No, Vaccination Is Not Rape, Assault, or Murder

I’ve got to give it to the anti-vaccine zealots. They know how to tie anything happening anywhere in the world to their cause. A few years ago, when First Lady Michelle Obama posted a picture of herself holding a sign that stated “#BringBackOurGirls” in protest for the abduction of female students in Nigeria, the anti-vaccine activists were quick to act.

This is the original picture:

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And here’s what those weirdos did:

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We’ve written before that autism is nothing like actually losing a child. But too many anti-vaccine types are horrified at the prospect of having to raise an autistic child that, instead of walking away, they try to blame on anyone and anything that fits a pseudo-scientific framework and justifies their anger over a perceived harm. There is no social justice movement that they have not tried to highjack.

They even tried to convince Black communities that they were at higher risk of autism from vaccines.

The latest social movement being attacked by these strange people is the #MeToo movement. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the #MeToo movement is a social justice movement led by women who are bringing to light the fact an unacceptable number of women are harassed and/or sexually assaulted, and that they are not heard by social and/or legal authorities… Or they decide not to say anything because they know they will not be heard.

This movement has taken up the #BelieveHer or #BelieveWomen hashtags on social media after the revelations by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford that Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school. Dr. Ford didn’t tell anyone then about her attack becase, like too many women, the fear and the lack of social acceptance to her being in a house with boys where alcohol was consumed prevented her from going to anyone for help. It wouldn’t be until she was an adult that she started to deal with her assault. When she saw that Judge Kavanaugh was nominated to a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, she spoke up.

Since then, the #BelieveWomen movement has been active in raising awareness that women’s testimonies about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault deserve — at the very least — to be listened to and that the benefit of the doubt needs to be given to them so that all women can feel comfortable in coming forward and seeking justice. Otherwise, as is often the case with impunity, these kinds of assaults will keep on happening.

Well, the anti-vaccine jerks don’t see it quite that way.

Ginger “The Ging” Taylor, a well-known but not exactly well-respected anti-vaccine advocate published a tremendously stupid essay over at Age of Autism (go find it yourself since I won’t be linking to them and giving them the clicks they desperately need). In it, she compares herself to the female victims of sexual abuse… Or, rather, she compares the lack of belief by reasonable people in her stories about vaccines causing autism to the lack of belief by biased people in testimony about sexual crimes.

Screenshot 2018-10-01 19.51.17

The big problem with her argument (like all of her anti-vaccine arguments) is that people who have claimed that vaccines cause autism have actually been heard. They’ve been heard to the point where we’ve spent millions of dollars trying to confirm the elaborate scam put forth by Wakefield and friends. Instead of using resources to accommodate the needs of autistic children and adults, we wasted those resources chasing a monster made of smoke. (Or a “smoke monster,” if you will.)

I mean, we did case-control studies, observational studies, cohort studies, and we tested the crap out of the vaccines in the vaccine schedule. Nothing every came out of it. Vaccines simply do not cause autism, and everything is pointing to a genetic cause for autism… A variation of what “normal” is. Everything points to us, as a society, not doing enough for autistic people and even marginalizing them. And one of the biggest sources of marginalization is to think that something is “wrong” with them and blaming vaccines (without any kind of evidence) instead of accepting where the evidence is really leading us and doing something to accommodate their needs.

Anti-vaccine people who highjack legitimate social justice movements are the biggest kinds of jerks.

9 thoughts on “No, Vaccination Is Not Rape, Assault, or Murder

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  2. Could these anti-vaccine folks be suffering from the “Dunning-Kruger” effect? Could they be listening to the Palmer Branch of Chiropractor schools? Are they following the Naturopathy philosophy? Are they enthralled by the Wakefields of the world? Are they enemies of the west trying to disrupt our society through bioterrorism from within our borders? Whatever their motive, they’re advocating bioterrorism and the US has laws against bioterrorism. When will they be enforced?

    • Enter the fatal failure of your lack of knowledge set.
      I happen to have an extensive knowledge on terrorism.

      Are they attempting to force a culture or government or even nation or province to obey their will or more violence will ensue?
      Or are they simply annoying until the majority succumbs to their demands?

      Hint, terrorists cause harm, by intent, they destroy, kill, bomb, otherwise covertly attempt to force their views to be considered. That’s the liter goal, I know, I’ve interviewed far too many of them.

      Here is Dunning-Kruger in spades and the inability that is largely natural, to admit to making a mistake. Turning what they engage in, fully, via definition, a religion.
      Religions, by nature, have no truck with observed, measured and gauged reality.

      Did that clarify what was formerly muddy waters?

    • The problem is, for the low to zero information type, it’s a value multiplier.
      Finding how to neutralize that early on is the winning strategy. Alas, it’s a strategy of herding cats.
      You need a *really* large group to do that in both instances.
      For, where the analogy fails is, herding cats is like trying to interrupt fission in a supercritical nuclear assembly. Let me know how you figure out how to interrupt that, every nuclear armed nation on earth would also love to know and well, the rest as well.

  3. Well, there has indeed been one form of increase in numbers of autistic children, but that is because there is a substantially larger number of children surviving, due to being protected from far too frequently fatal diseases.
    And we reassessed what is considered autism, thereby making those who cannot count worth a dime think that there are more autistic children, when we simply described a number of behavioral traits under the enlarged umbrella of autism spectrum.

    • I have often wondered if one reason for the growing number of children in schools requiring an IAP, which in my schooldays (late Jurassic period) was unheard of, is because we have more children surviving not just the common childhood diseases like measles mumps and chickenpox, but also conditions for which there was no treatment and very little hope forty-fifty years ago.

      • Indeed, in my parents day, back in the carboniferous era, families that failed to lose at least one child were the exception, not the norm. Things changed a great deal since the mid-Jurassic era.

        More seriously, at the beginning of the 20th century, vaccines were being developed rapidly, for all manner of bacterial menaces that previously were killing people. Pneumococcus being one example. Then, science discovered pathogenic fungi and later, to their horror, viral infections. For quite some time, the Spanish Influenza was thought to be simply a severe pneumococcal infection. The notion of viral infection was quite controversial! As the existence of pathogenic viruses became more apparent, antibiotics were discovered and the rapid pace of developing vaccines slowed, being largely mooted by antibiotics.
        And that viruses are tricky little beasts to develop a successful vaccine against, for multiple reasons. And even worse, there was still significant resistance to both vaccination or Variolation to protect against smallpox. And that virus killed up to 35% of those with severe infection!
        The World Health Assembly declared the world free of the scourge of smallpox on May 8, 1980. The last case “in the wild” being acquired in Somalia in 1977 and the last fatality from smallpox due to essentially, the worst possible design for a biosafety lab infecting a photographer on the floor above in 1978.
        In May 1980, I was 6 months from turning 18.
        Oh, that last case of smallpox in the wild was one Ali Maow Maalin. Ali died of malaria on July 22, 2013 while working in the polio eradication campaign.

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