Our Military Families Deserve Better Than Dr. Bob Sears

You remember Dr. Bob Sears? He is one of our Douchebags of the Year, and, hence, one of our Douchebags Emerit-Ass. He’s been put on probation by the California Medical Board for, according to the LA Times:

“Sears found himself in hot water because, according to the medical board, he wrote a vaccine exemption for a young boy without obtaining even basic medical information, such as the child’s history of vaccines. He took the boy’s mother at her word when she said her son lost urinary function and went limp in response to previous immunizations, according to the filing.”

Remember that this is the same Dr. Bob Sears who denied ever talking to a writer about a measles outbreak being started by one of his patients, when there were recordings of the conversation as part of Seth Mnookin writing a book. The same Dr. Bob Sears who admitted to just making up his “alternative vaccine schedule” without any science. I mean, seriously, why haven’t we re-nominated him to be Douchebag of the Year again?

As it turns out, Tricare, the health insurance that handles healthcare payments for military members and their families (if they go outside the VA system), doesn’t like physicians who run afoul of the standard of care. And we don’t blame them. Would you spend money on someone who’s so seemingly anti-vaccine? (And that wasn’t the only thing Dr. Bob Sears did that got him in trouble.)

Of course you wouldn’t.

We’re guessing that Dr. Bob Sears doesn’t have a personal mental health counselor because it seems that he takes to Facebook to work things out in his head, and get a lot of loving attention from his anti-vaccine followers. And that’s just what he did when Tricare decided to not pay for his care anymore.

Screenshot 2018-10-05 19.24.19

Somebody call the whaaaaaaaambulance!

You know what? Good! Military families already sacrifice enough without this douchebag placing them at risk of vaccine-preventable infections just by having them in his waiting room. Physicians like Dr. Bob Sears who flaunt making up vaccine recommendations, give out unjustified vaccine exemptions, fail to properly assess the health status of a child after said child gets hit by a hammer, and acts like such a pompous douche do not deserve the privilege to serve as physicians to anyone, let alone children of military parents.

“With Love and Prayers”? People of real Faith don’t lie, Dr. Bob Sears.

Douchebags do.

3 thoughts on “Our Military Families Deserve Better Than Dr. Bob Sears

    • Yeah, once I hit on that, I reported him to TRICARE and his medical status.
      They need competent medical care for themselves and their families, not a medical prostitute.

      Oh doc, military and their families don’t go through the VA system, they go through the military system or use civilian medical care. The VA is largely veteran exclusive. For the most part, there are some exceptions, but the standard is military or civilian and in most regions, that means civilian practices and groups.
      In theory, it’s available, to replace the older CHAMPUS system, but in practice, due to decades of VA budget cuts, including the first year of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the VA remains woefully understaffed. Resulting in continuing news stories of major issues, which then the congresscritter du jour then goes on and on about the wonders of privatization.
      Considering the more complex issues that aren’t usually reviewed by a civilian physician, let’s use their theory and you can perform brain surgery on these congresscritters when they need it.
      Quite literally about the same level of expectation.

      But, I have limitations. Getting an insurance company to review a physician isn’t difficult for a veteran to do, when the insurance organization is military related.
      The problem in reality remains what it has long been.
      The United States of America has the absolute best government that money can buy.
      Still, might manage to swing the payments, excuse me, campaign contributions, to manage changing Congressional care toward any physician, rather than neurosurgeon, just take John McCain countering amendment onto it or something.
      Orwellian cuts both ways. 😉

    • It also means he has to carry malpractice because Tricare wouldn’t contract him without it (there is no law in CA that you have to carry malpractice or even post whether or not you have it, but since most doctors contract with insurances (and all insurances require it), it’s rare for a physician to “go bare” and not carry malpractice. Also a couple of weeks prior Sears whined about have to wear a mask while rounding on newborns in the hospital, which sadly means that hospitals are still giving him privileges even with his board sanctions. What hospital would want the liability risk of Sears is beyond me, but at least one does.

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