Dr. Bob Sears, our Douchebag Emerit-ass, is in hot water

News came late to me that Dr. Bob Sears, 2014’s Douchebag of The Year, is now in hot water with the California Medical Board for what the legal filing states that he “was grossly negligent and departed from the standard of care in that he did not obtain the basic information necessary for decision making prior to determining to exclude the possibility of future vaccines, leaving both patient J.G, the patient’s mother, and his future contacts at risk for preventable and communicable diseases”

Orac does a great job of covering all this, so I won’t bore you with the details. You can go read his blog and enjoy some much deserved insolence against “Dr. Bob.”

It goes without saying that this should perk the ears of other anti-vaccine so-called physicians (or physicians in title only, as no physician worth their salt would ever be anti-vaccine). They should be very, very careful about how they carry on their business of promoting anti-vaccine science.

5 thoughts on “Dr. Bob Sears, our Douchebag Emerit-ass, is in hot water

  1. Also in Orac’s report, a history of the two year old being struck on the head with a hammer by dad, two weeks prior to his visit. Doctor felt strongly enough to send in a report to CPS, noting no visible signs of injury being apparent at that time, but entirely refrained from performing a neurological examination.
    The complaint can be found here:
    License number 60936 .

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