple reason: SCIENCE IS NOT SETTLED IN THE COURTS. From evolution to climate change, no amount of jury opinions or judgments will change the science. You can speak lawyer-speak until you’re blue in the face, and you will will not change the science of vaccines. You can continue to lie as much as you want because lies don’t change reality.

Vaccines save lives, Bobby Junior. Stop being silly.

8 thoughts on “Silly Bobby Junior wants to get sued

  1. He is so far gone that he believes that he was vaccine injured. He believes that several people in his family were vaccine injured.

    Do you have a cite for this? In his talk he implied/basically said that he had a child who was “destroyed by mercury” but nothing about himself or other family members. He has Spasmodic Dysphonia which affects his vocal cords I have learnt and makes his speech shaky.

    • He still misses the boat, based upon both dosage makes the poison and ethy/methy mercury. Ethylmercury cannot pass the blood brain barrier and has a half life of 7 – 10 days, hence does not bioaccumulate.
      So, the only potential pathway for mercury bioaccumulation that he claims would either be if someone was eating mostly large fish, such as salmon and tuna 3 times a day for months to years.
      This is especially true, as due to ignorant outcries of Thiomersal being present in vaccines (ethylmercury) has been removed from vaccines for so long that had it been a contributor to autism in any way, the rate should have precipitously dropped. It *has* been fifteen years, humans have been reproducing away, as is humanity’s wont. No such decrease has been observed.

      It’d be more probable to say that one was poisoned by Mercury when its orbit was closest to Earth.

  2. It’s really not worth DeStefano’s time to give attention – let alone sue – a conspiracy theorist making extreme, baseless statements to a small crowd of like minded people. It’s not going to affect Dr. DeStefano’s reputation.

  3. When it finally dawns on you that you can’t win based on the science, you might in desperation hope that you can prevail in the courts. Which begs the question, if RFK jr is so sure, why doesn’t he start the lawsuit? Among all of those hundreds of thousands of parents who believe their children are vaccine-damaged, surely he can find one set with standing.

    • How does one find standing on a case founded upon bovine defecation?
      The only thing the foundation of any such case would be good for is compost for fertilizer.

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